14 Most Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

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Motorhomes are pretty expensive because they have lots of features and luxuries included inside their floorplans.

These motorhomes are worth every penny, but sometimes, the customers may not have enough money to afford a luxurious and stylish motorhome for their living.

In such cases, they may be searching for the Best Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes.

If that is the case with you, then we have got a list of some best affordable motorhomes that you need to see and choose one according to your budget.

We have listed all Class A, B, and C motorhomes that come under an affordable budget for the customers.

Name Motorhome Type Price
Off-Grid Adventure Vans Class B $67,000
The Free Bird Class B $37,000
Coachmen Freelander Class C $79,800
Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Class C $75,000
Boho Camper Vans Class B $35,000
Oasis Campervans Class B $8,500
Winnebago Minnie Winnie Class C $59,999
Winnebago Spirit Class C $79,990
Jayco Redhawk Class C $130,806
Forest River Sunseeker Class C $95,900
Winnebago Vita Class C $106,500
Newmar Dutch Star Class A $522,950
Forest River George Town Class A $138,900
Tiffin Phaeton Class A $89,995

Off Grid Adventure VansOff Grid Adventure Vans
The Free BirdThe Free Bird
Coachmen Freelander Class C RVCoachmen Freelander
Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22BThor Motor Coach Four Winds
Boho Camper VansBoho Camper Vans
Oasis CampervansOasis Campervans
Winnebago Minnie WinnieWinnebago Minnie Winnie
Winnebago SpiritWinnebago Spirit
Jayco RedhawkJayco Redhawk
Forest River Sunseeker LEForest River Sunseeker
Winnebago VitaWinnebago Vita
Newmar Dutch StarNewmar Dutch Star
Forest River Georgetown 7 SeriesForest River George Town
Tiffin PhaetonTiffin Phaeton

The Most Affordable Motorhomes are

1. Off Grid Adventure Vans

Off Grid Adventure Vans Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

Off-Grid Adventure Vans expects to create an all the more maintainable, economical van, and these motorhomes are a lot less inexpensive than most conversion van organizations.

You will get this camper van at an affordable price for the exquisite features that it is offering for anyone out there.

The organization offers four distinct layouts. Their most famous format is based on the 159-inch Ram Promaster chassis.

In this model, a standard Murphy bed rests two individuals without a problem and folds up when not being used for sleeping or sitting.

In its place are two-seat with a removable table in the center for working or feasting on the meal.

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Overhead cupboards and inherent cabinetry give storage, while a cookroom kitchen incorporates a fridge, butcher square ledge, oven, and sink.

There is a lot more to do with this camping van once you put your hands on it.

2. The Free Bird

The Free Bird Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

The Free Bird is another affordable motorhome that is based on the Nissan NV200 freight van.

You will be impressed by this camper van as it utilizes a helpful slide-rail framework that makes changing from camper van to freight hauler a snap.

The slide-and-coast system permits each of the parts to be introduced or removed within minutes.

The fundamental bunk is a collection of boxes that hold all the camping gear and accessories.

The kitchen can be accessed from the back easily.

It comprises a convenient butane oven and two storage drawers. Another huge storage box behind the front two seats houses a battery that controls the dimmable LED lighting, two USB power ports, and the 31-quart cooler.

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3. Coachmen Freelander

Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

The Freelander is the budget choice for a Class C motorhome by Coachmen.

The price is very reasonable, and there are a few unique models and undercarriage to browse, going long from 24 feet to right around 33 feet.

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The Freelander highlights a full-length shade with a LED light bar, private measured beds, huge freshwater tanks, and body moves up to provide a smooth and comfy ride.

Contingent upon the model you select, the Freelander can have somewhere in the range of zero to two slide-outs to boost inside space.

All models have a master bedroom, a dinette that can be folded into a dozing space, and a cab over bunk so they can easily rest an entire family.

Coachmen Freelander 31MB

4. Thor Motor Coach Four Winds

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22B

The Four Winds is normally based on a Ford or Chevy chassis, and it runs on a V8 engine that will effortlessly deal with cruising speeds and can tow as much as 8,000 pounds on the hitch.

The Four Winds is accessible in 13 diverse floor designs that reach from 24 to 32.5 feet in all-out length.

A few models have no slide-outs, while others have one full-divider slide out or two more modest slide outs.

This camper was worked in light of capacity, so you’ll find ample capacity choices all around.

It additionally has a lot of seating for daytime sitting that can be effortlessly changed over to resting space around evening time.

It has a wide range of inside completely accessible features so you can look over smooth wood or fresh white to match your own style.

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22B Floor plan

5. Boho Camper Vans

Boho Camper Vans

The Phoenix-based Boho Camper Vans are some of the classic camper vans that come at a very reasonable price.

With their vans popular due to Covid, Boho Camper Vans have zeroed in all creations on the Boho Tall, with woodwork in insides on a RAM 2500 High Roof 159.

Each form out incorporates 340 watts of solar chargers, an electric double zone freezer, a compact latrine, and capacity cupboards.

The bed is situated in the back with a carport beneath, and there’s a little take-out table in the sitting region.

While the floorplan comes to stock, you can modify the tile, floor tone, inside base paint tone, stain choices, bedding, and drapes.

This motorhome can help you make out the best of your trips with your friends.

6. Oasis Campervans

Oasis Campervans

Oasis Campervans change over the all-wheel-drive Toyota Sienna minivan into a motorhome that can be useful for long trips.

Oasis Campervan transformations incorporate a vitally front room with take-out drawers, a completed floor, and a moveable table for working.

You can get these custom motorhomes are very much affordable prices without worrying about running out of your budget.

