Amazing Pop Up Camper Hacks, Improvements, and Modifications

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Pop Up Campers have provided great comfort and a vast area as a travel trailer to fit all your luggage and equipment in one place like a home that runs on wheels.

These camper trailers are best for outdoor camping and traveling to campsites. People love getting fancy and highly equipped pop up campers that are loaded with features, unlike any ordinary camper trailer.

In case you want to improve your pop up camper instead of buying an expensive camper with all the features, you can build one for yourself easily.

There are lots of hacks and modifications that can be applied to a pop up camper which will let you make various changes for your comfort and ease and save you the cost of buying a new and expensive pop up camper with all those features.

So we see the best mods that you can apply to your camper and which best improvements and modifications can be applied in order to make them even better.

Best Pop Up Camper Hacks

1. Adding Zippered Windows

In case you are going on a camping trip, and you want your windows to open up easily and close whenever you want to, you can add zippered windows to your trailer.

Despite the fact that the climate is brilliant and shiny, you will have the choice to allow the sunlight to your camper or simply close it. So it’s an easy and quick hack that will let you use your windows whenever you like to.

2. Adding Foldable Tables And Chairs

Getting foldable seats and chairs is another mod to apply to your Pop up camper as it would allow you to give more seating options at your comfort that can be folded back into the storage area and get the space back. It’s a decent idea to use around 3-4 seats that are really as far as capacity, and they overlay and can be stacked against one another to save your space and only be used when required.

The same is with the tables. The overlay and stack. Getting such furniture can be a genuine benefit when you do external management. It truly has an effect on your general space that is restricted with the tent trailer.

These are the foldable chairs and tables that I use and highly recommend them,


3. Adding an Awning to the Trailer


Most pop-ups have an implicit canopy, yet not all do. You can add an additional awning at the top of your trailer. Assuming your pop up camper’s awning is going downhill, adding on another one can be an incredible option.

These foldable canopies can be connected right to the highest point of your hardtop and can zoom up when not being used.

Awnings or canopies furnish you with extra shade on bright camping areas and are perhaps the best mod to add to your pop up in case you don’t, as of now, have one.

4. Adding Folding Bathroom Vanity

Another addition for a mod that you can apply to your pop up camper is adding a folding bathroom vanity to your trailer. It is useful in case your trailer doesn’t have a bathroom or when you require more bathroom options for a bigger family.

With restricted counter space, you can include a collapsing vanity that gives you a mirror, a paper towel holder, and a little rack for your toothbrush and toothpaste.

These vanities penetrate and connect squarely into the highest point of your camper roof and overlay up when you need to pop your camper down. As should be obvious, it will come to great use for your pop up camper.

5. Adding Protective Screen Room

Adding a screen room with your shade can be another mod to apply to your trailer. When the climate is charming, you can truly do this setting, and you won’t be upset anymore.

This resembles, in a real sense adding another slot to your camper. With a screen room, you can keep creepy crawlies outs, and it can keep you secure against the weather and, furthermore, give you some protection.

It additionally helps in shielding you from direct daylight and rain. There are lots of individuals setting up these to get the benefit. This may look like a hard thing to do, but when you try, you can dominate it and make it bother-free.

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6. Add Gizmos To Roof

Utilizing pop-up campers can become more fun when you apply various useful hacks and improvements to them. Adding Gizomos to your roof can additional add more beauty to your camper and extra slender.

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You need to keep it cool during summer and save the warmth when it’s cool outside. They help in mirroring the warmth from outside and give protection during winter.


It will give you a more comfortable inclination in a generally delicate pop up camper. An ordinary trailer isn’t much of use, and it doesn’t have these features.

The dividers aren’t excessively extraordinary, and placing in on Gizmos to the roof truly has an effect.

7. Adding More Storage

The addition of storage is an important option to consider when you want to improve your camper. These alterations can take several hours and some creativity.

You should buy a cheap hitch-mounted capacity container or a storage rack to do this hack.

This hack may not work for each camper; measure your space and the capacity for the crate to place and decide whether you have adequate room to mount the create to the trailer before implementing this improvement.

8. Use Crates

You can use collapsable crates or containers as a storage area. You can add as many crates or cotton as you want in your trailer, such as one for keeping food, one for other little things that are required frequently, and others for additional accessories or equipment to place.

You can also add a crate for garbage as a dustbin.


The crates can be of incredible use in keeping things appropriately coordinated. Likewise, since they can be folded, they won’t be using the additional room. Arrangements can be made on the outside of the camper.

9. Add Hanging Shelves

You can include some hanging shelves in the room and kitchen area, which will give you more storage and room to place your utensils and food items in a separate spot.

You can place the dishes in an arrangement on the shelves, or you can include some frames for a beautiful look and layout inside the camper.


In this manner, you can get your things hanged up there while doing the other stuff. Get such hanging racks as it makes your life a lot simpler. It is useful when you have children with you; you would prefer not to be battling with such minor changing plans.

10. Modifying Wheels and Suspension

A unique but very distinctive modification that you can apply to your camper is modifying its wheels and suspension. This improvement will help you to take your camper out in the wild easily without anything to stop you at any stage.

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Bigger wheels and better suspense will let you go along to various places as you won’t have to worry about getting tires punctured or experiencing any mechanical problems.

This hack will allow you to reach anywhere to any kind of campsite along with various benefits. Weather conditions and rough terrains won’t affect your journey.

11. Adding Space Heater


Utilizing a space heater inside your pop up camper can be another addition to improvement. It is useful during winters at the point when you don’t have a heater or other warming sources.

This can come in as useful to keep you warm in the winter cold. Generally, the trailers aren’t that incredible in protection from weather changes, and most of the pop-up campers won’t have an inbuilt warming setup which is why it could benefit you.

Space heaters are small but very versatile, and helpful and furthermore, they don’t cost a lot. With pop up camper, it is the best choice to add as an improvement to your camper trailer.


This was a discussion about amazing pop up camper hacks, improvements, and modifications ideas that you can apply to your camper trailer.

As most ordinary campers don’t have enough of the features, you will need to make some improvements as we have suggested in this article that would benefit your lifestyle.


How can I improve my pop up camper?

You can improve your pop up camper trailer in the following ways,

  • Add additional storage rooms and crates to the trailer.
  • Add Rug Storage under the camper area.
  • Adding curtains and shelves on the inside for interior design.
  • Add additional bathroom vanity and showers.
  • Adding awning and canopy at the top of the camper.
  • Upgrading the tires and suspension of the trailer.
Why shouldn't you buy a pop up camper trailer?

Pop up campers are beautiful in design, and people love using these lightweight pop up campers to travel to far off places and camp for the nights in open campsites. These trailers have good benefits, but there are also several disadvantages as they are not safe. They are usually thinner than any RV home coach, and their body material can get damaged by the weather easily. Some can even get leakage from the roof, whereas there are also various internal failures and problems.

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