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Grand Design travel trailers are famous for their exquisite luxury inside, along with the sleek design outside to look at. These trailers have impressed the customers over the years with each year a new model and new floorplan. The Transcend is one of the travel trailers from Grand Design that offers great space and amazing features to the customers with updated floorplans.

Two of the common Transcend with useful floorplan models of Grand Design are the Transcend 28MKS and Transcend Xplor. The Transcend 28MKS is a complete package for those who are looking forward to buying a trailer that gives the feeling of home while at the same time covers the duties of a travel trailer. In comparison, the Xplor models have different floorplans, which are defined according to the uses of various customers.

We have shared a detailed review for Grand Design Transcend, and both of its common models are explained through which you can differentiate and understand what features do they offer.

Grand Design Transcend 28MKS

Grand Design Transcend 28MKS

The Transcend 28MKS is a model that is big enough to cover all the required features that one would ever need to live inside a travel trailer. There are different features that this travel trailer has:

1. Bedroom

At the front side of 28MKS, you get a complete bedroom. It has a standard size Queen bed. The bed is not as comfortable as you would think, but it does the work anyway. There is capacity above and to the sides of the bed. Each side has a rack with outlets. One side of the bed additionally has a USB outlet, advantageous for charging phones and other convenient gadgets.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen inside the 28MKS is all around spread out to give enough space for cooking comfortably. There is a microwave, stove and a gas oven in the kitchen. The oven has a pleasant cover that folds up when the oven is being used. The measure of the ledge is incredible for planning food. Close to the sink is a cooler and storage space region. The measure of extra room for your cooking tools and food is really stunning in this trailer.

3. Entry Side Features

The Transcend 28MKS has one passage entryway in the camper. There is an enormous power shade that can be stretched out to give protection sun and downpour with the goal that you get a lot of space covered with them. Around the front of the 28MKS is a pass-through capacity storage area. It is genuinely huge. One pleasant component is that the capacity entryways are stayed open with magnets.

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This is an enormous improvement over the plastic hooks utilized on previous models. Inside every storage area, there is also a light for a better view in the dark. In case you are attempting to camp out into the evening, these lights prove to be useful.

4. Back Side Features

The back design of Grand Design Transcend is very decent. There is a compartment on the hookup side close to the sewer hose that is directed with the shower of the trailer. The shower drains the water directly through that hose. The external shower on this model may come in handy in some cases.

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5. RV Hookups Side Features

New water hookups on the Transcend are on an all-inclusive docking station situated inside the storage compartment. You run your hose through a port in the floor and interface it to the water system. One pleasant piece of this element is that there is a switch that empowers you to fill the freshwater tank without utilizing the freshwater port.

6. Living Area

As you enter into the Grand Design 28MKS through the one well-positioned section entryway, your initial feeling will probably be that this travel trailer is extremely light and roomy. This is an agreeable travel trailer with a lot of space to fan out. It is even enormous enough to spend your evening studying or lying down for a little bit of rest. The living region has a bunch of leaning-back seats and a two-man sofa. The chairs are entirely agreeable.

You also get a TV in the living area. The view outside from your chairs is directly acceptable, giving you a fresh feeling of enjoying the nature outside. The TV is associated with a Jensen sound system that empowers you to play DVDs. Note that the DVD highlights on the Jensen sound system must be set up with a controller. Since the Jensen is mounted on the divider confronting the entrance at a 90-degree point away from the TV, you might observe that you need to stay close if you want to switch DVD.

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7. Bathroom

From the living region, there is a passage to the bathroom. The 28MKS has a nice size restroom where you can wash yourself up and get fresh. The restroom door is a sliding outbuilding door. There is an exceptional shower that has two little hoses worked in. There is also a standard camper handheld shower inside the bathroom.

The sink is in a decent vanity with huge counter space for a camper. There is a medicine cabinet over the sink. The vanity has an entryway and two huge drawers. More capacity is given in a cabinet over the latrine.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor

Grand Design Transcend Xplor

The Transcend Xplor is another travel trailer model by Grand Design that covers all the decent features you would ever want in your trailer. Inside each model, you will get the private furnishings, the treated steel sink with a skyscraper spigot to handily clean bigger cookware, the USB ports to keep your cellphones charged, and the strong room entryway in the master suite. You can get the best with its own sovereign bed and full washroom to get fresh and rest before you get up to make your dinner.

The L-formed kitchen gives every one of the machines readily available, in addition to the twofold entryway fridge is simply steps away to get your food. You can feast at the U-molded dinette with your family or pick the discretionary living room seating. Everything about this travel trailer is pretty lovable.

With such an open inside, there is great space for everyone to live comfortably. You will make great memories with this trailer because of its diverse features.

  • E-Z Lift Bed Storage w/Struts
  • High Rise Faucet
  • Solid Wood Drawer Fronts
  • Deep Seated Stainless Steel Sink
  • Double Door Refrigerator
  • Backed for Rear Ladder
  • Tinted Windows
  • Residential Cabinet Doors
  • 6 Gal DSI Quick Recovery Water Heater

Grand Design Transcend Xplor Floorplans

Some of the common floorplans found with Transcend Xplor are:

1. Grand Design Transcend Xplor 200MK

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 200MK

Inside this Transcend XPLOR 200MK travel trailer, you’ll get a sovereign bed with a closed closet and overhead storage area. The kitchen has a three-burner oven, stove, tempered steel sink, and fridge. The onboard restroom gives you a lot of room to prepare in the first part of the day and partake in a warm shower each evening.

Key Features

  • 43-Cu. Ft. Pass-Through Storage
  • Coat Hooks
  • Universal Docking Station
  • Pet Drawer
  • Rear Corner Bathroom

2. Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL

The Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL is the best option if you are fond of cooking. There is a great open kitchen space in this trailer with an enormous hardened steel sink, a lot of counter space, and overhead cupboards for all your food items and tools for cooking food. Furthermore, you’ll love having the mounted TV to observe all your favorite shows and films.

Key Features

  • Dual Entry
  • Pet Drawer
  • 78″ Theater Seating Dinette
  • Walk-Through Bath
  • 70″ Tri-Fold Sofa

3. Grand Design Transcend Xplor 297QB

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 297QB

With this Grand Design Transcend XPLOR 297QB, you can easily rest up to nine people easily inside. The back bunkhouse gives dozing to up to four and offers a lot of capacity for all your dress and stuff. The children will cherish having their very own space in the camper.

Key Features

  • Deep Stainless Steel Sink
  • Outside Kitchen
  • Front Private Bedroom
  • Pet Drawer
  • Outside Rear Storage

4. Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH

One more extraordinary floorplan of the Transcend Xplor is the 265BH. It has a bunkhouse configuration. This unit offers two twofold bunks in the back of the RV that give adequate room to easily rest up to two grown-ups each. You’ll have the option to give your whole group an agreeable night’s rest because of these comfortable cots.

Key Features

  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Jackknife Sofa
  • Walk-In Shower
  • Private Bedroom
  • Walk-Through Bath
  • Pet Drawer


This was discussed on Grand Design Transcend and two of its common floorplan models. We discussed their highlights for better analysis and understanding. For more, see our FAQ section.


Is Transcend by Grand Design a good travel trailer?

The transcend by Grand Design is a good choice for the campers who want to have their vacations spent with their family with enough space and useful features to make the best of their trips.

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