8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Denver, Colorado

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Denver is the epicenter filled with a lot of fun activities and an active crowd throughout the year in Colorado.

It should be visited on any trip to the state. Planning a free camping vacation near Denver is one of the best ways to spend your vacation enjoying this area.

The gorgeous spots provide nearly infinite chances for exploration and serve a great purpose for enjoying the moment.

While there aren’t many campgrounds in the Denver area, there are many around its area.

In case you want to set up your camp near Denver in a campground, then we have found some great dispersed camping spots near Denver for you.

Dispersed Camping Near Denver, Colorado

Here is a list of the best dispersed camping near Denver, Colorado.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Denver, Colorado?

1. Guanella Pass Dispersed Camping

Guanella Pass is the best dispersed campground where you can find scattered setting up camp close to Denver.

There are between 30 – 40 campgrounds along the road in this area. The further back you get, the more tranquil and disconnected you are.

This is an extraordinary spot to camp near to climbing Mt. Bierstadt or investigating the lovely drive along Guanella Pass.

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The guidelines have changed throughout the long term, and you are not generally allowed to camp straightforwardly along Guanella Pass, rather remaining in one of the camping sites along with Geneva Creek Road/FR 119.

You can reach this campground by either taking I-70 through Georgetown or US-285 through Grant, however in any case; you’ll need to show up sooner than expected to get a spot.

You will have to pack all your stuff and garbage along with you so that no traces are left behind.

You won’t get any bathroom or freshwater here.

This place is mostly covered by a lot of crowds.

2. Buffalo Creek Recreation Area Camping

The Buffalo Creek Recreation Area is a great site to explore when you want to get away in the wild to camp near Denver.

Here, you’ll have simple admittance to the Colorado Trail, Wellington Lake, and huge loads of different climbs around here.

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Forest Service Road 550 is the place where these scattered camping areas are found, and you’ll have to camp in the explicitly assigned destinations.

Those are set apart with a tent sign, so you realize setting up camp is allowed.

Visitors are not allowed to camp outside of these spaces as they may get a ticket for it. It’s better for the campers to get their reservations on time because you’ll have to show up before the expected time to get a camping site.

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It is about 50 miles from Denver, and it has a vaulted toilet but no clean water. The place is mostly crowded.

3. Kenosha Pass Camping

Kenosha Pass offers great perspectives on the South Park Basin and simple admittance to the Colorado Trail, making this a fantastic objective for a dispersed camp.

The locations like Forest Service Roads 126, 126. A, 811, and 811. have the campsites for reservations.

The majority of the campgrounds at Kenosha Pass require a vehicle that has good ground clearance to reach the spot.

It’s about 65 miles from Denver, and it’s very peaceful.

The chances for climbing and mountain trekking are almost perpetual here with admittance to both Lost Creek Wilderness, just as a lovely part of the Colorado Trail.

The campers have to make certain to pack out the entirety of their garbage as the space is exceptionally well-known and requires huge loads of utilization.

There is a vault toilet around here but no clean water.

This place is also crowded in season.

4. Jones Pass Road Dispersed Camping

Jones Pass Road Dispersed camping area has a good sighting area with a lot to discover around while staying in the camps.

The staggering perspectives and somewhat simple access make this a famous spot for setting up camp close to Denver.

The lower camping areas are reachable by most vehicles, but the camps that are at a height require a 4WD vehicle to reach.

A portion of the campgrounds above the treeline are essentially terrific.

You’ll have to drive a bit past the Henderson mine before getting to the camp area, but at that point, you’ll still find some camping spots near both of the roadsides.

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Close by; you’ll observe the Butler Gulch trailhead, which includes a wonderful climb.

This place is 50 miles from Denver, and you have access to water through a stream close by, but you won’t find any bathrooms here.

The place is mostly crowded with people from all around the country.

To get to Jones Pass, you will have to head up I-70 to the town of Empire. Proceed through town and turn along Berthoud Pass, where you’ll go off onto Jones Pass Road.

It is a few miles past this side road where the campgrounds start to show up.

5. Gordon Gulch Dispersed Camping Area

The Gordon Gulch Dispersed Camping Area is another dispersed camping near Denver where you can get 15 free campgrounds for making your camp.

You will find this camp area East of the popular Peak Highway, where there is a Forest Service to help those who run into any trouble.

This is a famous region given the closeness to Boulder and Denver, where you will find a lot to explore.

It is critical to understand that there is no service accessible at Gordon Gulch, so not only should you be confident about where you are and what you need, but you should also be aware of your camp.

Heading from Gordon Gulch up to other places will be pretty easy as there are tracks for each place, and you may find other campers in this region who are taking a spot to rest for the night.

6. Kingston Peak Road Camping

This is a camping area that you will find north of the town of Idaho Springs and offers incredible scattered setting up camp close to Denver.

It’s the best choice for those with 4WD vehicles because the road here is a bit harsh and gives a feeling of off-road experience.

This is an exceptionally unpleasant road, so 4WD and high ground clearance vehicle is always a smart choice to consider here.

The vast majority of the campsites along Kingston Peak Road are above the treeline, so come ready for high breezes and loads of openness with all your luggage and equipment packed in one place.

There is no water or bathroom service around here, so be prepared.

7. Bill Moore Lake Dispersed Camping

Bill Moore Lake dispersed camping ground offers a lot of spots for camping.

It is a well-known mud romping area where you will get a true feel of the remote area. You will get great sights around this area, and the roads will take you to places that you never imagined.

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You will need a tough vehicle to withstand the tough tracks, but you’ll witness a great lakeside setting up camp experience.

There are a lot of crowds here during the season, and most are simply on road trips and will not go through the evening.

There are sufficient camp regions where you can place your camp on the way up to the lake and stay away from everyone else.

To get to this campground, head up I-70 from Denver and get off at the Empire exit.

You need to take a right on Main St/North Empire Road and take that the whole way to the lake. For the drivers out there, it may be a tiring journey, but in the end, it is worth it.

8. Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is a metropolitan campground area for the general population where you can find good camping spots.

In the slow time of year, it’s a peaceful reprieve for travelers who wish to camp near the city area.

You will get your pleasure at Cherry Creek Campground with its boggy regions encompassing the repository and in excess of wildlife around this metropolitan park home.

You’ll also track down in excess of 35 miles of multi trails, and surprisingly a great trail out to the forest to get the feel of true nature.

The campsite is occupied, without a great deal of protection, so assuming you need a side of security, you have to be fully prepared before you go anyplace in this spot.


Here, we have talked about some best dispersed camping near Denver. All of the areas listed here have their own kind of lands and camp experience for nature explorers.

For more info, see the FAQ.


Where is the best dispersed camping area in Colorado?

Some of the top dispersed camping areas that you can find in Colorado are:

  • Jones Pass (Empire)
  • Guenella Pass (Grant & Georgetown)
  • Red Feather Lakes – Deadman Road (Fort Collins)
  • Caribou Townsite (Nederland)
  • Divide Road
  • Montezuma Road (Keystone)

Is dispersed camping permitted in Colorado at the present time?

There are some roads with signs that show the camping spots. Dispersed camping is allowed in Colorado for everyone in specific regions.

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