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Livin’ lite trailers are always very lightweight, and they are yet durable in their construction. These trailers can last a lifetime. One of their finest trailers is the Camplite travel trailer. It’s one of the finest travel trailers produced by Livin Lite.

Livin’ Lite has an alternate methodology and produces lightweight RVs that are strong and all around assembled. They use aluminum materials in their trailer development. The whole casing is worked with primary aluminum tubing rather than steel. Inside floors highlight aluminum decking, and the inside cabinetry is worked with harmless to the ecosystem composite materials.

The final product is an RV that is both lightweight and solid. Taking out wood and supplanting it with composite material diminishes weight and reduces any potential for decaying or expanding from dampness content. Lightweight underlying aluminum is utilized broadly in the edge, decking, rooftop brackets, and divider outlining.

Livin’ Lite Camplite Review

Livin’ Lite Camplite

There are various lightweight travel trailers available to browse nowadays. One that is different from the group is the Livin Lite CampLite Travel Trailer. First off, all CampLite RV Models are built without utilizing any wood. With an all-aluminum development start to finish and no wood inside or out, the potential for annihilation from decay or rust is totally disposed of. This solid camper is dependable.

The Livin Lite RV utilizes a thicker check of aluminum tubing than the opposition, which gives prevalent strength and life span. Likewise, you will partake in a lightweight towing experience which will set aside your cash in fuel and on your towable vehicle. CampLite is an interest later on. Quality development materials like a covered floor, 6 sided block froth protection, Azdel sidewalls, and Alpha Superflex Roof with a 12-Year Warranty make this a camper that will endure over the extremely long haul.

The CampLite is accessible in various floorplans to browse, including bunkhouse, expandable and back washroom models. With various head-turning outside shading choices to browse, including red, blue, and silver, you can pick the camper that impeccably communicates your interesting character.

Inside the CampLite, you will track down a spotless and current inside with ultra-strong aluminum cupboards, strong surface ledges, Trek private crackproof, and freezeproof tile.

The enormous cushioned dinette or couch gives an agreeable spot to kick back toward the day’s end. Another distinction that separates the CampLite structure from the group is the double-paned twofold acrylic colored Euro windows with worked-in day/night shield screens. These novel windows open to 90 degrees and give predominant environment control and protection.

Livin’ Lite Camplite Features

There are many features to talk about inside Camplite travel trailers. These features are listed here:

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1. Aluminum Construction

The CampLite Travel Trailer is novel in numerous ways. By utilizing a thicker measure of aluminum tubing, Livin-Lite gives predominant strength and life span while keeping a lightweight for simple towing.

Developed without utilizing wood, the Camplite’s all-aluminum fabricate the expected annihilation of decay or rust.

2. Modern Interior Design

Inside the Camplite, you will track down ultra-sturdy aluminum cupboards, strong surface ledges, Trek private crackproof, and freezeproof flooring, notwithstanding numerous other quality parts.

The kitchen is exceptional with a convection microwave, fridge, 2 burner cooktop, and hardened steel sink with elevated structure spigot.

3. Completely Equipped

Outwardly, the Camplite has various eminent changes that will make your setting up camp outing very simple. Setting up and separating camp is a breeze because of the power tongue jack, sweep stuff entryways with hammer hook, and LED power canopy.

4. Quality Construction

The Livin-Lite Camplite is built considering the life span. The standard slideout clincher canopy overlaid floor with 1 7/8″ thick with fiberglass, block froth, and Azdel and Alpha Superflex Roof with 12-Year Warranty are also offered with this trailer.

5. Huge Windows

The interesting double-paned twofold acrylic colored Euro windows open to 90 degrees and have implicit day/night shades and screens for environment control and protection. Look over 3 inside shading decisions to accommodate your stylistic layout and character.

6. Long Term Safety

You will appreciate numerous glad setting up camp recollections for quite a long time in the future in the decay-resistant Camplite. Livin-Lite incorporates a long-term protection guarantee for your genuine serenity on the entirety of its items, including the Camplite.

