8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Bozeman, Montana

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Montana is one of the largest and most populous states in the United States. This area has a population of over one million people, and it is renowned as the “Land of the Big Sky,” which is unsurprising.

You will easily find dispersed campgrounds here if you are a camper. Bozeman has a lot of spots where travelers can camp while enjoying the nature of their surroundings.

Montana is an RV heaven, with hundreds of acres of property available for camping, and in case you are searching for the best dispersed camping near Bozeman in Montana, then you have some options.

dispersed camping near bozeman

Here is a list of all those campground options for you.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Bozeman?

1. Spire Rock Campground

Spire Rock Campground is the best dispersed camping that you will find near Bozeman. It is a Forest Service camping area around a 40-minute drive south of town on Highway 191.

The campsite has 19 spots separated close by the winding Storm Castle Creek. This situating prompts total protection at each site.

The biggest site is 50 feet in length, but the campsite is the most ideal for vehicle camping or camper vehicles.

It’s inside the Custer Gallatin National Forest and close to one of the most mind-blowing climbing trails close to Bozeman, Storm Castle Peak.

This simple entry to experience makes Spire Rock a famous camping area all through the season. Each site comes outfitted with an outdoor table, fire ring, and assigned parking space.

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Vault toilets are accessible. Reservations are accessible and suggested for this famous camping area.

Other than climbing, other successive activities close by incorporate fishing, mountain trekking, and more.

The campsite is active occasionally between mid-May and mid-September.

2. Red Mountain and Trapper Springs Campgrounds

You can find other greatly dispersed camping area in the Red Mountain and Trapper Springs. This is a nearby location to Bozeman, where there are a couple of campsites close to the shores of the Lower Madison River.

Altogether, 34 locales are accessible between the two campsites, and around half are reservable.

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They are within a half-mile of one another and are both worked by the Bureau of Land Management.

The two camping areas support RVs; however, no hookups are accessible. Each site incorporates a fire ring, outdoor table, and admittance to vault latrines.

The other half are first-come, first-served, and frequently fill from the get-go summer ends of the week.

A camp host involves a site at one or the other camping area all through the season, May first through September fifteenth. Clean water is accessible all through this season. It’s roughly a 30-mile drive west of Bozeman on Highway 84 to reach either campsite.

The destinations are particularly well known for those hoping to enjoy the momentum of the Lower Madison River. Two of the most well-known exercises close by incorporate fly-fishing and drifting.

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The postcard-commendable Bear Trap Canyon National Recreation Trail is a short drive away.

3. Bear Canyon Campground

Bear Canyon is a campsite east of downtown that can provide a vast campground for seasonal campers. It reaches straightforwardly off Interstate 90. The campsite sits on a raised slope over the highway.

The area is great for travelers and those keen on investigating Bozeman. With a speedy exit off the highway, it’s a simple draw-off to enjoy the facilities of the campsite. Also, the attractions of Bozeman are open in under a 10-minute drive downtown.

RVs and tents all track down destinations at Bear Canyon, and lodges are on location. Weeks and month-to-month rates are accessible for RV sites and lodges.

Additional conveniences past the typical camping area incorporate an open-air pool, gym gear, jungle equipment, and a little gift shop for setting up camp supplies.

Free Wi-Fi is additionally accessible, sufficiently able to browse messages and essential web access.

4. Pine Creek Campground

Pine Creek Campground region is around 13 miles south of Livingston and opens with a 50-minute drive from Bozeman. The campsite has 25 standard non-electric spots accessible.

The greater part of the destination scatters all through a rich forest with a lot of shade.

It’s inside the West Absaroka Mountains, at the northern finish of the appropriately named Paradise Valley. On the southern end of Paradise Valley is the well-disposed mountain town of Gardiner and the northern door to Yellowstone National Park.

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Some spots here can give access to RVs, with carports up to 60-feet in length. The tent camp is well known, and all short-term visitors approach individual fire rings and outdoor tables.

