6 Amazing Motorcycle Pop Up Campers

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Campers are useful trailers that can be pulled behind your vehicle to get extra luggage carried away with you and to get additional space for resting and sleeping. There are various additions to these campers, and one of them is motorcycle pop up campers.

These are the unique type of campers that can be used behind a motorcycle when you want to go on long camping trips.

People search for the best motorcycle pop up campers with which they can enjoy their rides with an additional storage cart behind the wheels.

Before looking at the list of best motorcycle pop up campers, we should analyze what these campers actually are and what features they offer to a user.

Now we move to the list of the best pop up motorcycle camper trailers that are best in features and also very much affordable.

Name Weight Price
Roll A Home 385 lb $4,499
Kwik Kamp II 340 lb
Solace Deluxe 400 lbs $3,949
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0 694 lbs $7,131
Roadman Campers 225 lbs $4,000
Kompact Kamp Mini Mate 260 lbs $3,895

Roll-A-HomeRoll A Home
Kwik Kamp IIKwik Kamp II
Solace DeluxeSolace Deluxe
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0
Roadman CampersRoadman Campers
Kompact Kamp Mini MateKompact Kamp Mini Mate

What are the Best Motorcycle Pop Up Campers?

1. Roll A Home


The Roll A Home motorcycle pop-up camper is the top choice for you as it is a lightweight camper having a fiberglass and aluminum body that gives it durability as well as a high-quality body.

You get pretty good features with this amazing motorcycle camper trailer where there is a tent having waterproof resistance along with good screen windows for the outside view when you want to take a nap or a little time off for resting.

The features of this motorcycle camper include


  • It comes with a tent that is waterproof, and it is attached to the top of the camper to avoid any kind of rain and weather impacts on the user.
  • The chassis and frame of this trailer are made with aluminum and fiberglass which gives it lightweight quality and easy towability with a motorcycle.
  • The tent can be quickly folded up and backed down with its quick setup having a breathable and waterproof fabric that is securely attached to the camper’s body.
  • There are 5 window screens for the user to have an outside view through the camper and enjoy his time while he sits inside the tent.
  • There are two different models that include a standard option and the other one with a wide option. The standard model has a 47″ x 78″ sleeping space for the travelers while the wide model has 71″ x 78″.
  • It has a soft foamy bed for comfortable sleep.
  • It has a good cargo capacity of 18.5 cu ft and a loaded capacity of 800 pounds.

Roll-A-Home Full

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2. Kwik Kamp II

Kwik Kamp II

Another best motorcycle pop up camper is the Kwik Kamp II which is a lightweight trailer with a good capacity to load. It can load and carry 700 pounds while having a dry weight of 340 pounds itself.

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It is a great option to consider for your long camping trips on your motorcycle as it is furnished with lots of features. This is a versatile option to tow behind an SUV or a car and even the motorcycles because it carries good space for storage, and it is a pop up trailer.

There is an addition of a tent and a lot more surprising features to be discovered with this option.


  • There is a foldable tent that comes with this trailer for a motorcycle having great quality.
  • It has enough sleeping space to fit 2 people easily for resting.
  • The cargo bay on this trailer is pretty big with its 24 cubic foot area where you can include your extra equipment and gear for camping at your solace.
  • The body is pretty durable, along with aluminum wheels that can take you anyplace easily and camp wherever you want due to its weather-resistant tent material.
  • You get stabilizer jacks and another mechanical toolkit for any incidental situation, along with bright LED lighting that can help you see things better at night.
  • The price is pretty reasonable on this camper trailer because it’s a lightweight and high-selling product in the market for the features that it has to offer to the customers.

3. Solace Deluxe

Solace Deluxe

The Solace Deluxe is our next recommendation in the list of Best Motorcycle Pop up Campers because this option gives you so much space with its 16 cu ft area where you can store your extra goodies and luggage while you are on your trip.

You can say it’s a camper and a cargo trailer both at the same time, which makes it pretty unique and an ideal choice to use for any situation at all.


  • It has a storage capacity of a 16 cu ft area.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty tent made from premium 2-ply material that is durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and heat conditions.
  • There is one amazing thing with this trailer which is the AC port that can be connected with an aftermarket AC for cooling inside.
  • Users get 72 ft of living space having a good quality queen-sized air mattress and a dining area.
  • There is a cooling rack and a cooler for keeping fresh drinks inside during hot summers.
  • It can pop up to increase its height and provide more headroom to the users along with a good loading capacity of 450 pounds.

4. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0

Livin' Lite Quicksilver 6.0

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0 is an amazingly small-size pop up camper that can be used as a motorcycle pop-up camper because of the perfect engineering that makes it durable to resist any type of surface and road adventures.

You can take this trailer almost anyplace where your bike would go, and there is nothing to stop you from having fun with the excitement and freshness that this trailer gives.

