Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Review

Jayco Pinnacle

$105,318 – $122,918





Interior Design







  • Eccentric designs
  • Super slideout models
  • Extra wardrobe and pantry spacing
  • Central dinettes
  • Privacy Technology


  • Expensive
  • Bad customer support
  • Unguaranteed warranty

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Are you looking for a perfect family trailer? Have you considered all your options and still can’t find something that falls within your budget? 

Then the Jayco Fifth Wheelers are the ones for you! Jayco has a very high reputation for creating exclusive trailers for its customers. Jayco is a top RV brand that’s been around for multiple years. Their customers are often ones that keep coming back for more. Jayco has launched their fifth-wheelers called Pinnacle trailers with eccentric floorplans and accommodations. 

Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Review

Jayco Pinnacle Review

Jayco Trailers have been an RV company for many years. They have exclusive RV designs and a lot of different accommodative properties that attract and interest customers. Jayco Pinnacle Fifth-wheel trailers accompany you well on your journey. Pinnacle Fifth-wheelers have so much spare room for extra stuff. The designs are incredible. Everything is spacious and private. The seating capacity is huge. 

Jayco Pinnacle Travel Trailers have been recommended by former customers of Jayco. The new RVs are extremely innovative. The Pinnacle floorplans are distinguished with excellent features. Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers are the new faces of innovation. 

Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Features

The next thing about the RVs that is extremely important is their features. Most of the RV companies have a common specification which seems to be very uninteresting for full-time campers

However, the Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel has some interesting basic features that each of the floorplans possesses.

Here are some of the essential features of Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel trailers. 

1. Innovative Designs

The one great thing about each of the Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel floorplans is that the designs are very thoughtful. Even though almost every RV brand includes storage spaces, but the Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel designs include very innovative designs. 

There’s extra space for shoe accommodations. There are extra steps within the RV that lead to the bedroom. Hence, the whole structure gives a sense of complete boundaries and privacy. 

2. Ceiling Fans

Many people like to travel to hotter areas from colder ones. It’s always a delight to enjoy the sun and the cool breeze simultaneously. However, if the conditions get too hot, there are the ceiling fan features in most of the Pinnacle Fifth Wheelers that give you a sense of air ventilation throughout the RV. There are large windows for the airy to cross, making sure the atmosphere within the RV does not get too hot. 

3. Toe-Kick lights

It’s always challenging to carry things in the middle of the night and reach for the light switches too. You probably end up dropping things or have utter difficulty finding the light switches. Thanks to Jayco’s innovative thinking, the Pinnacle floorplans include toe-kick night lights in the bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen. Jayco only designs to provide you with complete comfort. 

4. Built-In Hampers

Although every RV company provides spaces enough to store clothes and goods, fewer of them have extra space for laundry. So if you are planning a very long trip and want a trailer that aids you in more minor difficult situations, you should get yourself a Pinnacle Fifth Wheeler by Jayco. These campers have laundry hampers built inside the wardrobes. Hence, you won’t have to worry about separating neat clothes from the dirty ones or filling your RV with disposable wrappers filled with dirty clothes. 

5. Ground Solar Panels

Yes, many RV companies out there offer RVs with rooftop solar panels. A lot of them are adjustable, and some are very strictly roof-mounted. However, Jayco Pinnacle campers not only have rooftop solar panels but are also specifically design to contain ground solar panels as well. These panels help to convert and conserving solar energy for battery charging and other useful purposes. 

Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Floorplans

1. Jayco Pinnacle 32RLTS

Pinnacle 32RLTS

Steps that lead you into the RV’s master Bedroom upstairs, a large bathroom beside it, a lounge equipped with a functional ceiling fan, and so much space to move around, this RV has got it all. The dinette is central, unlike in most RV brands, you can enjoy the entertainment center by sitting on the couch parallel to it or the two-seater at the back end of the RV. This RV is perfect for smaller families. 

