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Coachmen Freedom Express






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  • Lightweight
  • Luxury
  • Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens
  • Spacious Rooms


  • Low Quality Battery

Coachmen travel trailers are luxurious and spacious when it comes to camping with your friends and family. These campers allow you to experience the best amenities to make your trips worthwhile. The lightweight RV camper models by Coachmen are Freedom Express Ultra Lite travel trailers. This is a great series of trailers with various models and floorplans to provide sufficient satisfaction to the customers.

Coachmen Freedom Express Review

Coachmen Freedom Express (279RLDS)

Ultralight models in the Coachmen Freedom Express series offer extravagance in one place with all the lovely and shiny spots. These models are effectively towable by the present fair-size SUVs and half-ton vehicles, so you may not have to buy another trailer once you get fond of these travel trailers. This is because each model is developed with vacuum fortified dividers with sturdy Azdel, Tufflex PVC material, and a 3/4 gel-covered fiberglass cap with an auto glass windshield.

There is an 81″ inside stature that provides standing room and the Carefree deck that is both attractive as well as easy to clean. You will see valuable features like FM/HDMI/AM/USB/Bluetooth radio, which can be linked to LED TV and USB ports to keep your phones charged. Outside these travel trailers, you get to track down a powered canopy with a LED light strip, a pet chain/bottle opener, a power tongue jack, in addition to a lot more helpful conveniences.

Coachmen Freedom Express Features

The Coachmen RV Freedom Express Ultra Lite has everything that you would need. There is everything explained in detail alongside its features in this review.

1. Towable

The Freedom Express Ultra Lite is one of the commonly known names in the travel trailer world. It’s intended to be towed by average size SUVs and half-ton vehicles. Contingent upon floor plan, it likewise arrives in various lengths, from 22′ to 35′, so you can pick the size that is best for your family and towing vehicle.

2. Luxury

You’ll adore finding the highlights in this trailer that are very luxurious. One of the cherished components of this trailer is the way remarkably it’s intended for any family. Take your pick from units, including a front room, backroom, a bunkhouse, or even a Murphy bed. A lot of convertible furniture like couches and a dinette will give you additional resting space, assuming you want it.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

While the standard kitchen incorporates the microwave, stove, cooktop, and refrigerator that make supper prep of any sort simple, the Express Ultra Lite travel trailers additionally incorporate an outside kitchen, so you can augment the time you spend outside on stunning days. It’s the ideal method for investing energy with your family without feeling cooped up inside.

4. Innovative and Spacious Storage

There is heaps of extra room in the Coachmen Freedom Express. You’ll cherish having the option to pick a model that incorporates the cupboards, storerooms, and overhead storage that your family needs to pack along with the excursion. The inside storage choices, just as the outside go through capacity implies you can keep everything in its place effectively while ensuring it’s as yet open when you want it.

5. Bedroom

From overhead lights to a comfortable bed, everything in the bedroom feels luxurious and attractive. You can rest inside with the silence and comfort of your home. Everything about this space shouts solace. You get wardrobes on one or the other side of the bed, and a comfortable sovereign measured sleeping cushion. There is also overhead cabinetry for simple stockpiling.

6. Living Area

An extensive living region outfitted with all that you want to have inside a travel trailer in your experience out and about can be viewed inside these travel trailers. You’ll adore how this camper offers an extravagant spot to sit and have a cup of espresso using quality kitchen machines and even the storage setup for everything. You get an AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth Receiver, LED TV, LED Interior Lighting, Night Shades, and a lot more of the features inside.

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7. Amazing Bathroom

There is also an amazing bathroom present inside this travel trailer. You will be dazzled by how this restroom offers you all that is expected to feel great out and about. From tough equipment to simple to keep the clean floor, everything about this space was made considering your comfort. Furthermore, with broad storage choices, you’ll see the value with all the bathroom equipment properly set into place.

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite Floorplans

There are some common models of Freedom Express Ultra Lite that are listed below.

1. Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 238BHS

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 238BHS

The Freedom Express 238BHS is a model that gives you a true feel of a camper where you get the elements that you would require in a travel trailer. The 238BHS travel trailer allows resting space for up to eight and tips the scales at only 5,314lbs. You can undoubtedly tow this RV to the campsite and go through an end-of-the-week or seven days with your loved ones on family trips. You’ll adore that the outside camp kitchen makes it simple to prepare flavorful dinners around the open-air fire.

Key Features

  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Flip-Up Countertop
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Double-Size Bunks
  • 88″ U-Shaped Dinette

2. Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 248RBS

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 248RBS

The 248RBS is another model with a different floorplan that highlights resting for up to six and makes an incredible family RV for any individual who loves to travel to several places in each season. The 88″ U-formed dinette overlaps down into a comfortable bed and gives an ideal spot to have family suppers together. You’ll adore that the restroom includes an enormous closet for everybody to keep their things in during your visit.

Key Features

  • Rear Bath
  • Private Bedroom
  • U-Shaped Dinette
  • Outdoor Kitchen

3. Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 192RBS

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 192RBS

The Freedom Express Ultra Lite 192RBS is the ideal couple’s trailer to take to the late every other end of the week. You will enjoy your own sovereign bed front and center that incorporates vaulted under-bed storage for your baggage. The couch slide out with an unattached table gives a spot to unwind and feast together, and assuming that you have a short-term visitor, they can rest here. The gourmet expert can get ready dinners on the three-burner cooktop or in the microwave, and there is a double bowl American stonecast sink for simple tidy up.

This model additionally incorporates a full shower with a cloth storage room for clean towels and a 32″ range shower with a bay window for really standing space. Each model additionally includes Tufflex PVC material, front jewel plate, and E-Z Lube axles for smooth towing. With any Freedom Express Ultra Lite travel trailer by Coachmen, you will see the value in quality development materials, and for example, vacuum reinforced dividers with Azdel composite, a 3/4 gel-covered fiberglass cap with a car glass windshield, and a warmed coated underside.

Key Features

  • Sofa Slide Out
  • Entryway Pantry
  • Queen Bed
  • Convenient Waste Basket
  • LED TV

4. Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 274RKS

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite 274RKS

When you need a wide-open travel trailer as your home that can fill all your requirements, then the Freedom Express Ultra Lite 274RKS is the ultimate choice. This unit includes a private room front and center, a full shower, in addition to a roomy back kitchen. You will very much want to relax on the theater couch/stow away a-bed couch opposite the LED TV and chimney, and there is a stall dinette for feasting.

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You can sit down and relax under the 20′ power canopy outside with LED lights to make the best of your day. You can also cook meals with the outside kitchen, and the pass-thru storage can provide extra storage for keeping bicycles or keeping other toys and luggage. The construction of the body is made from vacuum fortified dividers with Azdel composite and quality materials that give an overall great travel trailer to enjoy your trips to far-off places.

Key Features

  • LED TV Swivel
  • Rear Kitchen
  • Wine Rack
  • Pull-Out Camp Kitchen
  • Two Pantries
  • Front Private Bedroom


This was Coachmen Freedom Express Review, in which we have mentioned details for various models and floorplans of Freedom Express travel trailers. For detailed info, you can check out the FAQ section to gather more information.


Are Coachmen travel trailers any good?

Coachmen travel trailers are good, according to customers’ reviews. A significant number of their models are commended for their brilliant floorplan, elements, and steadfastness. Some Coachmen models are consistently reprimanded for trashy workmanship, breaks, and heaps of different issues.

Which is better, Jayco or coachman?

Coachmen scores in adaptability and outside strength; however, its insides could utilize a few redesigns. There’s a Coachmen trailer for each client hoping to lease. However, Jayco is the better choice for living inside the RV.

Are Coachmen Class C any great?

The Coachmen Class C RV is an extraordinary choice to get into any park, cruise through the neighborhood, and has a lot of appeal for highway/mountain driving.

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