Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel Reviews and Problems

Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel

$64,000 - $80,000





Interior Design







  • Tons of Options
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Lots of Space


  • Poor Quality Finishing
  • Cheap Products

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Keystone Fifth Wheel trailers are massive, and they have always been in the center of attention due to their attractive and stunning features. These luxury trailers have a lot to count on, and we are going to talk about Keystone Cougar’s 5th wheel trailers in this discussion. We will highlight the problems too in this review.

About Keystone Cougar 5th Wheel

Keystone Cougar 367FLS Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel Review

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel is a big trailer that provides families with a first-rate tent and allows them to enjoy innovation, quality, price, and the greatest style. It has amazing features of Maxturn and Hitchvision that create extraordinary trailer control. The chopped wood accent offers herbs wooden appearance that owners desire.

Each model is built with a five-sided aluminum body, a glass fiber-painted cover with imaginative and coupling lights and fastening, an improved road grip equalizer and plugs, and the climate protection package that allows you to have your day off for rest. There are various models and different floorplans that offer individual fun experiences.

They are listed below.

Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel Floorplans

1. Keystone Cougar 290RLS

Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel 290RLS

The Cougar 290RLS is a fifth luxury wheel by Keystone. With this model, you get a wide bedroom with a 3rd dust box in a slide. The full restroom is just a few steps in the hallway and consists of all the features that will want to get refreshed. The primary housing features have opposite slides that give you more space through the island of the kitchen, as it is prepared for food and washing plates with the submitted basin with the tap.

Your friends and your own family members can be a position to watch TV programs altogether with the seating of the theater chairs, folded the three-sofa with stop tables, the dining table without legs, and the firearm will be the cold nights, the strong course of Morryde, the 2 electric sunscreens, the non-obstruction step compartment.

You will enjoy the Maxturn experience, which allows you to move without problems in the camp, and the four-factor electric auto-leveling machine also makes it soft for installation. The heavy-duty shocks and the brakes that never regulate and the grip on the road with the Armor package make it even smoother. With a Climate Guard Security Package and 12V electric warmth pillows in all maintenance tanks, you can camp every time of the year.

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Key Features

  • Theater seats
  • Hutch
  • Patent-pending windshield
  • Island of cooking
  • Walking storage
  • Booth-Etette.

2. Keystone Cougar 302RLS

Keystone Cougar 302RLS

There is another model called the 302 RLS that has gained quite a hype due to its luxury and useful features. The customers have been loving everything about this specific model. This spacious fifth wheel allows you to relax on the inside, with a luxury experience at all times. The primary housing areas have opposite slides that make the paintings through the island of the kitchen while preparing dinner or preparing dishes with the double sink with tap and sprayer.

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If you have a kind of impatient and hungry campers, you can start the TV for entertainment and watch your favorite shows or programs, and at the same time, you can expect dinner to be prepared right next to the lounge area. And when you are ready to serve dinner, you can sit below. You will love the theater seats and the sleeper couch to loosen, and the queen mattress with the main bedroom will lead you to rest regardless of any concern.

It has great brakes that never regulate and various packages for modification, and extra features that make your trip even more fun. With a Climate Guard Security Package and 12V electric warmth pillows in all maintenance tanks, you can camp every time of the year. Dynaspan floors of a 5/8 piece are easy to soften, which makes your living easier.

Key Features

  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Step Storage
  • Patent Pendant windshield
  • Kitchen Island
  • Home
  • Master Suite

3. Keystone Cougar 315RLS

Keystone Cougar 315RLS

The 315RLS is another fifth wheel that is loved by customers. It doesn’t matter where you plan your trip, and this fifth wheel will offer a comfortable lifestyle. You will have area masses to store all your requirements with a cooking pan, 12-foot cubic fridge, fit-by outside storage, and the extensive cloth dress with the non-public room. You can even have a chair with the location of the rear housing for a night with friends, even when the firefight will cross the background.

