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  • Lightweight
  • Tons of Floorplans
  • Affordable


  • Poor Finishing
  • Electrical Wiring Problem
  • Tons of Leaks

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The Hideout models by Keystone are useful campers that can make fun of your trip when you have the right location for camping. These trailers are equipped with a lot of features, but at the same time, they do have a lot of problems as well. This is an article that covers Keystone Hideout Reviews and Problems so that new users get the idea about these trailers and have a better experience in their trips.

Keystone Hideout Review

Keystone Hideout 32RDDS

The Keystone Hideout campers highlight a mix of extravagance conveniences, quality provisions, and setting up camp accommodations, all at a reasonable value point. There are a few choices to browse from various models in the Hideout series. They differ in floorplan and in some features.

Each model has set for floor warming pipes, Tru-fitâ„¢ slide development, Tuf-Lok thermoplastic pipe joiners, shading coded brought together wiring, arrangements for 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi, in addition to a lot more standard components you make certain to need to look at for yourself.

We have listed some of the common features that are found in every Hideout trailer by Keystone.

Exterior Features

  • Solar prep
  • Power tongue jack
  • Blue Drove lit ext. speakers
  • Winegard radio wire
  • Power shade
  • Black tank flush
  • XL passage help handle
  • Gas/electric water warmer
  • Spare tire (Discretionary)
  • 2nd A/C (Discretionary)
  • 50 Amp administration w/second A/C prep (Discretionary)
  • Exterior stepping stool (Discretionary)
  • LCI Strong step
  • Friction pivot entryway
  • Tinted windows
  • Furrion reinforcement and side camera prep
  • 110V outside repository
  • Power jacks (Selective Models)
  • Front plate

Interior Features

  • HDTV (40″ or 50″ by floorplan)
  • Stainless-steel sink
  • Tub encompass
  • High-rise fixture
  • Laundry chute
  • Porcelain foot flush latrine
  • Furrion Bluetooth radio
  • Furrion broiler with glass top
  • Storage under dinette
  • 13.5K BTU A/C
  • 12V fridge
  • 30K BTU heater
  • Opening bunk room windows
  • Mirrored closet
  • Platinum Maple inside cupboards
  • Black storage equipment
  • Blackout nightshades
  • Central vacuum
  • 38″ stroll-in shower or tub
  • Accent lighting
  • USB charging station
  • Monitor board
  • Under-bed stockpiling
  • Kitchen sink cover
  • Seamless squeezed ledges

Safety Features

  • LP detector
  • Safety chains
  • CO2 detector
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency breakaway switch
  • Smoke detector
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Keystone Hideout Floorplans

Now we talk about some models of Hideout to understand their features from a better perspective.

1. Keystone Hideout 192RB

Keystone Hideout 192RB

One of the well-known and most selling models of Keystone trailers is the Hideout 192RB. It is a well-equipped camper that has great features to offer. This version offers features like the Jackknife Sofa, or Murphy Bed setup is displayed, depending on the time of day you want to sit back and relax. A hidden washbasin will be available to protect the interior from dirty clothing scams.

The large bathroom is surprisingly beneficial every morning when you rinse the hidden toiletries and take a shower. These models are lightweight as compared to big fifth wheel options, and cleaning them up is pretty easy as well. You can now load your luggage and go out to your Hideout Getaway on the weekends. Some important features inside each version include a night curtain, a mandatory vacuum cleaner, and a Bluetooth Furrion radio.

The exterior is equally attractive with blue LED-lit outdoor speakers, a perfectly walkable roof, and a Tru-fit slide construction. This is a complete option for your picnic trips.

Key Features

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  • Jackknife sofa
  • Large rear bathroom
  • Hidden bed
  • Hidden laundry drain

2. Keystone Hideout 202RD

Keystone Hideout 202RD

Another common selling and most known Hideout model is the 202RD. This is a great model because it can accommodate a small family easily. The front bedroom of this trailer has overhead cupboards and shelves that provide plenty of storage capacity for clothing and toiletries, and queen-sized mattresses provide a complete evening rest. It turns out that it is clean to prepare for the day with all the facilities in the full bathroom.

