Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer Reviews

Forest River Cherokee

$15,550 - $33,890





Towing Capacity


Security Tech





  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Super Kitchen
  • External Porch Light
  • Tire pressure monitored
  • Seamless Roof


  • Poor Bedroom Panels
  • The front door is problematic

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If you’re looking to enjoy years of camping in all types of environment with you family and you’re tired of looking up trailers that fit all your requirements and can accommodate a large number of people then you’ve landed on the right page. 

Forest River brings you its Cherokee trailer line that has all the features a great family camper should possess. Flexible floor plans that give you the choice of creating your own comfort zone in your camper. 

Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer Review

Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer

Forest River has invented the Cherokee line that promises class with comfort. The living area is customizable and can be altered by one’s choice to make you feel more at home. The Cherokee line has a very vast list of floorplans with accommodations for all types of families. 

Whether small or big the floorplans have distinct factors that can accommodate a different number of people so, it’s really easy for a person to find what they are looking for. Cherokee Travel Trailers are perfect for a holiday well spent!

Forest River Cherokee Features

The Cherokee Travel trailers by Forest River are loaded with excellent features. There are distinct features for every other RV but some greater basics are present in each RV.

 Now, you can’t buy a trailer and not know what you’re paying for. Hence, here are some characters you should know about Forest River’s Cherokee camper line. 

1. Control App and Remote Control

Every single function inside this RV is controlled by either a Cherokee App that you may download on your phone or a single remote controller. Of course, the bedroom lights have separate switches but all other tech installed in the RV is controlled through a remote.

2. Camera System Backup

To keep track and surveillance, there’s a backup camera system present inside the RV that gives you and your family a sense of security in an unknown or lonely environment. The security system keeps you updated on your surroundings. 

3. Outside TV Option

Not most RV’s have the possibility of stationing their entertainment center outside for a picnic but the Cherokee Trailers line give you the opportunity of getting an outside TV placement in the form of a bracket and external speakers for you to link the TV to. 

4. External Porch Light

There’s an external porch light to scare away threats in the night. The light on the porch is an optional instrument that not many RVs possess but the Cherokee camper line from Forest River does. 

5. Bedding Assemble Premium

There is a premium bedding assemble package that is present in each camper of the Cherokee line. The mattresses can be assembled and are of evergreen quality that cannot be easily damaged. 

Forest River Cherokee Floorplans

1. Forest River Cherokee Toy Hauler 255RR

Cherokee 255RR

Forest River Cherokee 255RR is a lightweight toy hauler travel trailer. Not every trailer out there has a ramp to walk over but the Cherokee trailers do! Yes, the Cherokee trailer line possesses a ramp outside for loading vehicles inside. The ramp folds out and is attached to the RV. This camper is perfect for a smaller family. The bedroom is well-designed with the bed stationed vertically with the side walls. 


Hitch Height: 1415 lb
GVWR: 11615 lb
UVW: 6844 lb
CCC: 4771 lb
Exterior Length:  32’ 7”
Exterior Height:  13’ 5”
Exterior Width: 96”
Fresh Water Capacity: 40.00 gal
Gray Water Capacity: 38.00 gal
Black Water Capacity: 38.00 gal

2. Forest River Cherokee Toy Hauler 294RR

Cherokee 294RR

The bedroom and bathroom have a separate door and there’s one on the side that opens into a small hallway that leads into the lounge. The RV possesses a single Queen bed on one side and on the other end of the Rv there are two flip-up sofas that can be positioned as a dinette. 


Hitch Height: 1180 lb.
GVWR: 11380 lb.
UVW: 6879 lb.
CCC: 4501 lb.
Exterior Length:  35’ 9”
Exterior Height:  11’ 1”
Exterior Width: 96”
Fresh Water Capacity: 40.00 gal.
Gray Water Capacity: 66.00 gal.
Black Water Capacity: 38.00 gal.

3. Forest River Cherokee 234DC

Cherokee 234DC

Two-door bedroom, walk-in shower, a perfect small lounge, this couples trailer has got all the accommodations for a perfect couple’s getaway. 


Hitch Height: 645 lb.
GVWR: 7645 lb.
UVW: 5788 lb.
CCC: 1857 lb.
Exterior Length:  28’ 9”
Exterior Height:  11’ 1”
Exterior Width: 96”
Fresh Water Capacity: 40.00 gal.
Gray Water Capacity: 38.00 gal.
Black Water Capacity: 28.00 gal.
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4. Forest River Cherokee 251RK

Cherokee 251RK

This floorplan is only available on the west coast. There’s a big room for smaller families in this trailer. The dinette and sofa set is positioned in front of one another and there’s a well-designed bathroom at one corner of the rear end. Don’t forget the fold-out ramp.


