6 Amazing Quad Bunk Travel Trailers (4 Bunk Beds)

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Bunkhouse travel trailers have huge demand, and RV lovers choose them because of their additional space for sleeping and resting more individuals inside a camper.

These trailers are big, and they have sufficient place for everyone to sit comfortably and chat along with their best mates.

There are travel trailers with more than one bunkhouse inside them, and some even have four.

In this discussion, we are talking about 4 bunk beds travel trailers that you would find in the market.

We have a list of the best quad bunkhouse travel trailers about which you need to learn and understand everything they are providing before making a decision.

So here is a list of the best choices.

Name Number of Bunk Beds Max Sleeping Count
CrossRoads Sunset Trail SS331BH 4 10
Prime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD 4 10
Coachmen Freedom Express Select 31SE 4 10
Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHS 4 8
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 294QBS 4 10
Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL 4 10

Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FKCrossRoads Sunset Trail SS331BH
Prime Time Tracer BreezePrime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD
Coachmen Freedom Express SelectCoachmen Freedom Express Select 31SE
Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHSHighland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHS
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 ReviewJayco Jay Flight SLX 8 294QBS
Dutchmen RV Kodiak UltimateDutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL

What are the Best Quad Bunk Travel Trailers?

1. CrossRoads Sunset Trail SS331BH

Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FK

The best quad bunkhouse travel trailer is Sunset Trail SS331BH.

It is because this RV camper gives an amazing floorplan that provides a 4-man bunkhouse.

The bunkhouse highlights an enormous bunk on the traveler’s side over the second room’s entertainment area, and across the way, the subsequent bunk flips down over the folding blade couch that dozes two in the back slide-out.

This trailer has a second-half washroom, with a toilet and vanity sink with a medication cabinet above and its own exit.

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You get a divider to the back restroom, and the enormous entertainment area has a TV above and a chimney beneath. It is one of a handful of trailers on this list with comfortable elements as standard.

There’s a tri-overlay couch that can rest two and an additional enormous dinette corner that can change over to give extra dozing space to two.

Across the room, you will get an extensive kitchen island with loads of ledge space around the enormous treated steel farmhouse sink with its skyscraper spigot and take-out sprayer.

Behind the ledge, the remainder of the completely prepared kitchen includes a 30-inch microwave, a three-burner glass top cooking range over the gas stove, and an 11 cu.ft. 12-volt cooler.

At the front of the trailer, you will find the storage space and a storeroom close to the main passage, all under remarkable high clearance roofs for more headspace and a private vibe to the room. Users can go through the primary washroom to get to the main room.

Key Features

  • HD Digital TV Antenna – Winegard/Wifi Prep
  • Full open-air kitchen (barbecue/oven, ice chest, sink, and capacity)
  • 13,500 BTU climate control system
  • Water Capacity: 45 gals Fresh, 60 gal Gray, 60 gal Black
  • Power canopy and outside speakers with LED lights
  • AM/FM/Stereo w/Bluetooth
  • Chimney
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CrossRoads Sunset Trail SS331BH

2. Prime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD

Prime Time Tracer Breeze

The Prime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD is an extraordinary decision to take as a travel trailer with a quad bunkhouse.

The Tracer Breeze 31BHD is spread out like a significant number of the bunkhouse travel trailers here, having bunkhouse highlights along with two slide-outs in order to extend that room when setting up camp in your campground.

It is worked for seasonal camping, with an encased and warmed underside.

You will get direct constrained air and heated holding tanks and R-14 protection in the front cap, rooftop, and floor.

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There are four bunks and a wardrobe, with extra storing space beneath the driver’s side bunk and a full open-air kitchen underneath the traveler side bunk.

There’s only one restroom in the Prime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD; however, it has additional highlights to cause it to feel roomy. There’s a latrine with foot flush, and a huge medication cabinet to store your necessities in general.

