5 Excellent Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

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5th wheel trailers have the features of a home that includes a living region room along with a kitchen and a bathroom. Some even have lofts and dining areas based on their purpose-built.

People who travel with their families to far-off places for days need to cook something to eat in their own fifth wheel vehicle, which demands the need of a useful kitchen.

Some fifth wheels have kitchens at their back, while some have in their center and some have a front kitchen in their 5th wheel. 

In case you want information on Rear Kitchen 5th wheel trailers, then this is a complete guide for the best Rear Kitchen 5th wheel trailers from which you can get your desired information.

Having a kitchen at the rear can save a lot of space for storage and provide a bigger living room with a lot of benefits.

So let’s see which fifth wheel models are the top choices with the rear kitchen.

Name Kitchen Location Price
Grand Design Solitude 390RK Rear $100,305
Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38Ex Rear $37,687
Redwood 3961RK Rear $59,650
Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3750BKX Rear $89,999
Heartland Elk Ridge 37RK Rear $87,895

Grand Design SolitudeGrand Design Solitude 390RK
Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EFKForest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38Ex
Redwood 3961RKRedwood 3961RK
Cardinal Luxury 3750BKXForest River Cardinal Luxury 3750BKX
Heartland Elk Ridge 37RKHeartland Elk Ridge 37RK

What are the Best Rear Kitchen 5th Wheel Floor Plans?

1. Grand Design Solitude 390RK

Grand Design Solitude

The best fifth wheel with a rear kitchen, according to our research, is Grand Design Solitude 390RK. It has 5 slides, and a deemed elevated kitchen offers its own circle of the chef family a wonderful area with opposite slides in addition to an island for preparing meals.

An enclosed bar pen with stools overlooking the mid housing area that even the ability to double against the opposite sides, the triple banks, and theater seats.

You will get two sinks with the full way of the full toilet running are simple for, and the bathroom with roof light gives a larger living room that is also certain to appreciate.

While ending the day, the front bedroom can be a welcome withdrawal for a queen mattress that shoots with an extraction ostomy to put a chair while you get rid of your shoes, and the locker room also has a suitable area for all your business.

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The imported garage gives a large outdoor slide, more baggage space, and large items.

Similarly, there is a storage compartment and an elective kitchen of the kitchen and/or the choice of king mattress if they make a decision to withdraw things.

It has an extensive design on the strong sides along with most of the isolation of the thermal and different roof designs.

You will get a six factors hydraulic device. And the 40,000 BTU of the heating energy using the heating system and the A/C controlled function as well. You can camp all year round with this model.

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  • Top of the bar with chairs
  • Four-doors fridge
  • Five slides
  • Rear kitchen
  • Double sink
  • Outdoor Sliding Storage Tray

Grand Design Solitude 390RK

2. Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38Ex

Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EFK

The next up is the Cedar Creek Champagne Edition by Forest River. This model has a full back kitchen to make food without interruptions of absolutely everything on foot and from the 5th wheel.

There are many counter areas, residential home equipment, and a removable dining room to break from espresso. The 35″ 4k TV with a rotating arm dissolves and experiences the fireplace.

You get a table that can help you see a view of your favorite destinations. This particular hall has a comfortable one of sliders and gets access to the general toilet with taps in a large sink and the totality you want to live softly and refreshingly.

There is an improved luxury king bed, and you will get storage shelves to keep things.

You can offer some alternatives to beautify the wonderful capabilities that consist of a washer/dryer, a removable kitchen, the paint package of the general model, and a Cedar Creek – Anniversary edition.

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With any edition of Cedar Creek Champagne 5th wheel using the use of Forest River, you can expand your life at any time from any climate and in which you have to make a decision to establish yourself.

Each 5th wheel is built with a tremendous aluminum structure, aluminum of 100% aluminum windows and luggage doors, large 12V floor heating blocks in all tanks, security package, and high performance, plus the leveling apparatus hydraulics of 6 standard level factors.

The 5th wheels work with the help of using great integrations with better electric automation and consist of the King WiFi router.

The Aqua TruMa Water Heater is there to get a constant and infinite warm water delivery and the tank compartment to heat. Inside, you can discover luxury and amenities in the course of the capabilities, such as Ashley Gray wardrobe doors and hinges with air-conditioning with double-trimester air yields, and more.


  • Independent gas series
  • Outside 32 “TV
  • Rear kitchen
  • Desk with chair
  • Sofa Luxury Bed Hiding Place
  • Inter room

Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38Ex

3. Redwood 3961RK

Redwood 3961RK

This Redwood Fifth Wheel is a luxury option with plenty of space for you and all your culinary, deep sleep, and relaxation needs. With enough space for four people to sleep in this fifth wheel, it’s perfect for couples going out or traveling in small homes.

Along with the charm of the rear kitchen, this floor offers a myriad of high-quality services. It has 3 slide points and creates a much larger area.

There is also a beautiful island in the kitchen space, which is a spacious place for painting. Once in the Fifth Wheel, open the door to the cooking area associated with the living room. There is a triple sofa directly in front of the door, which can be folded into a deep sleeping area if needed.

