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Crossroads Zinger






Interior Design







  • Aerodynamic front
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Water Lines Issues
  • Stability Issues
  • Electrical Problems

Crossroads is a travel trailer and RV manufacturing brand that has been developing trailers since 1996. It’s a great company that delivers good quality design trailers with great comfort and features. The reputation of the company leads with its high quality and fewer frills trailers that satisfy their customers.

Crossroads is 100% designed with a focus on maximum comfort and convenience. If you need a trailer made for travel that is comfortable to stay in, has all the facilities found in a travel trailer, and is worth the price, then the Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer is for you.

Crossroads Zinger

Crossroads Zinger

When you buy an RV, you get something on how to keep your home away from home. Fortunately, CrossRoads Travel Trailer will make all your wishes reach you. With a spacious bathroom and a curved toilet lane, the full break room allows you to enjoy all the comfort of home at camp. You can roll up every night in a huge mattress with cable TV connectivity for comfort and fun at the same time.

Crossroads has modernized the overall look of the Zinger Travel Trailer to a more elegant look. When buying a Crossroad travel trailer, comfort and convenience, along with style, are at the top of the list of importance. The Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer has it all. Crossroads is happy to offer you great choices, so you don’t have to sacrifice maximum convenience, comfort, and style.

The CrossRoads Zinger can make your vacation special. You will love the protection and safety provided by the backup digital camera setup that can be visually visible behind the travel trailer and can facilitate backup. What’s more, you can also find solar panel-enabled spots to keep your camper on, even if it’s not plugged in.

Crossroads Zingers Features

The Crossroads Zinger Trailer provides ample space to move and feel comfortable. With plenty of floor plans, some sliding features, and all the comforts of the house, many fashions can fit into your own family and guest circle. Both the Zinger lite alternative and Zinger standard have been modernized.

  • Aerodynamic front
  • Nitrogen-filled radial tires
  • 3 new interior designs
  • New wood decoration
  • LED luminaires and luminaires
  • Spacious storage
  • Maple cupboard doors and drawers
  • Preparing for solar power
  • Beautiful compression counter
  • Colored windows
  • Preparing for backup
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • AM / FM stereo with Bluetooth audio bar
  • Heat increased comfort for low temperatures

Standard Features:

There are some standard features in the Crossroads travel trailers. They have a resistor stabilizer jack (dual shaft models only) as a trendy feature. You can also choose 10 cubic feet. Electric refrigerator, or 8 cubic foot gas refrigerator available as an option.

Standard features also include:

  • King size bed
  • Wine cooler
  • Stainless steel sink with lid
  • 20 lb tank with lid
  • Washing machine/dryer preparation
  • Folded shades

Convenience Center

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All Crossroads Zinger touring trailer modes have a convention center with a sliding canopy management center, with the potential to view all tanks from one place. There are no major changes throughout the trailer to apply the most important controls. You can manage everything from one place. Spacious master bedroom

Zinger’s main room includes a kitchen and a built-in neighborhood ideal for your entire family. Relax by the built-in fireplace while relaxing on the sofa bed or desk in the dining room. And discover a charming, practical, and complete kitchen with chrome steel appliances, tile tops, and cherry tree cabinets.

Extra Features

Crossroads RV guarantees a safe ride wherever you go. They designed this unique trailer with a black tank dump system, colored windows for privacy, and clean open access steps. In the open-access step, toddlers can get in and out of the RV as they like. The exterior also works with a storage point for drain hoses and a clean water tank of 54 gallons. You can use this water every time you connect.

For your convenience, they have an outdoor bathroom with a hot water faucet. There is no dust in the living area. They have a digital backup camera setup that makes it easy for you to fly to any campsite. The manufacturer made this on the inside with the same care as on the outside. With chrome steel overpressure taps, chrome steel appliances, a beautiful kitchen backplate, and a small touch on the high price tag, the Zinger feels like a home.

The sink provides ample space for toiletries, which consist of a linen garage and mirror cabinets. In addition, there are jug bus doors and neo-perspective buses. Porcelain footbaths and parchment basins are also conveniently located. Enjoy the spacious lounge garage with a garage door underneath the dining room in the sales space. You can also sit in your favorite area on the sofa bed.

You can also cook dinner in the outdoor kitchen while watching the kids ride their bikes around the camp. The second entrance door is right next to the kitchen, so you can run inside right away. Use whatever you may want. You can try 13 Zinger floor plans for additional information on where all your favorite features are located.

Crossroad Zinger Problems

After discussing the positive sides of Zinger by Crossroads RV, now we shall take a look at its bad side and problems.

1. Water Lines Issues

There are water lines issues in Zinger travel trailers. When they store the trailers for winters or during any season with full water tanks, it causes the lines to cause problems. The damage to the traces of water and pumps is a problem that is not uncommon, the reason why you want them to recover in RVs throughout the nation. A lot of people get frustrated due to this problem in Zinger.

2. Stability Issues

The CrossRoads Zinger can be a lot of fun while going on trips, but there is a common problem that most people experience with it, which is balance. This can be very demanding as the trailer constantly sways while using it. The driving force needs to keep everyone on the guide wheel, but it can be frustrating for anyone who wants to let go on their way home. Therefore, you should check and fix the problem as soon as possible. Swing problems on large trailers like these are usually normal.

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However, if you notice that it is growing over time, therefore, the biggest problem to test is trailer tires. Even this type, if it begins to develop to run out of air. Or, if you have alignment problems, start jogging with problems while using the car. With that in your head, you should always keep your tires under test.

The simple answer for people is to attach sensors to trailers and car wheels. This will keep you informed about the air in your tires at any time. Then, whenever they start to run out, you can get them back. Apart from this, it is also useful to bring your car to the workshop on a regular basis. They test your wheels very well or restore alignment in case of problems.

3. Electrical Problems

Another problem that many people may encounter with the use of the Zinger travel trailers by CrossRoads is the device installed on them. You may find that some of your household appliances are not working. With that in mind, the main issue that needs to be tested is device cables. Cables can come loose, so make sure they are tightly connected. If this does not resolve the electrical problem, you can inspect the cable to see if it is damaged.

All damaged or damaged cables must be replaced with new ones to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, try switching the aperture you were using before. If the device is currently working, it may help solve the problem of replacing the old plug with the new one. If all the plugs in your car are causing the same problem, the battery may be out of order.


This was a review article on Crossroads Zinger where we discussed some positive and negative points about these travel trailers. We briefly discussed each aspect of these trailers along with different features in specific models. This information might be helpful for you and if you want to learn more, contact us.


Is CrossRoads Zinger a good trailer?

Assuming you need a trailer that is made for movement, agreeable to live in, has however many comforts as are accessible in a movement trailer, and is of the greatest quality at the cost, then, at that point, a Crossroad Zinger travel trailer is the best approach.

Do Thor own CrossRoads?

Although Thor claims Crossroads RV, the company works as its own organization with its own travel trailers and RV models. Individuals know Crossroad company for its towable RVs, which incorporate travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Is Zinger a reliable Travel Trailer?

The Crossroads Zinger is a very reliable travel trailer with all the essential features packed in one camper. It’s best for family trips.

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