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Travel trailers are fun when they are built by a manufacturer who knows how to set up things properly in a camper. The R-Vision Trail-Lite trailers are amazing lightweight campers that can make the fun of your trip. Many people love to live active, healthy lifestyles that include traveling to fantastic outdoor destinations in their RVs and travel trailers. This requires a proper trailer for additional fun.

The R-Vision Trail-Lite is one of those trailers that can bring life to your moments while camping somewhere on your trip. This lightweight trailer is inexpensive and can be pulled by most SUVs. There’s a Trail-Lite Trek model for everyone, whether you’re traveling with your partners or the whole family. These travel trailers are ideal for outdoor adventures, with a basic, beautiful interior and exterior design that was created with the outdoors camping lovers in mind.

R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 262 BH

About R-Vision Trail Lite

Monaco manufactures the R-Vision Trail-Lites in Harrisburg, Oregon. These trailers are available with different custom options and modifications with various floorplans. You can understand more about these models below for a better review.

R-Vision Trail-Lite Reviews

1. R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 262 BH

R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 262 BH Floorplan

The 262BH is a version of the R-Vision trail-lite. BH means bunkhouse. Most of the trail-lite series have bunkhouses in their floorplans, along with a lot of other exciting features. It is the best version for the family. This version features a queen-sized stroller and a bunk bed for children. For the slide-less version, this little trailer has a lot of internal space. Each feature is designed to provide the best possible play and smoothness.

Large windows on either side of the house keep the interior bright, and the center of the wall between the kitchen and bedroom area continues to be open and airy, so it’s no longer claustrophobic. The advantage of eliminating slip is that the number of tows is reduced, and the trailer weighs about 4,500 pounds. It’s so lightweight that you don’t want big trucks to move around on this trailer. The trailer is very small, but it has a large garage area and is distracted by the well-equipped kitchen.

It has everything that you want to make high-quality food, such as a microwave oven, a three-burner stove, an oven, a double sink, and a refrigerator. Perfect for seasonal summer trips, it includes 13,500 BTU air conditioning, as well as some useful options that include cabinets and an outdoor toilet to clean the system before riding the trailer.

2. R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 232 RBS

R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 232 RBS

The 232RBS is another model from R-Vision. This model allows you to spend time in your kitchen with amazing easy features to cook delicious meals on the go, like microwave ovens, doors, 6 cu, and all the appliances they need. Free-standing refrigerator, 3-core stove, stove, double sink. The Fulton Cherry cabinets provide ample garage space, and the counter area supply is absolutely special for a travel trailer of this size.

This 26-foot trailer weighs only 4,600 pounds and floats on a single slide. The circular queen-size mattress can be folded in the style of a Murphy mattress, creating space for a foldable sofa. The unit is open and vibrant, with three windows inside the house that allow you to stroll across the street along one side. The bath corner was placed on top of a 6-liter water heater.

After rinsing in the open-air bath, you can hang a coat and store your boots in a large walk-in closet. Outdoor stereo and automatic carport provide a relaxing outdoor experience. It makes the trips for small families more fun.

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3. R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 25 BHS

R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 25 BHS

The Trek 25 BHS combines the great features of the 262 BH and 232 RBS with a number of amenities. An absolutely expensive version, the 25BHS features an outdoor kitchen, a small sliding kitchen, a relaxing sofa, a TV stand, and a modern sliding door to the bedroom area. The outdoor kitchen, perfect for entertainment, consists of a bar fridge for easy sliding and drinks. The power shed and outdoor sound system keep you and your visitors cool and entertaining outside.

Slightly larger than its predecessor, the 25BHS is 28 feet long and weighs 5443 under no load. However, the function contributed by the area, and weight contributed. The slide part on the driver’s side has a razor sofa that serves as a dining area and a sleeping area. Both areas have spectacular views just around the corner where you can set up your TV. In addition, the trailer has a queen size mattress and bunk beds. This unit can easily sleep between 7 and 8 people.

This unit is suitable for large families and those who want to entertain visitors or invite friends to go outdoors. R-Vision trailers are available in a variety of styles, models, and floor plans, including the R-Vision Trail-Lite Sport and R-Vision Trail-Lite Crossover. We love that these little trailers are lightweight and affordable without sacrificing amenities, essentials, area, and soft grass.

4. R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 242 BHS

R-Vision Trail-Lite Trek 242 BHS

The 24-foot trainer Trail-Lite 242 is built on a Workhorse chassis with a gross vehicle weight of 12,300 pounds. The 242 model typically comes with reclining and rotating captain seats, electronically controlled sprint air conditioners, speed control, tilt guide wheels, and an AM / FM cassette stereo system. Bus-style side mirrors provide rearview, but for those who want a better look at higher positions, the 242 is pre-wired for a backup monitor.

In the living area, there is a sofa mattress next to some barrel chairs on the side of the road. The street kitchen has a range with three burners, a Dometic fridge, a laminated countertop, and a double bowl acrylic sink, pre-tensioned for the microwave. The washbasin is equipped with a bath mix with curtains and skylights, a hand basin, and a medicine rack.

The back bedroom has a double mattress hooked in the corner. 45 amp power converters are common, as are 30,000 BTU ovens and 6-liter water heaters. Options consist of a TV with speed connection, microwave, air conditioner, air conditioner generator, and CD player.

Trail-Lite has an integrated laminated floor, laminated sidewalls, a 3.5-inch laminated top roof, and a fiberglass front cover with built-in bumpers. The 24-foot capacity is 40 liters of fuel, 40 liters of clean water, 35 liters of reclaimed water, 35 liters of black water, and 20 liters of propane.


This was a review article of R-Vision Trail-Lite that included details for the trailers of different models. We hope this review for these trailers was helpful for you.


Are R-Vision trailers any good?

R-Vision Travel trailer such as trail-lite is pretty good for traveling and camping. They are highly recommended to travel around the country. They are also available with optional and additional packages for more fun so that you can enjoy them to your fullest.

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