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Hitch Height: TBD
Exterior Length:  TBD
Exterior Height:  TBD
Exterior Width: TBD
Fresh Water Capacity: TBD
Gray Water Capacity: TBD
Black Water Capacity: TBD

5. Forest River Cherokee 264DBH

Cherokee 264DBH

Cherokee trailers come in all sizes which is similar to families. Get ready to have a big, fun vacation with the rest of your family because Forest river has invented the Cherokee line that offers two bunk beds and a Queen bed, perfect for you and your family.  


Hitch Height: 884 lb.
GVWR: 8485 lb.
UVW: 6760 lb.
CCC: 1725 lb.
Exterior Length:  33’ 2”
Exterior Height:  11’ 1”
Exterior Width: 96”
Fresh Water Capacity: 40.00 gal.
Gray Water Capacity: 38.00 gal.
Black Water Capacity: 38.00 gal.

6. Forest River Cherokee 264RL

Cherokee 264L

If you want to enjoy premium theatre seats on your vacation then you should definitely get this camper. This Forest River Cherokee has very classic-posed furniture that’s mounted into the RV. so, you needn’t worry about the driving damage. 


Hitch Height: 800 lb.
GVWR: 9985 lb.
UVW: 6308 lb.
CCC: 3677 lb.
Exterior Length:  35’ 7”
Exterior Height:  11’ 1” 
Exterior Width: 97”
Fresh Water Capacity: 40.00 gal.
Gray Water Capacity: 38.00 gal.
Black Water Capacity: 38.00 gal.

7. Forest River Cherokee 274BRB

Cherokee 274BRB

A perfect family trailer with a lot of space to move around. The Queen bed and the bunks are far apart from each other so there’s privacy with additional separating doors. The trailer is installed with furniture in a way that gives you a sense of home and comfort. 


Hitch Height: 720 lb.
GVWR: 9985 lb.
UVW: 6383 lb.
CCC: 3602 lb.
Exterior Length:  32’ 7”
Exterior Height:  11’ 1”
Exterior Width: 96”
Fresh Water Capacity: 40.00 gal.
Gray Water Capacity: 38.00 gal
Black Water Capacity: 28.00 gal.

8. Forest River Cherokee 274RK

Cherokee 274RK

The possibility of an outside kitchen is just what makes a vacation greater. The kitchen would be aided by a huge speaker set, hence, you can enjoy yourself while making food. This camper is modified just by what a family exactly needs. There’s space and comfort, all in one camper.  

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Hitch Height: 860 lb
GVWR: 9980 lb 
UVW: 6742 lb
CCC: 3238 lb 
Exterior Length:  33’9’’
Exterior Height:  11’1’’
Exterior Width: 96’’
Fresh Water Capacity: 44 gal 
Gray Water Capacity: 38 gal 
Black Water Capacity: 28 gal 

9. Forest River Cherokee 274VFK 

Cherokee 274VFK

The classiest look a camper design can pull of, this RV has a very decent kitchen at one end, stationed exactly as the shape of the RV, and a large, spacious bedroom at the other end. You needn’t worry about anything else, where there’s so much in a single camper that provides you utter comfort and bliss. 


Hitch Height: 985 lb 
GVWR: 9985 lb 
UVW: 7047 lb 
CCC: 2938 lb 
Exterior Length:  33’9’’
Exterior Height:  11’1’’
Exterior Width: 96’’
Fresh Water Capacity: 44 gal 
Gray Water Capacity: 38 gal 
Black Water Capacity: 38 gal 

Forest River Cherokee Price

The price of a Forest River Cherokee travel trailer can be as low as $15,550 and as high as more than $33,890. 

Forest River Cherokee Ratings

  • Quality: 8/10
  • Accommodations: 9/10
  • Towing Capacity: 3.5/10 
  • Security Tech: 10/10 
  • Controlled Tech: 9/10 
  • Livability: 8.5/10 
  • Affordability: 7.5/10 
  • Interior LED lighting. 
  • Super Kitchen. 
  • Wooden, solid bedroom doors. 
  • External porch light. 
  • Outside optional grill. 
  • Seamless roof. 
  • Tire pressure monitored. 
  • USB charging switches. 
  • Black-out glass. 
  • Poor bedroom panels. 
  • The front door is problematic. 


Whether you’ve been an RVer for a long time or just want a camper for a family holiday, the Cherokee line by Forest River is the best and most amazing option for you to try. 

Not only does this camper have large, spacious areas but it also is the answer to every avid dream of a camper. Thus, if you look for quality and comfort in a camper then you are recommended to try out a Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer. 


1. What is the best dealer for Cherokee trailers? 

Lakeshore RV has a reputation for dealing with some of the best and most interesting RVs in the country. If you want to buy an RV for a long time, be certain to contact the dealers at Lakeshore. 

2. Do Cherokee Trailers have Triple Sliders? 

Yes, Cherokee travel trailers possess three different slide-outs for excessive storage. Cherokee is not only spacious but very comfortable as well. 

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