You will also get a 40-inch shower with seating and tub, motion sensor lighting, and a 12-volt exhaust fan.

In the kitchen and living region, the 87-inch stall dinette has huge loads of seating and converts into a bed that is nearly jumbo.

The storage room is opposite the washroom, and the remainder of the kitchen includes an enormous two-entryway fridge, a modified broiler with a three-burner cooktop, and a microwave above, with a style sink.

Key Features

  • Big 40″ LED TVs and an AM/FM/Bluetooth sound system with HDMI go through
  • 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner
  • Larger than usual MAX front room slide-out
  • Full open-air kitchen (barbecue/oven, cooler, sink, and capacity)
  • 30,000 BTU High Capacity Gas Furnace
  • Water Capacity: 48 gal Fresh, 30 gal Gray, 30 gal Black
  • Winegard 360 Air 4G Antenna

Prime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD

3. Coachmen Freedom Express Select 31SE

Coachmen Freedom Express Select

The next on the list is the Freedom Express Select 31SE travel trailer.

While large numbers of the various Coachmen models have bunkhouses, one of the top designs with a four-bunk room at the back is the Coachmen Freedom Express Select 31SE.

With this, the driver’s side bunks are on one of the trailer’s two slide-outs, growing the room’s space when you’re stopped in your camping area.

On the contrary side of the trailer, there’s a full open-air kitchen underneath the base bunk.

Across the trailer, the kitchen is completely outfitted with storage space, a three-burner cooktop with a microwave above, an 8 cu. ft. fridge, and extensive ledges with a double bowl tempered steel undermount sink and overhead cupboard area.

This model just has one washroom, yet it’s really open and there is additionally a hot and cold water open-air shower that you can use to grow your choices for everybody’s cleanliness.

There’s likewise a second entry side into the inside washroom. Moving into the living region, there is an 88-inch U-formed dinette with a lot of seating space for everybody, and it changes over into a bed for extra resting space.

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It is a quad bunkhouse travel trailer that also offers an enormous amusement place and theater seats with heating, back rub, and LED lighting.

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 49 gal Fresh, 33 gal Gray, 33 gal Black
  • Hot/cold open-air shower
  • 15,000 BTU ducted climate control system and ducted heater
  • Full open-air kitchen (barbecue/oven, cooler, sink, and capacity)
  • Winegard Air 360+ WIFI and 4G Prep

Coachmen Freedom Express Select 31SE

4. Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHS

Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHS

The Open Range Roamer RT310BHS is another quad bunkhouse travel trailer model that you need to see. This is a unique kind of travel trailer with its layout and features.

The two rooms take up the front and back of the trailer. At the front end, the main room has a King bed with end tables on one or the other side, overhead cupboards, and a full closet.

The bunkhouse is at the rear of the Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHS that has three bunks, with one over a jackknife couch that switches into a bed in the slide-out on the driver’s side.

All things considered, the enormous slide-out in the front room is an additional long U-formed dinette with two tables, which creases out into a bed.

There’s an extensive island with ledges, cabinets, and a huge twofold bowl sink, and the kitchen slide-out highlights an 8 cu. ft. fridge, three-burner cooktop and broiler, storeroom, and a lot of capacity and ledge space.

The entertainment area has a chimney that connects with the single restroom in the trailer, which has a 34-inch shower, latrine, and sinks with a vanity and medicine cabinet.

Key Features

  • Private return climate control system and heater
  • Discretionary chimney
  • 15,000 BTU Dometic Blizzard AC system
  • Full outside kitchen (barbecue/oven, refrigerator, sink, and capacity)
  • Water Capacity: 50 gals Fresh, 62 gals Gray, 31 gal Black
  • Furrion 3200 Stereo/CD/DVD Player with BlueTooth

Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer RT310BHS

5. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 294QBS

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 Review

The Jay Flight SLX 8 294QBS is a trailer with a quad bunkhouse. At the point when you enter the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 294QBS, you get an 18-foot canopy outside.