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With any fifth wheel by Keystone, you will enjoy the Max turn era, which allows you to move effortlessly at the camp, and the four-factor electric motor leveling gadget also makes it soft for installation. The heavy axes of responsibility with brakes never change and deliver great performance on the roads. With a climate security package and 12V electric heat cushions in all maintenance areas, you can camp each time of the year.

Key Features

  • Two sunscreens
  • Extra accessories
  • Booth-Etette.
  • Island of cooking
  • Theater seats

4. Keystone Cougar 354FLS

Keystone Cougar 354FLS

It is another amazing model that delivers to the customers just what they need. From comfort to a smooth, luxurious driver, you can use the frontal house location with an emerging television that has a fireplace. Everyone can have seats with sofa chips and tri-fold sleeping places and theater seats, and some will possibly be able to play video games on the desktop, or they can choose to cook with a separate kitchen.

This model has the spinal kitchen counter area, a removable pantry, and all kitchen facilities had to be fed. Access to all the toilets from the passage is simple and direct, and users can lay on their personal queen mattress with the backroom every time it is needed. You will have a wardrobe prepared for a washer/dryer choice, shoe storage under the mattress, and 3 castes for clothing storage masses.

The heavy axes of responsibility with brakes that never change and surprise surprise of the surprise surprise of road Armor make a clean journey. With a climate security package and 12V electric heat cushions in all maintenance bowls, you can camp each time of the year. Dynaspan floors of a single piece of 5/8 “are easy to smooth to provide a better ride.

Key Features

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  • Separate living room
  • Back bedroom
  • Triple Summer Sofas
  • Solid More Step
  • Patent Owning Windshield
  • Withdrawal equipment

Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel Problems

Now, as we have reviewed some common and basic features of the best Cougar fifth wheels from Keystone, it’s time to talk about the problems that users face using these trailers.

1. Poor Quality Finishing

There are some reviews on falling trim strips, loose fittings, and veneers that peel off doors and cabinets. Unfortunately, this loss of quality also applies if the screws come off or if there are mysterious holes in the floor or dividers.

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2. Leaks and Rake

Air conditioner leaks can be a major headache, whether it’s raining or not. In many keystone garages, condensation on the air conditioner drain is not everywhere. This can cause moisture to build upon the surrounding wood, dripping from the dividers and falling to the floor. sliding

Keystone trailers are no exception, and this is the commonly mentioned peak area of ​​terrible leaks. Inadequate installation of house seals and windows can cause water to enter the caravan, slowing it down and not immediately noticeable.

3. Gray and Black Water Tank

Many Keystone customers have identified problems with gray tanks and sewage tanks, as well as defective seals and damaged drainage lines. If you are experiencing this type of stimulus, you need to suggest that the bathroom and break room may not move until the problem is resolved.

4. Thin Caste

Another major issue that has surprised many Keystone customers is the poor quality of the cabinets and cabinets. Apart from the difficulty of peeing veneers already mentioned, cupboard doors can fall due to thin latches and hinges. It’s also not uncommon for garage cabinets to fall apart due to AIDS and hanger rails, which are susceptible to bending after repairs.

5. Cheap Products

Keystone Campers is packed with features such as air conditioning, dishwasher, and fireplace. However, many believe that home appliances installed in the fifth wheel are affordable and prone to failure. Air conditioners are often out of order, and electric fireplaces are notorious for being fragile.

6. Customer Service

First, Keystone’s website is very difficult to navigate and can take a long time to find a way to present a problem. Customer service helplines aren’t very good, and reps are often hostile and deny customer concerns.

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This was a detailed article on Keystone Cougar’s 5th wheel review and problems. We have listed some common and useful models, and we have also highlighted the major problems faced by customers around the world.


Are Keystone Cougars good 5th wheels?

Cougar has worked effectively for this fifth-wheel brand. Things like bigger windows and a view of design alongside that tremendous U-molded dinette in the back are altogether enormous pluses for Cougar fifth wheels.

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