With the help of Keystone Hideout models, your vacations can be fun in distant places. Some important features inside each version include a night curtain, a mandatory vacuum cleaner, and a Bluetooth Furrion radio. The exterior is equally attractive with blue LED-lit outdoor speakers, a perfectly walkable roof, and a Tru-fit slide construction.

These models are lightweight and can save a lot of fuel for your vehicle. It’s one of the best choices to consider in case you are getting a new one.

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Key Features

  • Double bed
  • Wide space
  • Jackknife bank
  • Full bathroom

Keystone Hideout Problems

When you spend dozens of your hard-earned money in a camper van, you expect good quality. But in some cases, you have to face loss and problems with your vehicle. Although there are a number of customers who are in love with hideout trailers, there are also a lot of problems faced by several customers over the users.

The common problems with Keystone Hideout trailers are listed below.

1. Poor Finishing

A fairly common complaint among Keystone customers is that the quality and final finishing of the trailer are not very pleasing. There are some reviews of falling trim strips, loose fittings, and veneers that come off doors and cabinets.

2. Electrical Wiring Problem

A serious and risky issue occurring in Keystone Hideout camper trailers is the wiring problem. Electrical problems are affecting some customers, from AC failures to sound structures that still cause problems after replacement. This can lead to annoying interactions with sales and customer service personnel while dealing with the hassle.

Sometimes there are problems of not having enough voltage for TV and other appliances. This kind of carelessness is almost mysterious, as stressful retailers and household equipment can cause a camper to catch fire.

3. Thin Caste

Another issue found in the Hideout trailers that has surprised many Keystone customers is the bad quality of cabinets. Apart from the placement issues, cupboard doors can fall off due to thin latches and hinges. It is also not uncommon for the cabinets to break due to hanger rails that are susceptible to bending after repair.

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4. Cheap Device

Keystone campers are packed with features such as air conditioning, dishwasher, and fireplace. However, many people find that caravan-mounted appliances are affordable and vulnerable to breakdowns. Air conditioners are often out of order, and electric homes are notorious for being fragile.

5. Leaks

Leaks are major issues in these models. However, if your travel trailer is vulnerable to leaks, you may not have a good time because you are worried about immersing your assets in water.

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Here are some of the areas where leaks are a problem for Hideout models.

  • Air Conditioner Unit

In many Keystone Hideout campers, there is no place for condensation to drain from the air conditioner, which can cause moisture to build upon the surrounding wood and drip from the dividers to the floor. If you’re not aware of the discomfort, don’t wait until it’s too late. Too much humidity can lead to mold and floor rot.

  • Sliding

Slides can also face leaking problems. Keystone hideouts are no exception, and this is the commonly mentioned area where leaks turn to happen for Hideout models. When it comes to house seals and windows, water can get into the caravan, but sometimes it’s so slow that it’s not immediately apparent.

  • Gray and Black Water Tank

There are big tanks in these campers to store water and use them for weeks, no matter for cleaning dishes or for using in the bathroom. There are leak issues in these tanks for some customers that are quite frustrating and not easy to fix. Such problems lead to disaster in long-running terms.

Many Keystone customers have experienced problems with gray tanks and sewage tanks, as well as defective seals and damaged drains. If you experience these types of stimuli, it may indicate that the bathroom and sink are likely to stay stuck until the problem is resolved. Finally, many people find that tanks are incorrectly marked, creating fun and embarrassment in RV parks.


This was an article on Keystone Hideout Reviews and Problems in which we talked about the Hideout model and its features. We also discussed some basic and common features for the inside as well as for the outside of these trailers.


Are Keystone campers good quality?

Keystone company makes great quality RVs, camper trailers, fifth-wheel trailers. Established in 1996, this RV manufacturer is the main maker of campers and trailers in North America and the main producer of big fifth-wheel vehicles as well.

What RVs are not to buy?

Some common RV brands that you should avoid because of their problems and their overall maintenance are.

  • Thor Hurricane.
  • Coachmen. Gulfstream.
  • Forest River.
  • Fleetwood.
  • Winnebago.

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