The amazing features of this popup camper are 


  • One of the features of this trailer is that it has a flip-out bunk that reveals a queen size bed for your sleep.
  • It has a convertible sofa option that can be made into a bed in the center of the camper to provide more resting areas for you.
  • There is a small table in it that can be fitted with a pole mount to give it a good grip and make it easier for you to eat your meal.
  • There is a good ventilation system when you open the zippered windows as they allow you to easily zip and unzip them whenever you feel like it.
  • There is an air conditioning feature in this small and lightweight motorcycle pop-up camper for cooling inside during the hot summer season.
  • The body and frame of this trailer are made from high-quality aluminum.

5. Roadman Campers

Roadman Campers

Roadman camper comes with lots of features as this lightweight trailer can be your best choice to use with a motorcycle because of its ease of use. The trailer has good towability, and the designed units and features in this one are pretty good.

You get an umbrella tent that saves you from sunlight as well as rain when the weather isn’t too friendly. You can hitch it up with your motorcycle and go to places that you love without any problem.


  • It comes with a Sunbrella tent that works really well for all types of weather conditions due to its heavy-duty and high-quality resistant material. The manufacturers have double-stitched it to make it more durable to withstand impacts as well.
  • The waterproof and fire retardant design of this trailer is all you need with a stain and mold-resistant body.
  • This camper for motorcycles has ample storage space where you can add some of your accessories and bring along your camping gear.
  • There is enough sleeping space to accommodate 2 people easily so that they can rest inside.
  • It has 4 windows with zippers for easy opening and closing so that you can set the lighting or darkness of the interior according to your choice.
  • This trailer has a 500-lb torsion suspension system that provides it good and smooth drive even on rough paths.

6. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

The last best motorcycle pop up camper on our list is the Kompact Kamp Mini Mate. This mini trailer will help you go to places with your motorcycle while carrying your luggage and give you some space for sleeping easily.

By looking at this pop up trailer, you will see the amazing craftmanship carved on its body and the quality upon which it is built pretty amazingly.

There are several features to amuse a buyer such as


  • It has one of the best designs and builds quality to take on any place you wish to.
  • It is easy to set up with its quick-fold feature, and you can convert the cozy bed into full size for getting good space for sleeping to accommodate about 2 people easily.
  • It comes with various options, and you can select the one with your suitable needs and a list of features.
  • There is additionally a spare tire and wheel, interior lights, table stand, and bedside storage.
  • For an additional amount, you can get an awning package to have some shade outside during the day.
  • The body of this trailer is of fiberglass and lid construction.
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What is Motorcycle Pop Up Camper?

Motorcycle pop up campers are those trailers that can be towed with a motorbike or motorcycle. These campers provide additional storage and resting area for a user who is traveling someplace.

They frequently take after pop up campers, however, with a much more modest and a bit smaller size than the actual trailers.

Motorcycle camper trailers are lightweight and truly beautiful as they are little space and are convenient with all things considered. You can’t find anything better to fit behind your motorcycle in order to carry more weight and tow more luggage.

All things considered, they do, for the most part, incorporate resting facilities and possibly a little area of privacy for you to change your clothes and relax. Some trailers offer an appended covering so you can transform the space around your motorbike into a great lawn.

These camper trailers, for the most part, weigh around 300 pounds which is pretty light, and it becomes easier to pull them with motorcycles. It is just that they should be fitted behind a bike properly, and the bike should have enough power to pull it along easily.

Regardless of whether your motorcycle has the towing limit, you’ll need some of the things to be included, such as a hitch and backlight wiring, so your brake lights radiate through the cruiser camper trailer when you use them.

Average Cost of a Motorcycle Pop Up Camper Trailer

The average cost of these camper trailers for motorcycles may vary between $2,000 to $6,000. This is the cost of all the features that are included with them.

All of these trailers can have various functions, which may be available in one model but not in the other from a different model hence the variation in their price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Motorcycle Pop Up Camper

There are various benefits to having motorcycle pop-up campers, and there are some disadvantages too. We have listed all of them here.

  • These are lightweight, which makes them suitable to tow with a motorcycle.
  • They are fuel-efficient.
  • They are pretty much affordable for everyone.
  • They are a safe and better option than tightening saddlebags around a bike or fixing the camping gear.
  • Not so luxurious.
  • No bathroom and kitchen.
  • Makes the motorcycle-heavy.


This was a discussion about the best motorcycle pop up campers that you can buy from the market, which accommodate the users with the best features possible.

These are the best options, and in case you want more inquiries, contact the manufacturers and get info.


What is the best motorcycle pop up campers?

The best motorcycle pop-up campers are

  • Roll-A-Home
  • Kwik Kamp II
  • Solace Deluxe
  • Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0
  • Roadman Campers
  • Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

Is Pop up camper trailers worth buying?

Pop up campers are a cheaper and better option than buying a whole RV which can cost you a lot. These trailers provide good features with less space and size.

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