Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome Review

Jayco Precept

$161,011 – $173,686





Interior Design







  • Water filtration system
  • Outside utility center
  • Lightweight
  • Back Camera
  • Versatility


  • Bad support centers
  • Stiff blinds

Last Updated on June 18, 2021 by Ted Mosby

Do you wish to travel in style? Have you been having trouble finding a first-class-style mobile home for your vacation outdoors? Well, no matter. Because Jayco has the absolute perfect vehicles for you. 

Jayco’s Precept Class A Motorhome has been exclusively designed for people who love to enjoy their vacation wilderness in style. The Class A Motorhome has been launched just this year. And you have no idea how extremely fascinating these RVs are. Take a look for yourself. 

Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome Reviews

Jayco Precept

RVs are rarely designed and fashioned in a way that can be stated as Class A. But Jayco has done it! First-timers and full-time campers have been loving this new and upgraded version of Precept by Jayco. Jayco has been in the RV business for years. 

Despite the popular demands, Jayco tends to deliver RVs that fit the natural requirements of RVs. Their RVs make you feel more at home. There’s really a lot to enjoy and make memories in these RVs. 

The Precept Class A Motorhomes have been accommodated to all sorts of necessities. There’s hardly anything absent that would promise you a fantastic holiday. Jayco developers have their customers keep coming back for more. Being in the RV business for years, Jayco has managed to create some never-ending, reliable relationships with its customers. 

Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome Features

The main priority after observing the reviews of this RV would be to check out its features for you. That’s why we’ve prepared a compelling list of features that will make you get a Precept Class A Motorhome for your next camping trip. 

1. Entrance Door Customization

The main difference between Jayco RVs and RVs of other companies is that they have an entrance door with a large window installed for a preview of the outside. Not only is the window massive, but the quality of the window also tends to be recalled as “Travel Industry’s Largest Window”. 

Jayco plans to give you utter comfort and luxury by customizing the most obvious things to your convenience, Many RVs are usually super confined and there are hardly any windows to look through them. To eliminate that concern, Jayco has installed huge windows in the front doors of Precept Class A Motorhomes. This feature promises the label to its customers. 

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2. Porch Lights

Safety is a top priority whenever you are traveling anywhere outdoors. You always need a backup in a sense of danger. To complete a secure environment of the RVs, Jayco has added porch lights to their Precept Class A Motorhomes. 

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The light is controlled by a switch hence, it can be turned on and off whenever the need arises. The switch remains inside the RV for security purposes. In this way, you can identify any sort of intruder and scare away unwanted guests in a lonely environment on the way to your destination. 

3. Satellite Dish Panel

RVs rarely contain dish setups. Mostly there are Bluetooth connectivity options or an AM/FM stereo to keep you entertained throughout the way. Some RVs even offer DVD players.

However, Jayco Precept campers have the facility of letting you enjoy Satellite TV. There’s a dish panel present in the RV that you can set up before en routing to your destination. The Dish catches the satellite signals and transmits them to your TV. 

4. Smoke Alarm

One of the most crucial elements of your vacation is that detectors that alert you in case of any incidents. There are times when you are occupied elsewhere on a trip and leave something burning on the stove or anything accidentally catches fire. 

To keep you intact while being physically away from the RV, Jayco Precept Motorhome has smoke detectors installed. Hence. If you’re ever outside enjoying the outside kitchen and the Sun, and you happen to leave something unattended on the stove, the smoke detector will save you from a raging fire hazard. 

5. Under-Bed Storage

Although every RV company makes sure you have enough room in the RV to store goods, clothes, and essentials- there are fewer ones that have excessive storage space to maintain a neat environment indoors. 

Jayco Precept Class A Motorhomes have storage capacities under the beds. Hence, You can keep your casual shoes, books you’re currently reading, snacks, etc stored for immediate retrieval. This sort of storage space saves you the amount of time wasted in getting up and grabbing something from the pantry, wardrobe, or other cabinets. 

