6 Amazing Mid Bunk Travel Trailer Floor Plans

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Travel trailers are versatile campers that come in various sizes and floor plans. Manufacturers from all over the world try to improve their trailers each year with new and innovative features by upgrading their products in order to reach customer satisfaction.

One of the very well demanded forms of travel trailers is the mid bunk travel trailer floor plans.

Such floorplans are required by those customers who have small families, but they require more space for visitors inside the camper.

You’ve presumably known about bunkhouse travel trailers, which have a different bunk region notwithstanding the main room. Mid bunk travel trailers have exactly the same thing, and just the bunk segment is situated in the unit rather than in the back.

This design may sound peculiar, yet it can really be very helpful.

For a certain something, the bunkhouse is regularly arranged in a slide-out. That implies you can utilize it when you want it and reconfigure that fragment of the trailer when fewer individuals are voyaging.

Name Number Of Bunk Beds Price
Jayco North Point 377RLBH 1 $94,808
Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 298LB 2 $55,990
Keystone Cougar 368MBI 1 $71,430
Palomino Puma 32MBDS 1 $36,823
Coachmen Chaparral Lite 30BHS 2 $48,894
Heartland Milestone 377MB 8 $85,074

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels ReviewJayco North Point 377RLBH
Forest River Arctic WolfForest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 298LB
Keystone Cougar 367FLSKeystone Cougar 368MBI
Palomino Puma Fifth WheelPalomino Puma 32MBDS
Coachmen ChaparralCoachmen Chaparral Lite 30BHS
Heartland MilestoneHeartland Milestone 377MB

What is a Mid Bunk Travel Trailer Floor Plan?

Mid bunk travel trailer floor plan is the most flexible floor plan that has been introduced recently in the past few years.

In this, the bunk room is in the middle of the RV instead of at the end or rear of the camper. It can be beneficial differently in each of the models introduced by various manufacturing companies.

There are numerous mid-bunks that offer a bunk that slides far removed when not being used, a work area, TV, and a spacious storeroom for capacity.

Discussing the reconfigurations, the bunks can frequently be put away during the daytime. This gives you a wide living space to relax and as an advantage that comes in particularly helpful on blustery days.

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A few units even remember a work area or composing table for the space that is commonly taken up by the bunk. As you would have suspected, mid-bunk RVs are typically very bigger than ordinary campers.

A significant number of the newest models have 40 feet of length, which can make them hard to tow. But there are some ideal travel trailers that can be taken into account for the features they offer while having mid bunk floorplans.

You just need to ensure your towing vehicle can deal with the additional weight.

Here are some of the travel trailers that have the best mid bunk floor plans.

What are the Best Mid Bunk Travel Trailer Floor Plans?

1. Jayco North Point 377RLBH

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels Review

Jayco has been a great manufacturer over the years, known for its quality configurations and amazing floorplans.

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The North Point 377RLBH is a big travel trailer offered by Jayco that has a mid bunk floorplan that gives good sleeping space alongside several other features.

The private bunk region incorporates a space to rest easily, alongside a flip-top bunk and tri-overlap couch. The space can be turned over into a workstation during the day.

You can generally depend on Jayco to make a strong contribution in pretty much every classification. The North Point 377RLBH sticks to that standard with a mid-bunk trailer that is outfitted with a lot of captivating highlights.

Concerning the main room, it’s equipped with a sovereign bed and a stroll-in wardrobe. Purchasers have the choice of moving up to a jumbo bed whenever wanted.

The restroom is arranged between the bunk region and the main room, and it includes an enormous shower and cloth wardrobe. A rear TV is added to this floorplan so that a family can watch a movie or enjoy the news.

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The back living space changes over into one more dozing region with a stowaway a-bed couch, notwithstanding theater seating.

This is the model that will welcome big families to accumulate for long nights of game-playing and film watching when the climate isn’t collaborating.

Notwithstanding an alluring fundamental kitchen with a middle island and twofold sink, this travel trailer offers an outside kitchen arranged underneath one of the canopies to provide some extra fun.

Jayco North Point

2. Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 298LB

Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Cherokee Arctic Wolf series is a well-known travel model by Forest River. The 298LB is a special floorplan that offers a mid bunk inside the trailer.

It is about 34 feet in length. As mid-bunk trailers go, this is somewhat smaller than most of the competitors. One of the slide-outs of this trailer contains the mid-bunk room, which is equipped with an overhead space.

A subsequent dinette houses a table with four seats, a TV arrangement, and an electric chimney for cold nights.

While this unit doesn’t offer an outside kitchen, the indoor kitchen incorporates a farmhouse-style sink and wraparound counter alongside a huge overhead fan.

Assuming you would like to set up a barbecuing station outside, there’s an exquisite 12-foot shade running along the traveler side of the apparatus. The storage room is found helpfully behind the TV region, making it simple to relax and watch.

The forward-side master suite incorporates a restroom that can be gotten to from the corridor outside. A larger than average back window takes up home over the back tri-overlap couch, giving space for a person to lay and relax.

Since the dry weight comes in less than 10,000 pounds, it’s easy and simple to move.

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 298LB

3. Keystone Cougar 368MBI

Keystone Cougar 367FLS

The Keystone travel trailers always describe comfort and luxury in one place for every user. The Keystone Cougar 368MBI is one of the mid-bunk travel trailer floorplan models by Keystone that goes about 40 feet in length.

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The trailer is genuinely standard, with a front-side main room that contains a sovereign bed. You can move up to a King size bed, assuming you’d like to spend some more.

