11 Amazing Off Road Camper with Bathroom

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Off-roading is fun when you choose the right vehicle for the task. SUVs are built to withstand tough road conditions, and they are meant to go through all types of paths.

But when you want to go out camping along with your trailer, you need to be sure to choose a right off-road trailer that won’t make your journey miserable in case the roads or the track you are choosing get potholes and bumps.

This is why an off-road trailer is a suitable choice to keep in mind for long trips.

But if you have planned to stay for days in the wild to spend your vacations camping, you would need a trailer that should have all the accessories and features which you get in your home.

The bathroom is one of the essential features of a trailer camper because you can’t rush outside in the forest each time to unload yourself.

This is why it’s ideal to choose an off-road trailer that has a bathroom.

To begin with the list of best off road camper with bathrooms, we should first completely get the idea of these trailers.

Name Bathroom Location Weight
Opus OP 15 Hybrid Front 4,960 lbs
Black Series Classic 12 Front 4,422 lbs
TetonX Hybrid Rear 2,900 lbs
Black Series HQ21 Center 6,482 lbs
Mobi Nomad Mobi X Front 1,675.51 lbs
Bruder EXP-6 Rear 3,700 lbs
BRS Offroad Pursuit Front 2,116.44 lbs
Conqueror UEV-25 Rear 4,122 lbs
Airstream Basecamp X Center 3,500 lbs
Taxa Mantis Front 2,972 lbs
Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0 Rear 1,700 lbs

Opus 15 Off Road HybridOpus OP 15 Hybrid
Black Series Classic 12Black Series Classic 12
TetonX HybridTetonX Hybrid
Black Series HQ21Black Series HQ21
Mobi Nomad Mobi XMobi Nomad Mobi X
Bruder EXP-6Bruder EXP-6
BRS Offroad PursuitBRS Offroad Pursuit
Conqueror UEV-25Conqueror UEV-25
Airstream Basecamp XAirstream Basecamp X
TAXA MantisTaxa Mantis
Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

What are the Best Off Road Camper with Bathroom?

Here is a complete list of Off-Road travel trailers with bathrooms.

1. Opus OP 15 Hybrid

Opus 15 Off Road Hybrid

The Opus 15 is a practically ideal blend of rough solidness and agreeable extravagance. This off-road camper will make your day with its extreme features.

It shares a great layout and durable body construction while having a position of the safe body for simpler towing and a popup top for extra headroom. Also, there’s an extendable back area that expands the inside.

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The Opus 15 has a truly savvy plan that boosts the utilization of room and gives the inside a lot bigger feel than what you’re accustomed to finding in trailers this size.

A wet bath shower/latrine/sink combo is part of this trailer. There is no kitchen inside the trailer. Creation chose to put the kitchen outside with a cool slideout in order to save space inside.

There is an expanded living region and a restroom with a shower, latrine, and sink. With a bed and two bunks, the Opus 15 is an incredible rough terrain trailer with a restroom that is prepared for the entire family.

Also, with two new water tanks with a consolidated 63-gallon limit, a 17-gallon dim water tank, and a 10-gallon dark water tank, you’re prepared for a very long time off-matrix.

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Opus 15 Hybrid Caravan

2. Black Series Classic 12

Black Series Classic 12

The Black Series Classic 12 is a great decision as an off-roading camper with a bathroom. It’s a decent rough terrain camper with a bathroom for when you’re voyaging along with your friends or any other person.

The Black Series Classic 12 has a useful bathroom with a combination of shower/latrine wet baths with a little sink just external the restroom entryway.

It has a popup top and slide-out back for additional room, and it also has a kitchen on the outside. Inside, it has a convertible bed and an additional bunk, notwithstanding a full fiberglass wet shower with a latrine and shower.

Its freshwater tank is somewhat more modest but suitable to do your work camping.

You get 50 gallons of the water tank. Also, the grey and black water both channels into a 26-gallon tank, so a couple ought to be okay boondocking for a couple of days.

Black Series Classic 12 Floorplan

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3. TetonX Hybrid

TetonX Hybrid

TetonX Hybrid is an off-roading traveler trailer that won’t let you complain when you go out camping.