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Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome Floorplans

1. Jayco Precept 29V

Precept 29V

Are you ready to enjoy a perfect camping trip in your Class A vehicle? You better be because the 29V comes equipped with not only the driving essentials but also the comfortable environment that everyone desires. 

Pack everything and enjoy the camping of a lifetime with your loved one. The RV will be your luxury away from your apartments. The RV is designed to give out a sense of home. A very comfortable mattress lies at the end of the RV, in the front, there are two seats- a driver’s and shotgun, there is a whole area dedicated to be the perfect lounge for you, and don’t forget a very spacious restroom, with every necessity installed. This RV is the perfect mobile home.


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GVWR  20,500
GCWR 26,000
Exterior length  32’2’’
Exterior height  10’1’’
Exterior weight  84’’
Freshwater Capacity 72 gals. 

2. Jayco Precept 31UL

Precept 31UL

What’s a vacation without your families with you? The Class A Motorhome 31 UL has not only the necessities for two significant others but also a tri-fold sofa for the children to rest in. The outside kitchen makes the vacation more perfect. There’s nothing like the outside sun when you want to enjoy some outside weather. The outdoors are great and having all of your home essentials with you is extremely convenient. 

The shower resides parallel to the small bathroom which makes a sort of a hallway from the bed to the front seats. The tri-fold sofa is near the entrance and the kitchen for convenient reasons. There is nothing more luxurious than one enjoyed with family.


GVWR  22,000
GCWR 26,000
Exterior length  33’’
Exterior height  10’1’’
Exterior weight  84’’
Freshwater Capacity 72 gals

3. Jayco Precept 34B

Precept 34B

Tri-fold sofas aren’t the only great things in these RVs, say hello to the new expandable sofas. The expandable sofa has an entertainment center in front of it. The bathroom has a separate shower right in front. There is the master bedroom in the corner of the RV protected from any noise or irritation. The front seats have a U-shaped dinette behind for family meals. This RV is huge for bigger families.

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GVWR  22,000
GCWR 26,000
Exterior length  36’11’’
Exterior height  10’1’’
Exterior weight  84’’
Freshwater Capacity 72

4. Jayco Precept 34G

Precept 34G

One great thing about the beds installed in the Jayco precept motorhome is that there are nightstands and walking space around the bed. The shower is installed within the bathroom that is right beside the bedroom. There is the addition of theatre sofas and a tri-fold sofa in this RV. 

This RV is perfect for camping alone or either with family. This motorhome 34G has a very spacious design with a lot of space to move around. 34G is all you need to travel in luxury


GVWR  22,000
GCWR 26,000
Exterior length  36’3’’
Exterior height  101’
Exterior weight  84’’
Freshwater Capacity 72 gals 

Jayco Precept Class A Motorhomes Price

The prices of the Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome range from $161,011 – $173,686

Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome Ratings

  • Quality: 10/10 
  • Accommodations: 8/10 
  • Livability: 7/10 
  • Driving and towing: 7.5/10 
  • Driving damage: 3/10
  • Exteriors: 8/10 
  • Interiors: 8.5/10 
  • Support: 2/10 
  • Repair: 6/10 
  • Warranty: 5.5/10 
  • Water filtration system. 
  • LED optional TVs.
  • Outside utility center.
  • LED lighting.
  • Outside Kitchen.
  • Outside shower.
  • Kitchen rood powered vent.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Digital TV.
  • Smooth steering wheel.
  • Back Camera.
  • Side views.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excessive sleep room.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Comfortable bed mattress.
  • Versatility.
  • Bad support centers. 
  • Stiff blinds. 


There are many class A motorhomes out there with reputable conditions to choose from. But if you want something luxurious while you are away from the luxury of your home then you should definitely purchase a Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome. 


1. What is the warranty of the Jayco Precept Class A Motorhome?

The average warranty of a Precept class A Motorhome is about 2-3 years limited.

2. Are Jayco Precept class A Motorhomes worth buying? 

The Precept Motorhome campers are definitely considered to be one of the most avid-styled campers out there. The interior design is incredible and the exterior structure is intelligent. If you want to enjoy a vacation like no other, then you should definitely purchase a Precept camper yourself.

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