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Outdoors RV has a series of models for RVs and travel trailer enthusiasts. This brand is amazing in what it does for the production of valuable trailers that satisfy the needs of customers. The Mountain Series from Outdoors RV has some models that have made a great name for the brand due to good quality and useful features.

Outdoors RV Timber Ridge Mountain Series

The Timber Ridge Mountain Series Trailer is perfectly designed for camping and dealing with all kinds of weather. It uses some beneficial features to help you camp locally as well as camping in national parks, RV resorts, KOA, and at some distant places. Each version is built with a rugged custom 8-inch chassis and XL size with good ground clearance, a fiberglass front shell, a world-class KYB shock with HD front plates, and more.

Inside of these Mountain Series trailers, you get the vaulted ceiling area, the comfort of ultra-leather furniture, the clean use of kitchen basins and residential counters, and the comfortable Eurotop bed for some highlights. With the Climate Designed Four Seasons package, somewhere in the cold or warm months, you get additional benefits and easy camping with resources like fully sealed warm and insulated central region, insulation windowpanes, and more.

We can talk about its benefits all day as the Outdoor RV Mountain Series Timber Ridge is one of the versatile options from a camping point of view. This comfortable trailer has some very useful features that are listed below.

Common Features

Exterior Construction

  • Aluminum frame walls connection with 2″ thick (all walls)
  • HD silver fiberglass cover (mandatory option)
  • HD fiberglass cover (mandatory option)
  • Laminated fiberglass sliding floor
  • Custom-built road chassis
  • Ecological laminated wall cut into the dining room
  • AIR 3500 LB heavy-duty brake
  • Protected buffers “Armor rated” profile
  • Laminated aluminum frame slips (all the walls and roof)
  • Construction of frame chassis Integrated HD
  • Plywood floor of tongue and exterior grade lock
  • World-Class pillows KYB W/HD Shock Plate
  • 6 “HD Habrillht I-Beam
  • Steep clay fins 15″
  • Closets and wardrobe cabinets
  • 15″ Goodyear 225 E Range 10 radial tires
  • Marine-grade plywood ceiling porch
  • Metal drawer rails
  • AIR 4000 heavy-duty brake with road system (selected models)
  • 24 “X 24 Tall” power tongue jack with LED light
  • Off X4 Suspension package: KYB shocks HD, Moryde Cre 3000 Suspension
  • Morryde Shackle Kit Bronze Backspices and bucket Accessories

Climate Four Season Package

  • Thermal pane windows.
  • Roof insulation of four seasons in triple layers.
  • Furium XL for extreme heat camp system.
  • Closed completely with insulation insulated with window covers.
  • Semi-automatic winter system.
  • Bedroom ceiling ventilation with thermal insulation.
  • Insulation wrapped with retention tanks.
  • NORCOLD COLD TIME KIT (refrigerator) – operation from A – F Zero.
  • 1″ thick heat-insulated luggage doors.
  • Outside shower protected with the help of the use of 1 “insulated doors.

Outdoor RV Mountain Series Models

After discussing some of the important and common features found in the Outdoor RV Mountain series, it’s time to talk about some specific models in the Mountain series with their features.

1. Outdoors Black Stone Mountain Series

Outdoors Black Stone Mountain Series

This long trailer by Outdoors RV is 33″ in length, and it has the space inside for sleeping 3 people comfortably. It makes it better for couples and small families. With three slides, the RV extends to offer a tremendous area while parked. The residential bank gives you a comfortable area to relax and look at your favorite movie or rest and play a board game.


  • Three Sliders
  • Residential Sofa
  • Open Eating Space
  • Rear Cuisine
  • Bank/Basket
  • 12 Volt LED TV HD

2. Creek Side Mountain Series

Creek Side Mountain Series 21DBS

The Creek Side Mountain Series by Outdoors RV is another durable built by the company. This model is useful because it doesn’t weigh high, unlike other trailers. It is built with an HD fiberglass cover and a steel chassis that is also lightweight. It uses the HD International Kyb shocks. The trailer is spacious on the inside, and it also has a solar panel of 500 watts which can be accessed from the rooftop. The solar panel provides power to LED lights that are placed indoor and outdoor.