This trailer has three-bed arrangements (remembering an add for bunkbed choice) for its rough terrain Hybrid camper trailer. The TetonX Hybrid highlights a U-molded kitchen, a restroom, and a dinette set, and it can fit a bed up to 76-by-76 inches.

There is an inside headroom space of 6.6 feet which means even a tall person doesn’t have to worry about walking in the trailer.

Capacity incorporates a roto pax gas can, rooftop container, tongue box, and inside compartments.

It has a 4-amp charger, Group U1 AGM battery, a Noco Genius1 one-bank, and a Noco Shore Plug. It additionally comes prewired for the compact Zamp Solar power framework.

TetonX Hybrid Floorplan

4. Black Series HQ21

Black Series HQ21 Off Road Camper with Bathroom

The HQ21 is a trailer from Black Series offering very useful features that are best for off-roading.

You will be happy with this choice. In the bathroom of this trailer, you get two compartments. There is a spacious shower region, and then there is a full sink and toilet.

This is a big little trailer that most of the off-roading trailers mentioned here.

It has a rugged body from the outside, which is durable, and the cabin is 21-foot long. The interior is perfectly refined and beautifully designed.

You will get separate compartments for the bathroom, having a latrine sink in one area. You will get a private shower inside a fiberglass sliding door.

Black Series HQ21 Floorplan

5. Mobi Nomad Mobi X

Mobi Nomad Mobi X Off Road Camper with Bathroom

Mobi Nomad’s Mobi X is a very small off-roading camper that we would like to talk about. This travel trailer offers the majority of the solaces of the home, such as a kitchen, restroom, shower, and expected sleeping area for about six individuals.

Also, the wide exhibit standard gear prepares it to go essentially from the second it shows up.

It is a great package for travel campers because this trailer comes with off-road tires and suspension making it easier to turn your camping trips into more fun.

Mobi Nomad Mobi X Floorplan

6. Bruder EXP-6

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper with Bathroom

The Bruder EXP-6 is another travel trailer you may want to look at. You will get a comfortable feel with this off-road trailer.

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It has some truly cool elements that make it stand apart from other rough terrain trailers with bathrooms. The interesting suspension and case mix consider 3X more wheel travel than most other double-pivot trailers.

This aids the EXP-6 to be simpler to tow and perform all-around well on harsh paths with a ton of enunciation.

Another exceptional element is the double-sided kitchen which you can access from both within and the outside of the trailer. A blend wet bath with a latrine, shower, and sink.

The Bruder EXP-6 dozes up to six individuals and is completely adaptable with a few choices. It has a fixed roofline and a suspension that you can lower or raise.

The lodge management system (controlled through an advanced touchscreen or your cell phone) makes it helpful to control and screen all EXP-6 parts.

Conveniences incorporate a slide-out kitchen, a bathroom with shower and latrine, copious extra room, a sovereign bed, and a warming and cooling system. Other furniture comprises a rich lounge chair, a turn-feasting table, and a top-quality TV.

With its wet shower inside and resting space for up to six, the EXP-6 is a great decision for families.

Bruder EXP-6 Floorplan

7. BRS Offroad Pursuit

BRS Offroad Pursuit Off Road Camper with Bathroom

With the BRS Offroad Pursuit, you can count a number of features for camping. It has a completely encased hot shower, rich sovereign sleeping cushion, 80L refrigerator/cooler, ducted AC, and warming.

You will also get a four-burner cooktop, sink, and microwave inside, notwithstanding a slide-out cookroom outside, to make your trips more lively.

The little BRS Pursuit packs that multitude of elements inside its space. You get a convenient latrine and a one-of-a-kind shower slideout. It’s somewhat 13 feet in length and around 3500 lbs.

The BRS Offroad Pursuit packs great features inside. Soothing merchandise incorporates a gigantic housetop window, a theater setup, Wi-Fi, a slide-out completely encased shower, relaxing seats, warming, and cooling.

It likewise comes furnished with a Waeco cooler/cooler combo, an outside grill barbecue, an Enerdrive battery framework, and 300-watt monocrystalline sun-powered chargers.

Make way for a rich air that welcomes you to hop into the extravagant sovereign bed. A truly novel element of the Pursuit is the slide-out heated water shower.

