8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Capitol Reef National Park

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Southern Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park preserves amazing scenery and history. The Waterpocket Fold and Cathedral Valley are geological wonders in this beautiful and unique national park, which has beautiful valleys, red cliffs, and geological wonders.

The huge sandstone formations that mimic Capitol domes found in government buildings across the country are known as Capitol Reef.

Capitol Reef is, in fact, envisioned as a global dark-sky entertainment park.

The park is also quite secluded, making it an excellent location for camping.

With that in mind, we believe that the best way to really appreciate what Capitol Reef National Park has to offer is to spend the night in your tent or RV, where you can get up and personal with these breathtaking views.

Dispersed Camping Near Capitol Reef National Park
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This is why we have gathered the info on the best dispersed camping near Capitol Reef National Park that you must see.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Capitol Reef?

1. Fruita Campground

The Fruita Campground is the best dispersed camping area near Capitol Reef National Park.

The campsite is very much situated for investigating the Cohab Canyon Trail, and Fremont River Trail, just like the noteworthy Fruita Schoolhouse.

Found only south of the guest community, the campsite sits neighboring the Fremont River making for an unspoiled land to go through the evening.

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Camping areas at the Fruita Campground are reservable as long as a half year ahead of time during the top season, such as from the month of March to October 31st every year.

Outside of this time span, every one of the campgrounds is accessible on a first-come, first-served premise.

The Fruita Campground contains 71 individual camping areas and one gathering camping area.

The campsite is coordinated into three circles (A, B, and C), with each circle approaching bathrooms.

Consumable water and bathrooms are accessible close to the entry to the campsite. Camping areas at the Fruita Campground come exceptionally with an outdoor table and fire grind/barbecue.

The camping area can fit the two tents and RVs, with numerous destinations ready to fit campers or RV vehicles as long as 40′.

There are additionally a few strolls in tent destinations at the Fruita Campground, ideal for those with a more modest set-up.

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2. Fruita Group Campground

Fruita Group Campground is another spot nearby that has an abundance of spots for groups of campers. Situated in a disconnected region away from the primary camping area, the Fruita Group Campsite can oblige up to 40 campers all at once.

You’ll appreciate admittance to outdoor tables, a fire pit, and a covered safe house. RVs are gladly welcomed here, but remember that anything longer than 27′ will struggle on the tracks of this region.

The Fruita Group Campground costs $100/night to save, pays little heed to the number of individuals exploring the great outdoors, and has a restriction of 10 absolute vehicles.

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Bookings for the Fruita Group Campground are required and can be made as long as a year ahead of time by means of the website.

The campsite is just open during the season which is from mid-April through mid-October.

3. Wonderland RV Park

Wonderland RV Park is a great place for RV campers to camp near the Capitol Reef National Park.

It is in the nearest town called Torrey, which is close to Capitol Reef National Park.

It is located at a short site from the Capitol Reef Visitor Center.

This campsite offers enormous get-through campsites and full hookups, cleared stopping cushions close to a little fix of grass, showers, bathrooms, clothing, and a lot of trees dissipated all through the recreation area.

Wonderland offers regions for tents and leases, setting up camp lodges.

This park is open from March to the early month of November, where campers can make their reservations and spend the best time of the year in their motorhomes to explore this area.

4. Pleasant Creek Campground in Dixie National Forest

Pleasant Creek Campground is a dispersed campground under the BLM adjacent to Dixie National Forest.

This is an incredible spot to put your camp near Capitol Reef National Park. Three camping areas, Pleasant Creek, Oak Creek, and Singletree, are totally situated within a brief distance of one another, along Highway 12, south of Capitol Reef.

At a rise of 8,700 feet, this is an occasional camping area open from mid-May to mid-September.

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In winter, the region is canvassed in snow.

This unimaginable stretch of road, running from Escalante through Boulder and on to Capitol Reef National Park, is amazingly beautiful and arrives at the height of around 9,200 feet.

Only a short way from Capitol Reef National Park, Pleasant Creek Campground, off Highway 12 south of the recreation area, is set in the remain of ponderosa pines with a little stream going through the grounds.

This can fill in as a decent base to explore close Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

The camping area has 16 moderately enormous and very much divided destinations, all of which accompany an outdoor table, fire pit, and barbecue.

This camping area isn’t reasonable for RVs in excess of 25 feet long.

5. Sand Creek RV Park

Sand Creek RV Park is another spot to consider when you want to camp near Capitol Reef National Park. It is situated in Torrey, which is not a long way from Thousand Lakes RV Park.

These are some lovely parks and spots nearby where you can place your camp for easy living.

Toward the beginning of the day, the light on the slopes is phenomenal, and it’s a lovely spot to partake in your first cup of tea.

Destinations are genuinely fundamental, yet the recreation area offers full hookups for RVs and separate regions for tents and new groups. From the grounds, you watch out to the red stone bluffs somewhere far off.

There are additionally rental hotels to accommodate the campers.

This camping area is open from March 1 to October 31.

6. Sunglow Campground

This Campground is a US Forest Service campsite situated near the west of Capitol Reef National Park close to the town of Bicknell, Utah, simply off Highway 24.

This is a little camping area, yet the campgrounds have a private vibe because of the bountiful desert vegetation that encompasses the campsites.

The camping area is settled in an excellent dessert scene with perspectives on red stone bluffs.

The way to the camping area is cleared, but the camping area itself, along with the stopping spikes, is rock.

A huge stopping region can be found to park the trailers and RVs. However, the camping area is open all year, and water and flushing latrines may not be accessible throughout the cold weather months.

It’s best for you to come here fully prepared.

7. Singletree Campground

The Singletree campsite is the best-dispersed campground with the briefest distance to the Capitol Reef National Park.

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Here everyone would love to camp with the best choices along Highway 12 which is about 30 minutes away.

It’s the biggest campsite around here with a great deal of open space. A few campsites can oblige huge RVs.

The setting is a ponderosa pine and aspen blend, which gives great perspectives of the camping area in this region.

The street and stopping prods are cleared. Extra conveniences incorporate horseshoe pits and a volleyball court, and the remote web is accessible for an additional expense.

Also, a short climb (1-mile full circle) to Singletree Falls begins right at the campsite.

You won’t find clean water and a bathroom accessible at this campsite. Setting up camp reservations is acknowledged, yet the Forest Service site expresses that they should be made somewhere around 4 days ahead of time.

8. Oak Creek Campground

The Oak Creek Campground is our last recommendation for you which is a little detached camping area found just 1 mile past the Lower Pleasant Creek Campground recorded above and 200 extra feet up in height.

It comes near Capitol Reef National Park, which is about 40 minutes (28 miles) to the area.

This is another camping area arranged right along the interstate, but the camping areas are not situated as near the parkway as they should be.

The campsite is situated in blended timberland of ponderosa pine and aspen trees, giving you some great views around. Tents and little trailers up to 25 feet are suggested.

The campsite closes in mid-October or during the start of the first snowfall.

The other best choice in Utah is Salt Lake City. Check out these Dispersed camping sites near Salt Lake City


This was a discussion on the best dispersed camping near Capitol Reef National Park, in which we have listed the best spots to place your camping.

For more details, leave your response.


Is there a dispersed camp in Capitol Reef National Park?

On the east side of this beautiful Capitol Reef National Park, you will find scattered setting up camp accessible on BLM land quickly neighboring the recreation area. You’ll observe great free camping areas situated along State Highway 24 just as south along Notom-Bullfrog Road.

There is a huge site only south of the parkway on Notom-Bullfrog Road that gets great surveys. There are also some spots on the west side as well.

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