The main room is to one side, with a King bed with closets on one or the other side and a rack overhead.

The living region is straight ahead, with a seat with capacity and overhead storage, the entertainment place, and a convertible couch bed.

To one side, you will see a completely outfitted kitchen with an enormous, 50/50 acrylic sink with brushed nickel spigots, broiler with inside light and glass door, microwave, three-burner cooktop range with glass cover, and 6 cu. ft. hardened steel fridge with temperature controls.

The U-formed dinette opposite the kitchen additionally changes over into another resting region and has a lot of seating for the entire family by day.

Notwithstanding the quad bunk room at the back of the trailer, there’s a completely prepared outside kitchen, so you can make your suppers outside just as inside.

There’s additionally an enormous storeroom opposite the single restroom in the trailer, which has a marine-grade latrine with foot-flush, a huge stroll-in shower with tub encompass, and a vanity sink with bunches of ledge space and undersink storage.

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Key Features

  • Full outside kitchen (barbecue/oven, sink, refrigerator, and capacity)
  • Water Capacity: 38 gal Fresh, 39 gal Gray, 39 gal Black
  • MP3/iPod input jacks and Bluetooth network
  • 13,500-BTU rooftop-mounted A/C
  • Premium interactive media-sound framework

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 294QBS Floorplans

6. Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL

Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate

The Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL is a remarkable trailer that you would love to see with its complete features.

It has slide-outs on one or the other side of the living region to truly grow your inside region and cooking space.

It also provides quad bunkhouse space for increased capacity for sleeping. Inside this trailer, you will get a single washroom, and the main room is to one side with a private 70 by 80-inch jumbo bed with closets on the two sides and an overhead cabinet.

There’s access to the restroom straightforwardly from the room also, and the full shower has a porcelain toilet, extensive shower, and enormous vanity sink.

In the living region, you will get the kitchen, and amusement features complete with a chimney on the driver’s side slide-out and the storeroom, theater seats, and enormous dinette with huge capacity drawers under on the traveler side slide-out.

There’s an area in the space with more ledge space in the kitchen and a larger than average, ranch-style single bowl sink with a tall structure take-out fixture.

The completely prepared kitchen has a 10 cu. ft. fridge, a microwave, a three-burner range cooktop with a stove, glass cover, and additional strong surface ledges for food prep.

There’s a lot of capacity all through the trailer inside, with bear cave storage at the front of the trailer highlighting larger than average stuff doors.

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 50 gal Fresh, 78 gal Gray, 28 gal Black
  • Full outside kitchen (barbecue/oven, sink, refrigerator, and capacity)
  • 13,500-BTU ducted air system and high result heater
  • Chimney
  • Optional dinette in the bunkhouse
  • Wifi W/4G LTE Connectivity

Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL



This was a discussion on the best quad bunk travel trailers, which led to the top bunkhouse models with quad beds.

We explained the details about these trailers having each of their own unique attraction and feel with the components and elements provided inside them.


What is a quad bunk?

Quad bunk is just 4 bunk beds for 4 four people. Quad bunks allude to the bunkhouse set up inside a trailer. It is a resting region that accompanies several cots. It is a different resting region as a rule, and there is a King size bed in the main suite next to them.

What is the smallest bunkhouse travel trailer?

One of the more small bunkhouse travel trailers is the sportsmen Classic 181BH bunkhouse trailer is under 30 feet with a complete outside length of 20 feet, nine inches. It’s a minimal home on wheels that actually has every one of the conveniences you really want in an open floor plan for happy residing.

What travel trailers have 4 bunk beds?

The following trailers have 4 bunk beds:

  • Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer 310BHS.
  • Keystone Passport 292BH SL Series.
  • Prime Time Tracer Breeze 31BHD.
  • Jayco Jay Flight 32TSBH.
  • Crossroads Sunset Trail SS289QB.

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