9 Best Ford Transit Connect Camper Conversions

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Ford Transit Connect is a van that has been used for a long time for multiple purposes that may include the carriage of stocks, post mails, and as a source of travel for a small family on trips.

This vehicle is available in two wheelbases from which users can either choose a short wheelbase or a long wheelbase.

It is cheap to afford, and it is economical as well, which is why it is an ideal choice for modification.

People who are using Ford Transit for their daily use have modified it somehow by applying new changes and adding various mods to enhance its beauty.

Some have added exquisite features to relax inside the van. This is the reason there are some best Ford Transit Connect camper conversions that you need to see.

People have built some great campers, and they are listed below.

What are the Best Ford Transit Connect Camper Conversions?

1. Chad and Claire’s $6,000 Ford Transit Connect Conversion

Chad and Claire are a lovely couple that has converted their Ford Transit Connect into an amazing camper van during summer 2020. They have a 2013 Ford Transit Connect that is modified with a highly functional interior, with all the tiny bits of the details.

Chad and Claire work out and about, so they decided to fabricate a sliding love seat bed. This permits them to set up the lounge chair during the day and sit on it with their laptop. Around evening time, they slide the bed out to make a twofold bed.

They utilized pressed wood boards to make the base. Under the lounge chair, they keep their garments, shoes, and frill.

On the left-hand side of the side passage, there is a moving channel sink the couple use to clean their teeth, just as a capacity region for toiletries and drugs. Their cooler can be put away on a stand, straight facing the front seat, when they stop to camp.

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At the point when they can’t utilize a public latrine, Chad and Claire utilize a little children’s latrine and a major container for going to the washroom.

At the back of the van, they have introduced a custom rack that stores their batteries, food, and preparing gear. It likewise contains a flip-out table, which expands further with a slider.

They utilize the work area for all reasons: working, cooking, and eating. Taking cover behind the flip-out table, Claire stores all her kitchenware.

At the rear of the van, they introduced two flip-out tables in the entryways. This is the place where they pop their water compartments for doing the dishes and washing. For showers, they use a solar shower.

2. Glampervan Conversion

Ford Transit Connect Conversion

Glampervan.us is an organization based in San Fransisco that specializes in modifying and manufacturing minivan campers. They also designed a Ford Transit Connect that sleeps two and has a proper bed plan with capacity on the two sides.

The thing about this form is the utilization of room underneath the bed.

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With one long sliding cabinet on the right and a cabinet-style cooler on the left, you can go with cold food without leaving space. The interior style of this Transit Connect is amazing.

The floorplan looks basic from the beginning, yet there is an underlying sink, and a lot of cabinet space, and the second passages have racking units that overlay down to give some space.

There is a seat on the passed-on folds down a level when it’s an ideal opportunity to get rest around evening time which saves space and gives you a spot to sit during the day. It’s spacious from the inside too.

3. Morgan and Michelle’s DIY Ford Transit Connect Conversion

Morgan and Michelle are a couple that put their efforts into designing their Ford Transit Connect. They did this to plan a trip to Hawaii, but they couldn’t due to COVID restrictions.

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The couple chose to leave on their journey by street instead of a plane. With a strict budget plan, they changed over a Ford Transit Connect into a very charming DIY van transformation.

They paid most parts off Amazon and other internet-based retail locations. Morgan and Michelle added a ton of smart contacts to their Ford Transit Connect camper transformation to make it simple in design to take it anywhere.

On the van, there is a major overhang that carries out. At the back of the camper, there are different wooden parts that draw out to make a table and outside sink.

On the rooftop, there is a capacity unit where they keep a portion of their stuff. The inside campervan design includes loads of extra space, two slide-out seats that transform into a twofold bed, and a kitchenette.

The cooler is under the more modest seat. This seat can be moved to the rear of the van to make more space behind the taxi. Under the seats, there is a lot of extra room.

For power, there is a versatile solar charger. This permits them to stop in the shade and pass on it to charge in the sun, which is incredible in the late spring. The couple mounted a rooftop vent to give ventilation to the evening.

4. Jeff’s Ford Transit Connect Conversion

Jeff Design's Ford Transit Connect

Jeff is a guy from HillTopVan who lives in Northern California. He made out an amazing floorplan where he settled a slideout bed. Slide-out beds are normal in Transit Connects, yet this one sits on a steel outline and has sections that bolt safety belts to the floor beneath.

On the contrary side of the Connect is an extra room that houses an electric framework controlled by a Yeti sun-powered generator. Those are ideally suited for camping trips.

There are the light tones, the one-of-a-kind design of the bed, and spring-up racks on the indirect accesses. Additionally, the space is utilized by putting attractive flavor holders on the top part of the doors.

There is a bit of additional decoration on the inside with a small table to sit and study or enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening.