It causes the region to feel pretty VIP. There’s room on the two sides of the bed for a little end table. A colossal closet takes up a significant part of the forward divider.

With a freshwater tank that holds a liberal 81 gallons, it’s an extraordinary choice for families who like to partake in a hot shower following a lot of time outside undertakings. The washroom area is effectively open and incorporates a larger-than-average shower.

The additional bunk room contains a tri-overlap sleeper couch and space region above. There are additional dividers in the two rooms, which is a brilliant advantage for easy access.

A third diversion area relocates to the back of the camper, alongside an electric chimney and theater seating. There’s another tri-overlay sleeper couch along the back section.

The kitchen apparatuses are thoroughly provided and liberally measured, with a 12-cubic foot fridge and twofold sink.

A barbecue setup can be found right next to the main door area.

Keystone Cougar 368MBI

4. Palomino Puma 32MBDS

Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel

If you want the best mid-bunk travel trailer, then the Palomino Puma 32MBDS is a beautiful option you would want to consider.

Notwithstanding its unassuming aspects, it’s equipped for resting up to 9 individuals. This means it’s quite spacious on the inside with an amazing floorplan, despite the fact that it’s a smart thought assuming a large number of individuals can come in for a night’s stay. You will have sufficient space for everyone as guests.

This sweet bunkhouse travel trailer has the kitchen area in one of the two slideouts, which opens up the living space. The kitchen apparatuses comprise a microwave, burner, fridge, and huge sink set into a middle island.

It additionally implies that the bunk room shouldn’t be stowed away, so all the RVers can rest while taking the day off. The bunk region comprises a flip-up bunk with a couch under it.

It’s found right close to the restroom, which offers a little shower and luggage storeroom.

The main room is meagerly outfitted, however agreeable, with a sovereign bed flanked by a wardrobe on each side. A bunch of comfortable seats and a U-formed dinette face the living area.

In case you’d like, the unit can be designed to incorporate an electric chimney underneath the TV; you can place your custom order.

Palomino Puma 32MBDS

5. Coachmen Chaparral Lite 30BHS

Chaparral Lite 25MKS

Coachmen’s Chaparral is a very well-known travel trailer because of its exquisite features.

The Chaparral Lite 30BHS is one of the models with a mid-bunk travel trailer floorplan that utilizes three slideouts to make the inhabitants’ lives as simple as could really be expected.

In case there are 8 individuals or fewer in your family, the Chaparral Lite 30BHS is the ultimate choice. The restroom in this comprises a corner shower, latrine, and sink.

There’s additionally a cloth wardrobe for keeping extra clothes inside.

When you enter this travel trailer, you will be confronted with the bunk room, which contains a bunch of flip-up bunks estimated 30 by 74 inches. The space offers an overhead stockpile region and a spot to put your accessories and gadgets.

In the main room, one of the slideouts accounts for a closet that also gives space to the sovereign bed for sleeping.

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The living space has a dinette, theater seating, and a big couch that structure a U-shape around the living area.

The kitchen is around the center and has a lot of counter space, a twofold sink, a microwave, a fridge, and a broiler and burner with a three-burner range to help you cook your favorite meals.

Coachmen Chaparral Lite 30BHS

6. Heartland Milestone 377MB

Heartland Milestone

When you still can’t decide on the best mid-bunk travel trailer floorplan camper, then look at the Milestone 377MB by Heartland. This is a big travel trailer having the space you need with the mid bunk alongside various other features.

You can relax up on the back couch with a decent book or sink into the theatre seats to enjoy a movie on your TV in the living room.

When you want to cook delicious food, you also get a kitchen that provides a lot of appliances for cooking.

You can plan your whole trip with this travel trailer having every feature you would ever want. There’s additionally a little camp kitchen found right outside the entrance door.

The bunk region has its own restroom, settling on this is an amazing decision for families with young kids. The subsequent restroom is situated in the master suite and offers a shower and two passageways.

A little slideout is utilized to access the closet space, causing the room to appear to be roomy.

Heartland Milestone 377MB

Is Mid Bunk Floor Plans Useful?

Any individual who needs a bunk room in a travel trailer yet doesn’t need it at the back of the trailer can have a mid-bunk floorplan travel trailer.

This would be a decent possibility for a mid-bunk lover to get the choice of his own. A mid-bunk is additionally great for the people who need a different nook region to sit in front of the TV screen away from the vitally living region.

Mid-bunk floor plans are accessible in a lot of designs, for example, mid-bunk travel trailers and mid-bunk fifth wheels. Huge fifth wheels offer a full set-up with a work area, while more modest fifth wheels generally just add cots.

Travel trailers offer great choices that might incorporate an office setup or a planned design inside.

Like some other floor plan types, the expense of a mid-bunk relies upon the size of the trailer and the conveniences offered.

Generally, mid-bunks are presented in trailers that are in excess of thirty feet long and are more normal in fifth wheels than go trailers because of size imperatives.


This was a guide on the best mid-bunk travel trailer floorplans. We have listed some common travel trailers that are famous for their mid-bunk floorplan design.

We hope this info is helpful about these campers to you.


What travel trailers brands have a bunk room?

Some common travel trailers brands having bunk rooms are

  • Jayco Jay Flight.
  • Prime Time Manufacturing.
  • Dutchmen RV.
  • Lance Camper 2185.
  • Starcraft RV.
  • Forest River.
  • Highland Ridge RV.

What is the most limited-size travel trailer with a bunkhouse?

One of the smaller bunkhouse-sized travel trailers is the KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH. This trailer comes in at well under 30 feet with a complete outside length of 20 feet, nine inches.

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