7 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Las Vegas

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Although the image of Las Vegas pops up in mind with neon lights and casinos all over, where there is plenty to do in the city, it also has some great dispersed campgrounds that can provide a peaceful and calm environment to camp in the wild.

These dispersed camps provide serenity and tranquility away from the Vegas Strip, as well as a variety of enjoyable activities to do with friends and family.

There are campsites around Las Vegas where you can stay in your tent or RV without paying a dime.

The Bureau of Land Management is the Nevada government agency in charge of managing public lands around Vegas, and it has about 67 percent of the state’s public lands.

Dispersed Camping Near Las Vegas

This frees up roughly half a million acres for exploration, recreation, and camping.

In case you want to learn about the best dispersed camping near Las Vegas, then we have found the answer for you.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Las Vegas?

1. Red Rock Canyon Campground

The best campground near Las Vegas is the Red Rock Canyon Campground which will allow some of the best views and best spots for camping.

The Red Rock Canyon Campground is two miles from the recreation area’s Visitor Center and has more than 60 camping areas.

The vast majority of these are individual locales; however, there are a couple of RV and enormous gathering destinations.

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This camping area is essential, and there are no hookups, dump stations, or showers.

You can track down vault toilets and drinking water nozzles all through the camping area. Visiting Red Rock Canyon is probably the best thing to do outside Vegas, and it has the absolute best setting up camp close to Las Vegas.

The singular standard camping areas have barbecues, fire pits, and outdoor tables, and many locales have concealed regions to shield you from the desert heat.

Discussing the hotness, this camping area is shut throughout the mid-year between Memorial Day and Labor Day because of outrageous temperatures.

In any case, you can’t beat the beautiful red sandstone of this park in light of the fact that there are countless fun activities in Red Rock Canyon.

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2. Lovell Canyon Dispersed Camping

Lovell Canyon is another place that you can find near Las Vegas for dispersed camping.

It is one of the most mind-blowing known regions for dispersed setting up camp in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

This mountain is at the west of Las Vegas, privately known as Mount Charleston.

The Lee Canyon Ski Resort is accessible, lasting through the year, with skiing accessible in the colder time of year and beautiful chairlifts in the spring and summer.

Being peaceful and confined, this region offers a lot of untamed life and beautiful excellence during the day. More than 60 miles of climbing trails are accessible at any time of the year.

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3. Boulder Beach Campground

When you want to camp at a place where you can see other travelers and campers in the area, then Boulder Beach campground is one of the busy campsites having a lot of crowd for camping.

This Las Vegas region camping area is reasonable for tent and RV camping, with more than 150 individual locales.

Each part has a cookout and barbecuing region, and there are water nozzles all through the campsite. You can camp here all year and partake in the reviving coastline along Boulder Basin.

Camping spots are accessible on a first-come, first-served premise, in spite of the fact that you can hold a bunch of locales.

The daily rate is $20, and, as different camping areas in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the rate may be more.

In addition to the fact that this is quite possibly the most comprehensive camping area close to Las Vegas, at the same time, it’s family-friendly too.

The bathrooms at these campsites incorporate flush latrines, showers, clothing machines, and a corner store.

You can stroll to the beach and lease a boat or kayak, in addition to; you will not be a long way from Boulder City, where you can track get stuff for eating, shopping, and different accessories.

It is open all time of the year, and there is no electric hookup in this area. You can also take your pets with you to camp on these spots.

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4. Echo Bay Campground

Echo Bay flaunts probably the best set-up camp close to Las Vegas, particularly since it’s under a mile from the shores of Lake Mead.

This camping area close to Las Vegas, NV, has almost 150 campsites altogether, and north of 50 of them have RV hookups.

The camping area is isolated into two areas so you can track down RV and tent setting up camp.

There is a camp store nearby that sells nozzles with consumable water and an outing region.

Your singular parcel will accompany an outdoor table and fire ring. In case you’re willing to travel somewhat further from Sin City, a fantastic setting up camp choice is Echo Bay Campground.

Here, you can get activities like fishing, sailing, kayaking, and other water games.

The camping area is near climbing trails and other normal regions like the Valley of Fire.

It charges $20 for each night, and you also get an electric hookup at 53 different spots.

5. Mack’s Canyon Dispersed Campsite

Mack’s Canyon is a place in the Spring Mountains Area.

This is a place with many climbing trails and landscapes to appreciate for the entire group of people who have come to enjoy a great and full of life experience.

A portion of the destinations in Mack’s Canyon is on the mountain, so you can appreciate seeing the stunning dawn and nightfall.

This is one of many dispersed campgrounds in the space where you can get carried away from the technology and enjoy nature with soft wind and greenery around you.

The place is very calm and best for camping at a distance.

6. Las Vegas Bay Campground

Probably the best spot to camp close to Las Vegas is the Las Vegas Bay Campground, with close access to Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

While the camping areas are a couple of miles from Lake Mead, you can partake in the climbing trails nearby.

Reservations aren’t acknowledged; however, there are north of 80 destinations for RV and tent set up camp in Las Vegas, so you ought to have the option to track down a spot.

The verdant camping area is beautiful with a great wide region that offers heaps of outside activities for all of your friends and family.

When you arrive at the water, you can swim, boat, kayak, and take in the wonderful waterfront and perspectives on Lava Butte Wash Wildlife Refuge somewhere out there.

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The semi-private campsites have outdoor tables, fire pits, and barbecues, and they can fit trailers up to 35 feet in length.

A dump station like a bathroom and consumable water is accessible on location, and you can buy kindling for your barbecue or fire ring from the camp store.

There are about 84 campgrounds in this location, and each of them costs $20 each night.

There are no reservations, and you won’t get an electric hookup here. Pets are permitted, and you will also get a Flush toilet but no showers.

7. Arch Rock Campground

The last dispersed campground near Las Vegas that we would recommend for dispersed camping is the Arch Rock Campground.

You can camp at Arch Rock in a tent, trailer, or RV. Each site incorporates a concealed outdoor table and fire pit, and there are nozzles and vault latrines on the grounds.

There are huge loads of activities in Valley of Fire and other places.

Curve Rock Campground is more modest than Atlatl Rock; however, it’s as yet one of the top spots to camp close to Las Vegas. Simply be careful that there aren’t utility hookups here, yet you can get to the landfill station at the Atlatl Rock Campground.

You can remain at Arch Rock on a first-come, first-served premise, yet assuming that you can’t track down a spot, really look at Atlatl Rock Campground nearby to make your camp.

You will be about 29 camping areas in this spot without any electric hookup, and there is no dump station here too. You get vault toilet and showers but no water, sadly.

You can take your pets with you to these campsites.

If you are near Montana, check out these free campsites near Bozeman, Montana


These are some of the dispersed camping near Las Vegas that is very handy in case you are new in town, and you want to camp for the night somewhere pretty much affordable.

For more, you can see the FAQ section here.


Is there a dispersed camping area in Nevada?

Nevada’s public terrains are available for setting up camp. There is no charge for dispersed, crude setting up camp, yet there is a breaking point to the number of days one might camp in a similar area. Dispersed camping is about enjoying nature where there are no conveniences like water or a toilet.

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