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To the left of the door are an expensive theater chair and a small dining table with chairs. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing meal or a relaxing movie night.

As the slides spread, most of the vacant lots are in the center of this floor. There is a ceiling fan between the theater and the TV seats, and there is a kitchen island opposite the fridge and microwave.

As we’re talking about the resurgence of this design, you may be wondering what else Redwood has to offer. Well, don’t worry, but this splendor has a larger mass to give.

There are places for TV and entertainment systems on some strips on the other side of this place. The TV is just stepping away from the theater chairs, making it a good place to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Some home kitchen appliances also represent a percentage of the distance of this slider. Next to the TV are a refrigerator, a microwave, and three different burners. There is also a counter area under the microwave.

Skipping the sofa that divides the living area addresses the small steps that cause room and bathroom location. This small staircase leads to a corridor that crosses the corner.

This curve provides some separation and privacy from the main location. The bathroom is just around the corner of those stairs.


  • Length 40′ 11″
  • Sleeping capacity for four
  • Rear kitchen
  • TV and entertainment region
  • All kitchen appliances

Redwood 3961RK floorplan

4. Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3750BKX

Cardinal Luxury 3750BKX

Forest River Cardinal Luxury is another fifth wheel that offers a rear kitchen feature. This version won the RV Pro Best of Show Award in 2019. A stylish and avant-garde interior design.

It is spacious and expensive and offers many benefits to satisfy the owner and his guests. The front of this Fifth Wheel immediately leads to the main area. The door opens towards a huge wall with space for TVs and entertainment systems.

Extending all sliding exits creates a large rectangular or empty area inside the living room that allows everyone to move freely. Next to the door is a sliding door with a sofa with a seat.

The same is true for the slide on the other side, which increases the seating area for several people. There is also a desk-mounted bench in the area between the slide points.

It has a seating area that can accommodate up to about 6 people in total, making it ideal for those who need hospitality. As a bonus, the sliding bench also has a built-in cup holder. Moving between the sofas along the left side of the wheel will take you to the dining room and back kitchen.

On the left side is a sliding window with a small desk and chair. This creates a nice secluded drinking area away from the main venue.

To the right of the Fifth wheel, the door is the entrance to the master bedroom and bathroom. There are small stairs that make up the corridor. The bathroom exits through the left door and consists of a washbasin, toilet, linen closet, and 48 “x30” shower.

This fifth-wheel front stop incorporates very high-quality elements and services. Next to the mattress is a huge changing room, next to which is a cupboard-sized dryer and washing machine.

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It’s high quality for those who have a long journey and have to avoid buying laundry along the way.


  • Length: 40 ′ 6 ″
  • Sleep capacity for 4
  • Wet shower
  • A lot of cupboard area size
  • Washer and dryer

Cardinal Luxury 3750BKX Floorplan

5. Heartland Elk Ridge 37RK

Heartland Elk Ridge 37RK

The last best rear kitchen fifth wheel, according to our suggestion, is the Heartland Elk Ridge. This big fifth wheel is useful in terms of high-quality fifth wheel options for those who need to travel with large families and groups of friends.

There is enough area to sleep, eat and cook. The front of this Fifth Wheel quickly leads to major residential areas.

On the other side of the door is a wall that houses a wall-mounted TV. The other side is a character theater chair with a cup holder. The entire lounge has sliding exits, each with a folding sofa.

Each of these functions acts as a sofa during the day and a character bed at night. Basically, this place works perfectly as both a dorm room and a dorm.

There is a king-sized mattress on the left wall of the bedroom. It looks like a cloth washbasin with a wall-mounted TV area. The front of the Fifth Wheel is where the scarf vanity is located. It occupies most of the wall and provides ample garage space for clothes and shoes.

In the right corner of the bedroom, there is a small washing machine and a drying area for those who need to wash their laundry on the road.

Along the left side of the living room, there is a corridor connecting the living room with the kitchen and dining area. Along the facet on the left, there is another slide consisting of a four-seat desk.

It’s bigger than many different Fifth Wheels and is good for organizing your diet.

Opposite this dining room is a kitchen sink and a fold-out counter with an oven/variety in the corner. Next to this location is also a top-shelf with many kitchen garages. Along the left side of the door, there are several stairs leading to both the bathroom and the private room.

The front of the bathroom is on the right side of the door, and the door is cleaned so you can enter from any direction.

The bathroom consists of a washbasin, toilet, shower, and linen closet. Next to the bathroom is the master bedroom. The bathroom should be accessible to everyone in the living room, but the bedroom is definitely separated from the relaxing distance.


  • Length: 41 ′ 7 ″
  • Sleep: 6
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Rear kitchen
  • Bathroom

Heartland Elk Ridge 37RK Floorplan


This was detailed info on the topic of the best rear kitchen fifth wheel, and we have talked about them with their features for easy understanding.


Who makes the highest quality 5th wheel?

There are some manufacturers that have made the best and highest quality fifth-wheel trailers. These trailers are,

  • Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel.
  • Heartland Bighorn Fifth Wheel.
  • Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheel.
  • DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel.
  • Keystone Avalanche Fifth Wheel.

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