A protected radio roof gives about 5″ more space in the head so you can pass move inside the trailer freely without any hassle. It has XL Panoramic Home Windows that doesn’t let anyone see inside from outside. But the users can enjoy great views from the inside.

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  • Solar panel
  • Open interior space
  • Panoramic windows
  • Storage cabinets
  • Eating space

3. Creek Side Mountain Series 21RBS

Creek Side Mountain Series

When you want a nice cozy queen bed, you can choose to go with Creek Side Mountain Series 21RBS. You can get amazing and interesting features such as a flip-up counter that provides additional space to prepare food. You can rest in your bedroom, and there is also a full bathroom with a bath that has an open roof and a pantry cabinet/backway to the toilet to keep your clothing.

The Creek Side mountain series trailers are not very big in size, and they provide an ideal space for everyone to live in. These models come with a package of four seasons which consists of the mountain extreme thermal panel of household windows, 4-point ceiling cover, and other safety equipment to keep you secure while camping.


  • HD Fiber Covers
  • Compact in size
  • Kitchen and bathroom area
  • Additional package for safety
  • Outdoor shower

4. Timber Ridge Mountain Series 22FQS

Timber Ridge Mountain Series 22FQS

The Timber Ridge Mountain Series 22FQS is one of the successful models by the brand. It helps a user to explore the wild with more fun, locked, and loaded. Whenever you have dared to your objective, handily set up the single slide Mountain dinette and movable electric canopy, and head out to explore the new world. When you are prepared to eat, you can make dinners utilizing the full conveniences of this trailer.

You get an amazing kitchen area for cooking food and washing dishes. You will doubtlessly adore the blade rack and stone-planned backsplash also. The full restroom is close to a closet by the section, making it simple for you to get yourself refreshed. In the center, you have the choice to watch the 32″ LED HDTV before sleep time and rest on your own sovereign-size bed with capacity on the two sides. With any Timber Ridge Mountain Series travel trailer by Outdoors RV, you will track down a trailer for your requirements lengths from 22 to 28 ft. that are intended to go to any point you like.

The Four Seasons bundle is optional, and Off-Road Performance highlights permit you to travel the entire year and on any territory, you want to go on. A portion of the development highlights incorporate rough 8″ structure aluminum outline dividers produced using the USA and Canada sourced material, an HD fiberglass front cap with Armor Guard, and Trekk “Outside Tough” flooring. The inside offers Rustic Knotty Alder Mountain cabinetry, a Shaker-style bureau and cooler entryways for style, a vaulted range roof for more headroom, and XL all-encompassing windows to partake in the outside.


  • Mountain Dinette
  • Two Skylights
  • Queen-Size Bed
  • 32″ LED HDTV
  • Armor Guard and Tough Flooring


This was a discussion on Outdoors RV Mountain Series in which we shared reviews about these trailers and their specific models. This discussion explained the features and specific layouts of each of the Mountain series models by Outdoors RV. We hope this info cleared up a lot of things for you and if you are willing to know about more brands and models, check out our blog.


Are Outdoor RV trailers reliable?

Outdoor RV trailers have different variants. These trailers are reliable but to some extent. They are not as good as the top-rated trailers, but they are good for their job as a travel trailer for small families.

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How long does a trailer last?

Fortunately, travel trailers will keep going for around 10 years by and large. In any case, 10 years is just the normal future for a travel trailer. A few trailers will endure longer, and some will have a more limited life expectancy. All things considered, how you deal with keeping up with your trailer is vital.

Are Airstreams worth the cash?

The Airstream can be quite slick and pretty enjoyable to possess; however, it can likewise be really costly. An Airstream trailer will generally have any of the normal blemishes that you may find in some other RV, yet it flaunts its more extended enduring worth, robustness, and streamlined properties that do make it worth the expense.

Is Keystone Cougar a decent travel trailer?

The Cougar unit is extraordinary to live in. Large and agreeable, all decent elements to make it a home. Cougar is a fantastic line of campers with 3 slide outs gives a great deal of room for moving around.

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