8 Amazing Dispersed Camping Near Flagstaff, Arizona

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Flagstaff is located at a place where you can get some of Arizona’s most gorgeous scenery.

It’s simple to pick a starting point for your vacation here, with so many campgrounds and nearby RV parks to select from.

You can ski San Francisco’s peaks and explore the steep valleys in a single day, or you have the choice to visit and camp in Coconino National Forest and explore the desert at the meteor’s crater.

Easy access means you can get out of your tent and visit the vibrant downtown area, ride some world-class mountain bike trails, or even climb Humphreys Peak, Arizona’s tallest mountain.

Dispersed Camping Near Flagstaff, Arizona
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In case you want to find the best-dispersed camping near Flagstaff, then this guide will help you to find an ideal spot.

You can get a lot of beautiful locations to see that are 200 kilometers north of the Grand Canyon.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Flagstaff?

1. Forest Service Road 222 (Wing Mountain)

Forest Service Road 222 is found northwest of Flagstaff, simply off Highway 180.

This is an amazing spot for setting up camp at a dispersed location as you’ll be only a short way from Flagstaff, and the street is acceptable by practically all vehicles.

Remember there is no water here, so you’ll need to make certain to bring all that you’ll require.

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Arriving here is direct without any confusion.

This is a famous campground and offers simple admittance to the San Francisco mountains, just as Highway 180 in case you’re traveling north to find the Grand Canyon.

Basically, head north out of Flagstaff along Highway 180 for roughly 9 miles.

The 222 roads will be on the left-hand roadside. Camping areas will start from there, but you won’t find any restrooms and water here.

A moderate amount of campers may be found here.

2. Freidlein Prairie Dispersed Camping

Freidlein Prairie Camp is another dispersed location where you can camp along with other campers in the area.

It has 14 authorized dispersed camps where you can camp for free. Because you’re near the start of the main drag, this is a terrific, unique spot to trek on Humphreys Peak.

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Due to the substantial impact of camping in the surrounding desert, this area was constructed for intermittent camping.

As a result, fantastic camping in a USFS-designated area near Flagstaff has emerged.

Each of the campsites here has a fire ring and can accommodate at least one tent. You should know that RVs are not allowed here.

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Because there are no facilities here, you must pack all of your rubbish and bring your own water.

To get to this spot, you have to travel north on the 180 interstates before turning into Snowbowl Road from Flagstaff. Turn right onto FR 522 after 3.8 kilometers and keep an eye out for camping.

The majority of them are south on the road. It’s about 10 miles from Flagstaff, and there is no water facility. There is will a lot of crowds here.

3. Cinder Hills OHV Area

This location, in the city’s northeast, is ideal for individuals who wish to get off the bus or ride an ATV in the Cinder Hills area.

Because these are dry areas, there is no access to water or sanitation.

It is one of Flagstaff’s most popular camping areas, where you will find a lot of busy crowds. Be aware that this region is popular with off-road drivers, so expect some noise and dust.

Most RVs exit the FR 776 right away, but bear in mind that as you go off the highway, there are other sites along with the FR 244 that are a little calmer.

To get to Cinder Hills OHV, take Interstate 89 about eight miles north of Flagstaff.

Before looking for a campsite, turn right onto FR 776 and continue about 2.5 miles.

This location is about 15 miles from Flagstaff, and you won’t find water and restrooms here.

4. Walnut Canyon (FR 303)

You will find the next best dispersed campground near Walnut Canyon National Monument, which is the dispersed Walnut Canyon Camp.

The road leading here is also in outstanding condition, making this an excellent alternative for an excavator that cannot handle tough terrain.

If you’re visiting a national monument or wish to camp east of Flagstaff, this is an excellent area to stay.

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It’s about 11 miles from Flagstaff, and visiting Walnut Canyon is important for the campers since the valley’s historic cliffs and lovely walls are breathtaking.