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UVW:  12810
Hitch height: 2540
CCC:  2960
Length:  36’4’’
Width:  12’8’’
Height:  8’6’’
Awning:  16’
Freshwater:  75

2. Jayco Pinnacle 36FBTS

Pinnacle 36FBTS

Are you looking for a large family trailer that gives you private bathroom options in the master bedroom as well? The 36FBTS is accommodated with double bathrooms. The floorplan is so vast. The RV has enough space for at least 6 people or more. The dinette is close to the kitchen. The whole design overall is extremely intelligent. Not to mention the trifold sofa parallel to the entertainment center can be used as a spare full bed. 


UVW:  13635
Hitch height: 2940
CCC:  2865
Length:  40’10’’
Width:  8’6’’
Height:  13’4’’
Awning:  19’
Freshwater:  75

3. Jayco Pinnacle 36KPTS

Pinnacle 36KPTS

There are two spaces in the whole RV where you can hang optional TVs, one in the bedroom and the other in the entertainment center. There is also a pantry with sliding doors which you can use to keep your extra food essentials in. The dinette has room for 4 people, which means that this RV is exclusively designed for smaller families and would also work great for double dates. 


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UVW:  13540
Hitch height: 2920
CCC:  2960
Length:  41’1’’
Width:  8’6’’
Height:  13’4’’
Awning:  17’
Freshwater:  75

4. Jayco Pinnacle 36SSWS

Pinnacle 36SSWS

Get ready to take your whole extended family on a perfect vacation because the Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheeler offers so much space and a sleeping room. Trifold sofas both in the bedroom and the lounge, two theatre seats, and the probability of an outside TV with external speakers. This RV is perfect for long vacations with your loved ones. 

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UVW:  14105
Hitch height: 3270
CCC:  2645
Length:  40’0’’
Width:  8’6’’
Height:  13’3’’
Awning:  19’
Freshwater:  75

5. Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS

Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS Floorplans

You will never have witnessed a more detail-oriented and personal-space-supported RV than the 37MDQS. Everything is placed in a room protected with doors that separate them; bedroom, bathroom, entertainment lounge, etc. there is the possibility of an outside kitchen and entertainment center. The dinette in the lounge is 4 seater, hence, there is enough space with the theatre seats attached to the side. The sink is in the center parallel to both; kitchen and dinette, on each side. The bedroom has a wardrobe of its own for privacy. There is also a spare bed facility in the lounge on the other end. 


UVW:  14445
Hitch height: 3370
CCC:  2550
Length:  41’8’’
Width:  8’6’’
Height:  13’4’’
Awning:  19’
Freshwater:  75

Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Price

The prices of these trailers range from about $105,318 – $122,918. These trailers are your luxury away from home. 

Jayco Pinnacle Ratings

  • Quality: 9/10 
  • Design: 10/10
  • Accommodations: 8.5/10
  • Space and storage: 9/10 
  • Driving and towing capacity: 7/10
  • Driving and towing damage: 3/10
  • Exterior: 7/10 
  • Interior decor: 9.5/10 
  • Sleep room: 9.5/10 
  • Livability: 8/10
  • Warranty: 6/10 
  • Customer support: 4/10
  • Eccentric designs.
  • Privacy updated.
  • Good lighting.
  • Super slideout models.
  • Stainless steelware.
  • Woodware on cabinets.
  • Extra wardrobe and pantry spacing.
  • Ceiling fans.
  • Central dinettes.
  • Spacious bathrooms.
  • Triple-fold sofa. 
  • Expensive. 
  • Bad customer support. 
  • Unguaranteed warranty.


Jayco has been in the market for decades now. They are one of the most reliable RV brands out there. Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Trailers are the perfect campers to take on your favorite vacations with those special people in your life. 


1. Are Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheels any good? 

Jayco is a very trusted RV brand. Many people who buy its products are the ones that have heard a lot about this brand or have been recommended to try it out. Jayco provides its customers with flawless RVs that possess extremely innovative designs. 

2. What is the warranty of Pinnacle Fifth Wheel Trailers? 

The Pinnacle Fifth Wheel trailers by Jayco possess a full-time warranty. 

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