It has a hard floor that channels solidly into the dim water tank. Furthermore, it’s completely encased on all sides. It has a compact bathroom that ideally fits all its space inside.

8. Conqueror UEV-25

Conqueror UEV-25 Off Road Camper with Bathroom

The UEV-25 offers a comparative style to most of the off-road travel trailers with a position of safety lodge and popup top.

In any case, rather than having a back slideout, the Conqueror UEV-25 has an extraordinary side bed slideout. That gives the UEV-25 enough inside space to have two twofold beds, one of which can likewise be changed over into a dinette.

You get a genuine dry shower with a sink vanity, latrine, and ample shower.

Furthermore, for us all who don’t care for wet showers, the UEV-25 really crushes a shockingly extensive dry shower inside.

There’s a little impeccable sink alongside some usable counter space. And also, there’s an open shower with a seat.

9. Airstream Basecamp X

Airstream Basecamp X Off Road Camper with Bathroom

Basecamp X is a clearly well-known trailer for its comfort and features. It is not exactly the best off-roading camper as compared to others on this list, but it is a great camper with enough power to do your work.

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It can go through decent terrains with a few rough surfaces. It’s a lightweight camper, so it’s ideal for taking it out with your SUV. With this model, you will get a wet shower with a latrine, shower, and a little sink.

Very much like the standard Basecamp, its canny plan is ideally suited for the dynamic couple who need to go out and explore the wild for days.

There’s a wet bath, a back region for stacking outside gear like bicycles and skis, and a big scene window for enjoying the perspectives at your beloved spot.

Airstream Basecamp Floorplan

10. Taxa Mantis

TAXA Mantis Off Road Camper with Bathroom

A little wet shower tape latrine and shower is what you will find with Taxa Mantis off-road camper. This is a great camper for an outing.

The Taxa most certainly thought outside the box with regards to going mud romping trailers. The Mantis includes an extremely low-profile plan with an enormous rooftop for standing headroom.

Everything on the trailer is thoroughly examined, straightforward, and viable. That goes for the wet bath also. It’s a straightforward tape latrine/that gives the combo a texture shade for protection.

Very much like a ton of different elements on the Mantis, it’s not huge, it’s not extravagant, yet it simply works.

Taxa Mantis Floorplan

11. Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0 Off Road Camper with Bathroom

Off-Grid Trailer is a manufacturer that made the Expedition 2.0. The Expedition 2.0 is an all-metal off-matrix camper intended to take on those intense country roads effortlessly.

The Timbren 3500HD suspension adds a 4-inch lift, and you get amazing power for stopping with 12-inch electric brakes.

This camper rides on 265/70/17 wheels with strong rough terrain tires.

The development started with a 4-inch C-channel outline (3/16 inch) and sandblasted and powder-covered casing. A 2-inch ball coupler is incorporated.

The Expedition 2.0 is outfitted with a pleasant dropdown kitchen cookroom and an outside shower with an Eccotemp L5 heated water on request.

It’s an ideal choice for your long trips.

What are Off-Road Camping Trailers?

The off-road trailers are meant to be tough and durable to go through all types of terrains.

These trailers are fully prepared and equipped with essential features required for off-roading and camping.

The construction of their body is made from sturdy materials, raised suspensions, and rough terrain tires.

The rough terrain designs make it more straightforward for courageous campers to take their rides to far-off areas that may require rock climbing, water fording, or mudding.

Since it’s not generally imaginable to get a trailer to such terrains, the off-road terrain campers make it conceivable to cross unforgiving scenes to discover a true sense of harmony in the spots that are hard to reach for anyone.


This was a discussion on the Best Off Road camper with bathrooms.

We listed the top trailers that you would find in the market.

Each of them has a great bathroom and an amazing off-road package from the manufacturer.


Which travel trailers are the best off-road camping vehicle?

Following is a list of the best off-road travel trailers

  • Airstream Basecamp X
  • Boreas Campers Boreas-XT Camper Trailer
  • Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear
  • Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland.
  • Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers BRX1
  • Opus Camper OP-4
  • Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit
  • Schutt X VENTURE XV-2

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