Vault toilets and consumable water are close to each site. A few amusement outlets draw in campers to Pine Creek all through its season between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Yellowstone National Park is under an hour away.

In any case, a lot of adjacent spots keep campers nearer to their site. Two lakes are within a climbing distance of the camping area, Pine Creek Lake and George Lake, and campers additionally have simple admittance to the rambling Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness.

5. Battle Ridge Campground

Battle Ridge Campground is at the north of Bozeman which gives great locations for camping around this region.

If you want dispersed camping, this is an ideal spot in the Custer Gallatin National Forest that is open within a 30-minute drive.

This created campsite is free to utilize and has crude conveniences like outdoor tables, fire rings, and vaults toilet. No reservations are accessible for Battle Ridge Campground, and each site is presented on a first-come, first-served premise.

Just 13 spots are accessible, making each site a great option for less crowd and distraction. Plan to show up before the expected time in the early evening to get a site, particularly throughout the late spring.

Once in a while, the campsite is completely involved consistently.

The camping area is open occasionally between mid-May and September. The area is available for exploring this part of the public forest and the Bridger Mountains north of Bozeman.

Just across Highway 86 from the camping area, the Battle Ridge Trailhead prompts a staggering ridgeline trail that is ideal for nightfalls. You will be very different here.

6. Bozeman Hot Springs Campground

Bozeman Hot Springs campground is a place where you will find some warm pools and is probably the nearest campsite to Bozeman, Montana. The camping areas are marginally stuffed together, but safety bushes partition each site.

Different conveniences for an agreeable camp experience incorporate clothing and showers, and free Wi-Fi all through the campsite. The camping area at Bozeman Hot Springs has tent sites and RV spots with full hookups. Lodges are also accessible.

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Each short-term visitor at the Bozeman Hot Springs Campground gets wristband admittance to the boiling water close by. With under a two-minute walk, campers can enjoy any of the pools accessible, going from 59 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

The natural aquifer office routinely has end-of-the-week occasions, including live music, particularly throughout the late spring.

7. Greek Creek Campground

Greek Creek Campground is a good spot for those who come from distant places and want to spend the night somewhere around the Bozeman area. Around 30 miles south on Highway 191, it is the first of a little arrangement of Forest Service Campgrounds accessible off the side of the road.

A couple of destinations at Greek Creek support RVs, with the most expanded site estimating 50 feet long. No hookups are accessible, though.

Farther south on Highway 191 still, two miles south of Greek Creek Campground, Moose Creek Flat Campground has 13 sites accessible. The campsite additionally has a gathering site that obliges up to 90 visitors.

Somewhat farther south from Greek Creek and a mile on the rock Swan Creek Road, the Swan Creek Campground offers comparative setting up camp facilities.

Seven campsites are accessible at Swan Creek Campground with great views.

8. Timber Camp Campground

Timber Camp Campground is the last dispersed campground we would suggest to you near Bozeman. Here you will get close access to Gardiner.

This West Absaroka Mountains campsite, which is open from mid-June through the end of October, is particularly an excellent spot to camp in the late spring when the wildflowers are blossoming.

Close by climbing trails are an incredible spot to find out the wildlife, including wild bears, pronghorns, and mountain goats.

Here you will have great camping with your friends but be sure to come fully prepared because you won’t find latrines and clean water on this spot.


All the best dispersed camping near Bozeman, Montana, have been listed here in this article.

We have shared information on the best campsites where you can experience the camping of a lifetime.


Where can I disperse camp in Montana?

Some of the top camping sites in Montana are

  • Trout Creek Motel & RV Park.
  • Edgewater RV Resort & Motel.
  • Bass Lake Dispersed Camping.
  • Beaverhead National Forest Price Creek Campground.
  • K-M: Glacier’s RV Park & Campground.
  • Gable Creek.
  • Kootenai National Forest Little Therriault Lake Campground.
  • Hap Hawkins Campground.

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