It’s preferable, given the free camping option and nearby locations. You won’t find water or restrooms here, as you won’t at many other campgrounds near Flagstaff, so bring all of your stuff with you.

To get here, head south along Walnut Canyon Road from I-40.

Just before reaching Walnut Canyon Monument, turn east along with FR 303, where campsites will appear to you.

Keep in mind camping is not permitted in the area of Walnut Canyon Road. There are no restrooms, and there is a moderate crowd here.

5. Forest Service Road 171 (Wing Mountain)

This is another dispersed camping ground that you can find across from Wing Mountain.

You will find Forest Service Road 171 from FR222, which is accessible from 40 highways, and it will be shown with a dotted spot across the campsite on the map.

It is a great camping option near Flagstaff which has large campsites and relatively slippery roads.

To get here, travel approximately 18 miles north before exiting Flagstaff Interstate 40 West to FR 171.

You’re only 20 minutes from Flagstaff city center and have plenty of camps to choose from.

Go about a mile on the road and then select the location of the camp.

There are also plenty of good spots up to FR 222A, which is about a mile from the freeway. There’s no water here, so get ready.

You will find a moderate crowd here and no restrooms as well.

6. Forest Service Road 151

The dispersed camp can be found at 151 Forest Service Road.

It is a little further out from the Wing Mountain Range, but it is less congested.

There will be some highway noise, but it will only take you about 20 minutes to get there from Flagstaff.

This is a nice alternative near Flagstaff, with easy access to the 180 freeway and paved roads to the campsite. Because this is a dry area, bring water with you.

It is 11 miles in the distance from Flagstaff, and you won’t find any restrooms here.

The crowd here is moderate. The camps appear nearly quickly after the motorway closes and spread out in all directions, so you can almost always find something that works.

7. Marshall Lake

To the southeast of Flagstaff, the Marshall Lake region has great dispersed camping for all the campers.

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Here, you’ll be in a great location to explore the Coconino National Forest’s southern reaches.

It is a big campground, so you will get tired of finding a perfect spot here. Lake Marshall is more of a swamp than a lake, so don’t be fooled by its name.

Furthermore, the Arizona Route passes straight through the campground, making it perfect for mountain hiking or biking.

Be self-sufficient because there are no facilities on the lake.

To find this location, you have to drive south on Mary Lake Street from Flagstaff. After about 3 miles, turn right onto FR 128, which leads to Lake Marshall.

After driving more than 1 mile along with FR 128 and stop, camping is permitted.

The total distance of this campground from Flagstaff is about 15 miles, and you won’t be able to find any restrooms or water on the way here.

You will also see a lot of crowd here that comes for camping.

8. Willard Springs Road

You will find Willard Springs Road, approximately south of Flagstaff, near Highway 17.

It is a campground that is available for the people who arrive late to the camping spots or prefer a campground with easy access.

It is sufficient to return a little further on the forest road, where there are many good locations among the trees, for those seeking a bit of relaxation.

You can find this campground 18 miles from Flagstaff by traveling south on Interstate 17 and exiting at Exit 326 to Willard Springs Road.

It is a quick and easy path to get here, but you won’t be able to find any restroom or water on the way.

Willard Springs is about 2.5 miles from the freeway exit before the first campgrounds appear, and you will find a lot of crowds here.

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This is a discussion on best dispersed camping near Flagstaff, Arizona.

We have enlisted the beautiful campgrounds at dispersed locations where you can easily find your spot this season.


Where can I camp for free in Flagstaff?

There are the following locations to camp for free in Flagstaff.

  • Freidlein Prairie Dispersed Camping
  • Flagstaff Ranger District
  • Marshall Lake
  • Wing Mountain Dispersed Camping
  • Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area
  • Jack’s Canyon Camping and Climbing Area
  • Pumphouse Wash (FR 237) Dispersed Camping Area
  • Mogollon Rim Ranger District

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