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5. Roxanne Ford Transit Connect Camper


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Roxanne is a camper enthusiast who owns a 2013 Ford Transit Connect camper. She has converted her van with some DIY. It’s one of a handful of the Transit Connects out there that can store a bicycle inside, which makes her beautiful one of a kind.

There are some extras made up with the vehicle too.

At the rear of the Transit van, there are two seats that are additionally a slide-out brace bed. They transform into a solitary bed around evening time. Under these, there are bunches of capacity.

Close to the more extended seat, there’s a slide-out compartment for a bicycle. It slides out at the back of the vehicle, so you can store a bicycle inside.

Roxanne lives a simple life by traveling alone, which makes this camper conversion suitable for her with not much technical involvement. There are simple handling procedures for her to set her camp somewhere far off.

To fit the bicycle, she removes the front wheel. That is it. There isn’t something else to Roxanne which makes her extra functional to take on any experience.

6. Christina and Daniel’s Ford Transit Conversion

Christina and Daniel own a 2017 Ford Transit Connect camper which they have converted together for camping. It’s one of the best Ford Transit Connect Camper Conversions, which they assembled with a basic yet strong inside.

There are two seats and a kitchenette inside.

The kitchen on the inside looks fabulous. The worktop highlights a slide-out board that offers an additional surface for racking, serving, eating, or other purposes that also include office work.

The sink is strong and roomy with a compressed water tap. The tap stretches out and can be fixed into place on the back way to make an open-air shower.

The longest love seat transforms into a twofold bed, which joins the other for added length. Under the seats are a fridge, a tape latrine that slides out into the center of the van, and a lot of slide-out capacity boxes.

There is a roof fan, just as a lookout window on the rooftop.

Under the kitchenette, there are a lot of capacity drawers that lock set up when you’re out and about. At the back of the van, there’s a slide-out table for cooking and eating outside.

7. Laura and Erik’s Pearl Ford Transit Connect Camper

With a 2010 Ford Transit Connect camper, Laura and Erik put their efforts into changing it over with DIY. They call it Pearl Ford Transit which is a beautiful little camper for a couple to have their time spent out for the week.

The inside of this van gives a vintage touch with the wooden boards, and the polished furniture brings great memories.

Inside, there’s a twofold stage bed that is fitted with cedar boards, even on the windows. This makes the rear of the van additional comfortable and suitable for resting.

Behind a portion of the boards is some secret storage compartment place for keeping their garments and adornments. For lighting, they utilize an attractive light they can move around anyplace in the van.

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Under the bed, there’s a lot of capacity. The kitchenware, including the oven, is next to the bed. They utilize a set-up camp table and seats to cook and sit outside the van.

This gives them a lot of room where to get ready and have dinners. Their Yeti cooler and generator are put away under the bed, as well, on the left-hand side of the van.

8. Jaclyn Ford Transit Conversion

Jaclyn Ford Transit Conversion

Jaclyn put up her efforts with her DIY Ford Transit Connect. She changed a lot of things about her camper van. There is great adaptability and comfort with the van.

She added a sliding bed plan that can be open about resting when she wants to take time off.

This camper van was worked with an amazing measure of keenly positioned storage. With uncompromising cabinet slides and collapsable L-section cabinets with the indirect access ledges, making every last trace of the room is useable.

She utilizes numerous little boxes for keeping things that can be effectively re-organized and removed depending on the situation. This van construct is moderate and ideal for a camping trip.

She made a proper fan for ventilation, a huge counter space for cooking, and a lot of food storage points as well.

9. Sunshine Coast Conversion

Sunshine Coast Adventure is an organization that converted the Ford Transit Connect into an amazing and useful camper van. The plan is efficient and makes this little, minimized camper look exceptionally roomy inside.

The seat slides out into a bigger bed, and the collapsing tables on the back doors are held set up by pivots and suspension cables.

It was worked in view of experience. The van passes on an adequate room to stack an off-road bicycle or other hardware. The layout is very basic, yet there are a lot of little subtleties that could not be entirely obvious.

The pads in general and blinds added to the windows are high quality.

There’s an exclusively painted backsplash, canine bowl sink, and slide-out bed with space under. It is just wide enough to fit two people inside for a living easily.

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This was a discussion article on Best Ford Transit Connect Camper conversions which added the best conversions around the world by various users. We hope you find this information helpful.


Can a Ford Transit Connect be converted to a camper?

The Ford Transit Connect camper is a more modest adaptation of the famous Ford Transit. Its shape makes it very simple to equip the inside to fabricate the camper van you had always wanted. It gets marvelous gas mileage and is not difficult to drive. Besides, you’ll have the option to stop it pretty much any place.

Is the Ford Transit Connect useful for van life?

A Ford Transit Connect camper is a decent decision for van life in case you’re searching for a reasonable, eco-friendly vehicle that is minimal and simple to drive. Remember that these vans are genuinely small, so you will not have the option to fit as much inside as you would with a bigger Ford Transit camper.

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