8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Mammoth Lakes

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When you think of camping in the Mammoth Lakes area, you understand that you are going to get packed campgrounds and reservation systems during the summer and fall months at these spots.

During peak season, Mammoth Lakes attracts tourists from all over the world; therefore camping in the most popular spots must be scheduled weeks or even months in advance.

But, dispersed camping spots around this place are a wonderful choice if you can’t book or avoid congested camps.

Fortunately, because the majority of the area around Mammoth Lakes is owned by the state, there are lots of chances for camping.

The Inyo National Forest, which surrounds the Mammoth Lakes, has the nearest land, although the Sierra National Forest is close by if you need more.

If you need extra space, keep in mind that all of the area managed by the land management offices is also available for camping.

Before traveling, always examine the weather and climate of the location you plan to camp in. Due to weather or fire dangers, national forests and BLM regions may be closed.

So, before you leave the house, double-check that your journey is safe.

Dispersed Camping Near Mammoth Lakes
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We have found some safe and best dispersed camping near Mammoth lakes. You need to see these below.

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What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Mammoth Lakes?

1. Owens River Road

Owens River Road is your best choice when going for dispersed camping.

The region is a moderate-level open space with pine trees to give shade from the sunlight.

This is a free campsite, so there are no conveniences. Owens River Road Dispersed Camping Area is often visited by travelers, yet there is a lot of space to explore.

There is a fair service for the campers that visit here each day.

It is about 10 miles outside of Mammoth Lakes town, making it the ideal free campground, midway situated to everything.

The street out is a moderately prepped back road for certain spots that should be drawn nearer leisurely. In any case, there is a lot of room for greater RVs.

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2. Mill Creek Station HWY 395 Bishop

Mill Creek Station Hwy 395 is a great campground spot that is nine miles north of Bishop.

You will find some good spots in this area to camp. It is 30 minutes to Mammoth Mountain, an hour from the entry to Yosemite, and two and half hours from Death Valley.

There is a great space for three RVs or more on these campgrounds. You will also find parking spots around these regions, but there is no power supply.

You should be independent with water and power. There is a bathroom, yet there is no shower. You will get a hanging fire pit too. Encircled by mountain trekking, ascending, climbing, and skiing, there are a lot more activities to do here.

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At the campsite, Wi-fi is accessible. No Pets are allowed in there, but still, the amusement is limitless around here.

Mammoth Mountain ski region is about one and a half hours away. It is additionally an elite mountain trekking objective.

3. Sagehen Meadows Campground

Sagehen Meadows Campground is one of the campsite areas found just 10 miles from perspectives on Mono Lake.

It is a dispersed campground near Mammoth Lakes and an ideal camping area for moving ceaselessly.

It’s situated near numerous normal, natural aquifers nearby. Nonetheless, there are very few trees around here because of the desert environment, making it ideal for stargazing.

This camping area is situated in the lower regions of the mountain. This is a free camping area and offers no conveniences.

There are 3 obviously checked destinations that are very much scattered from one another.

You can have an open-air fire, yet you want to get a license from an officer station for free.

This camping area is just available from June to the month of September.

The roads to Sagehen Meadows Campground are pretty rough, and there are a lot of bushes on the way too.

4. Convict Lake Campground

Situated within strolling distance of Convict Lake and the many climbing trails, this is an extraordinary spot to simply set up and unwind.

With 85 sites, this camp area can have a lot of travelers throughout the year.

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It has no hookups except for offering consumable water at assigned regions and a dump station.

It has a flush toilet and showers that can be bought at the hotel.

Convict Lake Campground is ideally suited for those that would rather not drive anyplace.

The lake is a great fishing spot. There is extremely inconsistent cell phone service at the campsite.

There are some spots where you can have an RV as big as 40′, while some spots may not even have a spot for any RV.

At $25 per night, this Mammoth Lake campsite is an extraordinary spot to camp.

5. Hidden Falls Yosemite Camp

Hidden Falls Yosemite Camp is another area near Mammoth lakes to camp and stays for the nights.

It is near Nelder and Lewis River, with extraordinary perspectives of the stars overhead when you lay down on the ground at night.

Here, you’ll be encircled by oaks, alders, pine, and cedar trees.

A road trip to the Yosemite camp area is a very great option that gives you choices like climbing/bicycling in the mountains or exploring the areas close to the town of Oakhurst.

You will find a toilet here for taking the loo along with a protection tent and waste baggies on location.

You are free to discard your junk in the garbage can, yet pack out any human waste baggies yourself. Open-air fires are permitted from October to the month of May.

Here you will find an RV dump site for you to use upon flight, and there is a porch table nearby that can fit 6 individuals easily to sit and enjoy their food.

6. McGee Creek RV Park & Campground

McGee Creek RV Park and Campground is a dispersed land for camping that is found 20 minutes outside of Mammoth Lakes town.

Contingent upon your requirements, this has full hookup premium spots to camp with $45 per night to no-hookup sites at $31 per night.

It’s a serene campsite with a water view, and the campsite is all around shaded.

In the fall, you will see the changing tones of the environment.

This is a very much scattered campsite even with 50 spots to camp. The client’s assistance is inviting, ensuring everybody feels obliged.

Verizon cell service works here, and you can have a lot of fun with your best mates while camping on these grounds.

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7. Wagner’s Mammoth Pool Resort

Wagner’s Mammoth Pool Resort is an exceptionally isolated campsite ideal for those who are more into the mountains.

The camping area has 60 camps with loads of space to oblige bigger RVs.

There are no hookups, however consumable water, pit toilet, outdoor tables, firepits, and showers can be accessed here.

North Fork is the nearest town at 42 miles, and no cell services will be found here.

This is a true escape in the wild experience.

At $35 every evening, this campsite is the ideal desert spring in the mountains.

Wagner’s Mammoth Pool Resort offers bunches of climbing, swimming openings, fishing, and surprisingly a stream to drift down for the campers assuming you have an interest in all these activities.

8. High Garden

The High Garden is a separate spot to find near Mammoth lakes.

It is a trailer with a genuine Vintage/Retro feel settled on a lush property.

Set yourself up for an exceptional encounter, loaded up with natural life and astounding perspectives.

You will have a very different kind of experience here if you don’t want any crowd to be around you when you camp.

Some conveniences like a decorated shower, handblown glass sinks, and a ‘bidet’ toilet are all found here.

Trails to climb and stroll along, Dozens of helpful seating regions all through the property to enjoy a discussion or to find the best experience in the wild, this is one of the best choices you have.

As the months get colder, it is critical to be ready for Low temperatures, and there is no power in the trailers. No wellspring of hotness.

This is somewhat a bad side of this area for the colder time of the year.

There are additional covers accessible.

However, similarly, as you would camp in a tent or separate lodge, there is no wellspring of hotness; we recommend being ready with a warm nightgown, even a beanie for your head.


We have shared some dispersed camping near Mammoth Lakes where you can stay for nights and have the best time of your life.

For additional info, see the maps above.


Where can I camp for free in Mammoth Lakes?

Some common and free campgrounds near Mammoth lakes are

  • Convict Lake.
  • Mammoth Mountain RV Park.
  • Twin Lakes Campground.
  • Coldwater Creek Campground.
  • Silver Lake Campground.
  • Old Shady Rest Campground.
  • McGee Creek RV Park & Campground.
  • Devil’s Postpile National Monument.

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