7. Exterior Design

The aluminum-mag wheels are standard on each unit. Outside aluminum skins are accessible in a choice of pre-completed shadings, and a rough terrain bundle is likewise accessible.

Livin’ Lite Camplite Floorplans

The Camplite is accessible in various floorplans to browse, contingent upon your resting, length, weight, and seating space prerequisites. Camplite’s structures are worked with similar development as the truck campers. Recyclable materials like Azdel and aluminum permit lightweight campers to go from 11 to 21 feet in length with dry loads somewhere in the range of 1,800 and 3,250 pounds.

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1. Livin’ Lite Camplite CL16BHB

Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB Floorplan

This CL16BHB Camplite travel trailer will take you and your family on numerous sensational setting up camp outings. This unit includes a bunch of bunks, a back corner shower, and a front dinette/bed. Straight before the primary passage entryway, track down a cooler to keep things cold and new. There is additionally a storeroom to store your apparel.

Inverse to the cooler is a two-burner range top and single sink. There is likewise stockpiling cupboards for your things over the counter. There is a washroom for comfort that incorporates a latrine and shower situated in the back of this unit.

The front dinette/bed gives plentiful seating to supper time and simply hanging out during the day and converts into a bed for dozing around evening time. There is some overhead cabinetry for putting away your setting up camp things, in addition to a great deal more.

2. Livin’ Lite Camplite CL14DBS and CL11FK

Livin' Lite Camplite CL14DB

The Complete has in excess of a couple of lightweight floorplans like the Camplite CL14DB and the Camplite CL11FK. A couple of other floorplans rest up to 6 individuals as well as being sturdy and light in weight.

Double sheet windows on a movement trailer are something uncommon to see when you turn the channels down. Nonetheless, the Camplite highlights a heater among numerous other protection-based elements that make it usable for crisp winters. Join that with its very solid development and an entire bucketload of updates, and obviously, you have an incredible piece of the trailer in case that you go with the Camplite travel trailer.

Key Features

  • Dual-sheet Euro windows with worked in nightshades
  • Dual blue LED-lit outside speakers
  • 10 diverse floor plans accessible
  • 6-sided aluminum super design
  • LP heater
  • Three inside shading decisions

Livin’ Lite Camplite Problems

There are some problems found with complete travel trailers, according to some owners. We have shared their reviews so that you can better understand what exactly can be a problem when owning a complete trailer.

Due to window leaks and a limited number of dealers, Livin Lite will not work with reputable dealers in the area. I bought a travel trailer from West Virginia from a dealer who no longer owns the Livin Lite brand. After purchasing the travel trailer in the spring of 2017, we expect to cover all obvious flaws. The window started leaking within the first 60 days of ownership.

– Dennis Runkle


I took the trailer to Idaho to see the total eclipse of the sun and began to hear the screams of the brakes. Contact the dealer, and they said they would schedule an inspection. While the trailers were overwintering, I had never been contacted by them for months. Since then, he has made a few short rides and noticed that the trailer didn’t break at all. He finally decided to change the brakes himself. Surprisingly, the brakes were installed from left to right and from right to left. Due to improper installation of factory brakes, the drum was carried to a full metal with less than 7,000 miles of use.

– Calvin


I bought a travel trailer just a year ago, and it was a nightmare. The exterior lights weren’t working, the charging station/outlet wasn’t working, the interior was crooked, wavy, and disjointed, and there was a leak in the factory plug! Poor workmanship and they didn’t care much about their customers. The warranty period is less than 2 years (not worth it), so I sent it to a local dealer, took it out of my pocket (because I didn’t buy it), and didn’t repair anything. The propane line was rotten and dry, so I paid from my pocket for a replacement.

– Tony C

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This was Livin’ Lite Camplite Review, and Problems found with these trailers. We discussed their floorplans and features alongside some reviews that highlighted the problems with these travel trailers.


Should you buy a Camplite travel trailer?

The Camplite travel trailers are built with great quality due to aluminum construction. This makes them an ideal choice to buy in order to have a small useful travel trailer.

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