8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Leadville, Colorado

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There’s plenty of time to explore Leadville, from the ghost settlements of Clear Creek Canyon to the stunning blue waters of Lake Turquoise.

Because Twin Lakes and Leadville are all in Lake County, there are plenty of beautiful bodies of water to explore too.

In the San Isabel National Forest, the two mountain settlements are surrounded by beautiful views.

For the best and more developed experience in the regions near Leadville, Colorado, you must be searching for some really good spots.

Dispersed Camping Near Leadville, Colorado
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If that is the case, then the best dispersed camping near Leadville Co has been discovered, and we have shared a list of all those spots for you. Look closely and choose your favorite destination.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Leadville CO?

1. Turquoise Lake Dispersed Camping

The Turquoise Lake Dispersed Camping area is the best spot near Leadville, Colorado.

This region is the most appropriate for those with 4WD and high freedom as the street up can get very harsh.

Notwithstanding, for the individuals who are set to camp here, you’ll enjoy a lovely peak campsite near the lake.

Despite the fact that there is no scattered camp allowed in the Turquoise Lake Recreation Area, there are plentiful freedoms to set up your shelter for free in the surrounding wild.

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To arrive, take County Road 4 along the south side of Turquoise Lake; the campers need to stay on CR4 until they can get to the convergence with Forest Service Road 105A.

From here, there is a way up to the road that gets straight to the camp area. Notwithstanding County Road 48, there is additionally a superb dispersed camp accessible on Forest Service Road 105A above Turquoise Lake.

Its total distance from Leadville is 10 miles.

There are no bathrooms and water here, and you will get a lot of crowd around here.

2. West Tennessee Creek

The next camping area choice that you have near Leadville is the West Tennessee Creek. Try not to expect any enormous perspectives here as the greater part of the setting up camp choices are situated in thick woodland.

In any case, that gives a touch of security that can be difficult to come by in other camping regions.

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It is the North of Leadville along Highway 24. This is a decent choice for those expecting to camp close to the highest point of Tennessee Pass or who need simple admittance to the Colorado Trail.

To arrive at this spot, you need to take Highway 24 until you arrive at County Road 19, where you’ll go west. From here, forge ahead until you arrive at Forest Road 131 and 100, where you’ll track down the camping area on both roadsides.

The road is very much kept up with, so reaching this campground shouldn’t be an issue for most vehicles.

The total distance from Leadville is about 9 miles, and there are no bathroom regions here. You won’t get any water here, and there will be a moderate crowd to camp here.

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3. County Road 48 near Turquoise Lake

County Road 48 is a choice for you that is nearest to Leadville with only 4 miles distance. It is south of Turquoise Lake and a great dispersed camp.

You’ll be very much eager to explore Turquoise Lake, just like the Mt. Gigantic Wilderness Area around this spot.

Perspectives on Mt. Elbert from the camp region are dazzling. There are no bathrooms and no water facility here, which is why you will have to come prepared.

To get to this camp region, head west on sixth Street from Leadville until you reach County Road 4. Turn north on County Road 4 and proceed until you get to the intersection with County Road 48.

Continue a brief distance on CR48 to track down the scattered setting up in the camp region with campsites on the roadsides.

The road is rock and ought to be acceptable by most vehicles that have good performance.

Here you will find a lot of crowds during camping season.

4. Willis Gulch

The Willis Gulch is another dispersed camping spot near Leadville that can give you access to Independence Pass.

This gets you further from town because it is 23 miles a distance, but you will find great peace and a separate camping spot around here.

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The camp region is found right off Highway 82, so expect some traffic commotion. Nonetheless, you’ll be near the Willis Gulch trailhead and other climbing trails.

To find this camping area, go to Independence Pass (Highway 82) past Twin Lakes, and you’ll track down the draw-out on the left-hand roadside. Given the region is simply off the parkway, all vehicles ought to experience no difficulty setting up camp here.

There are no bathrooms and no facility for clear water here. You will find a moderate crowd here.

5. Halfmoon Creek

Halfmoon Creek is a well-known spot for camping with your friends. In case you can endure a couple of individuals on your trip, this setting up camp region is advantageous with somewhat simple access. It is a close region to Leadville.

The street is the fundamental access for those climbing Mt. Elbert, so anticipate that it should be occupied at the summer ends of the week.

It is about 9 miles from Leadville, CO. The street here matches Halfmoon Creek, and a few camps have direct brook access.

In order to get to this area, you take Highway 24 south from Leadville prior to turning west on CO-300 towards Turquoise Lake. From here, take a right on Halfmoon Rd (CR11) and take it roughly 4 miles into the National Forest.

Camping areas are then situated on the roadsides. Despite the fact that there are vaults toilets at neighboring trailheads, you won’t find a bathroom here.

There is no water except river water here, and a lot of people are camping here during the season.

6. Forest Service Road 130

Forest Service Road 130 is another close campground spot near Leadville that is found in the southwest area. It is near Mt. Elbert, and you won’t get a full wild encounter here, which means you will be at peace on this spot because it is close to Highway 24.

There is no water and no bathrooms here, so make certain to pack out the entirety of your waste. You’ll have great admittance to Mt. Elbert and Twin Lakes from here.

To get to this camp region, head south on Highway 24 from Leadville prior to turning west on County Road 10, and afterward, not long after, veer right onto FR130. From here, it is around 1.5 miles to the National Forest, where you can camp.

The roads can be unpleasant at times, so higher leeway vehicles are suggested.

It is only 10 miles distance from Leadville, but you won’t get any clean water and bathroom around here.

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The crowd will be moderate.

7. Twin Lakes Area Dispersed Camping

Twin Lakes dispersed camping area is a good spot to put your camps, but it is a bit a distance from Leadville.

You will find it around 20 miles away from Leadville, where you can get an extraordinary camping experience.

While there is no scattered setting up camp allowed straightforwardly close to the Twin Lakes, this is comparably close as you can get.

This is a well-known spot for those climbing Mt. Elbert or doing some sailing, so make certain to show up sooner than expected at the summer ends of the week.

In order to get to this spot, you need to go to Highway 82 towards Independence Pass and turn north on Lake County Road 24.

Then move along to CR24 for under a mile before camping areas start to show up on the right-hand roadside.

Make certain to stop prior to getting to the Lakeview Campground. The street is tolerable for most vehicles, so you need to worry about that.

You won’t have any clean water and a bathroom. The crowd will be busy around here.

8. Homestake Reservoir Road

The Homestake Reservoir Road can give you a great spot for camping when you are not satisfied with any of the campgrounds listed above.

It includes a few superb scattered camp regions close to Leadville.

You’ll track down the Blodgett Campground, a free-lacking camping area with 5-6 destinations. In the surrounding area, you will find more conventional dispersed campsites that offer more security.

This is an extraordinary area up Tennessee Pass and has great admittance to the Colorado Trail and Camp Hale memorable region.

The camping areas are found quickly west of Highway 24 on Homestake Road (CR710).

It is 20 miles distance from Leadville, and the road is not so good, but still, average vehicles can go through it.


This was some informational guide on best dispersed camping near Leadville, Colorado, in which we have listed some amazing spots that the new campers need to visit.


Is it safe to camp in the regions near Leadville, CO?

It’s safe to camp in the regions near Leadville because of the access to the highway. You won’t find much wildlife around this area, and there are also a lot of trees to provide you with security.

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