One of the most imaginative pieces of the plan is a foldable seat that changes into part of the bed with a supportive backrest, and when in the sleeping position, the standard sleeping pad can hold a couple of individuals serenely.

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Like a teardrop trailer, the van’s back region gets to a little kitchen with a sink, running water, drawers and racks, and a big ledge.

Supper prep is made simple on account of a crease-up kitchen table, and in specific van designs, the kitchen can fit a slide-out cabinet that fits a cooler or fridge.

7. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Winnebago has Minnie Winnie as a small and affordable motorhome that you can get to make your summer and winter vacations worth everything.

The latest model has six-floor plans accessible, going in the range of 24 feet to almost 33 feet long and resting somewhere in the range of five and eight individuals.

Some floor plans do exclude slide-outs while others have a couple of slide-outs.

There is an amazing big windshield at the front, and you have a lot of space inside to never feel trapped in your motorhome.

You will also find the nature of the material inside the Minnie Winnie to be the best one you would ever see inside the motorhome.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M

8. Winnebago Spirit

Winnebago Spirit Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

The Spirit by Winnebago is also another affordable motorhome on the list.

This model additionally has six layouts accessible, with a similar length and resting limit ranges as the Minnie Winnie.

It has three distinct, very good quality inside layouts with lots of features that you wish to see in a motorhome.

Storage is filled in all over the RV so you can have your own things as a whole and stuff stowed easily away into the camper.

Some floor plans even have theater seating accessible for the evenings when you want to watch a movie or have major game days, and with the smooth general media, innovation worked into the Spirit.

You won’t miss a moment of the activity.

Winnebago Spirit 31K

9. Jayco Redhawk

Jayco Redhawk Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

The Redhawk is a motorhome that is available for customers at a bit of a hefty price.

It’s not as pricey as the big bulky motorhomes, but if you can afford to be somewhere in the midrange for a motorhome, this is the best choice by Jayco.

It comes in seven distinctive floor plan choices and has perhaps one or two inside design choices.

The cab-over bunk of this motorhome has a weight of 750 pounds, so it’s ideally suited for resting or for putting away your luggage and extra accessories.

All floor plans have one slide out, yet the slide fluctuates in size from simply the bed to the whole divider.

All models have a huge traveler side canopy and theater seating.

10. Forest River Sunseeker

Forest River Sunseeker LE Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

The Sunseeker from Forest River is an affordable choice with its expansive scope of sizes.

It is accessible as four unique models, and every one of them has its own layout for floor plans accessible.

You can get it on a Chevy or Ford suspension with nine distinctive floor plans.

The Classic has the intriguing choice of a slide-out toward the back of the camper, notwithstanding the ordinary side slide-out choices.

All Sunseeker models have a remarkable parted level plan that takes into consideration more headroom in the living region just as passthrough storage.

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The wide scope of sizes and floor plans make the Sunseeker series an ideal choice for nearly anybody, from couples to families with youngsters.

The Classic model reaches long from around 27 feet to a little more than 32 feet.

The Sunseeker LE goes from 23 to 32 feet in length and is accessible on a Chevy or Ford frame with 10 layouts accessible.

The Sunseeker TS is based on a Ford Transit frame, has two layouts accessible, and is about 26 feet in length.

The Sunseeker MBS is based on a Mercedes case and has three floorplans accessible, which are all around 25 feet long.

Timberland River Sunseeker MBS 2400W Floorplan

11. Winnebago Vita

Winnebago Vita Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

The Winnebago Vita is also a small and affordable motorhome that joins top-tier highlights that are found in luxurious motorhomes.

It’s based on a Mercedes body and has two layouts accessible, the two of which are around 24.5 feet long and can rest up to four individuals.

This minimized form is not difficult to drive in the city and can plausibly squeeze into a typical parking spot, while the slide-outs give sufficient room when stopped to easily hang out, move around, and cook.

You will feel easy driving this RV van around the neighborhood.

Winnebago Vita 24F

12. Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar Dutch Star Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

Newmar Dutch Star is an RV that lets you pick your stylistic theme and alter your tool in a list of ways.

There are thirteen distinctive layouts that shift from 37 – 43 feet in length.

One of those plans incorporates a shower and a large portion of a jumbo bed, and a sweeping shower.

You can pick a washer and dryer too. Three slide-outs mean you’ll have a lot of breathing room, and it has a kitchen and living space with a dinette and two couches.

Newmar Dutch Star 4369

13. Forest River George Town

Georgetown 3 Series GT3 33B3 Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

Forest River has an RV at an affordable price called the George Town.

It is appraised as one of the small Class A RVs out there. It has twofold slide-outs, a shower, a double sink, a cooler, and surprisingly a chimney.

It has an extra-large bed, a couch that leans back, and a discretionary overhead bunk to fit more sleepers.

14. Tiffin Phaeton

Tiffin Phaeton Cheap and Affordable Motorhomes

A useful and very comfortable class A RV is the Tiffin Phaeton that can rest up to seven individuals and has a seven-foot roof and 45-feet long floor.

Inside the kitchen, you get a microwave and a 3-burner cooktop with a convection stove, and a discretionary dishwasher.

You can decide to have a jumbo bed in the main room, all for a very reasonable and affordable price tag.

Tiffin Phaeton 44 OH


This was a discussion on the best affordable motorhomes.

We listed the inexpensive RV models from each motorhome category and we hope you find this guide very useful.


What are the most affordable motorhomes?

Some of the best and most affordable motorhomes on the market are

  • Thor Motor Coach Chateau
  • Winnebago Spirit
  • Forest River Sunseeker
  • Winnebago Vita
  • Coachmen RV Freelander
  • Thor Motor Coach Four Winds
  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie.
  • Jayco Redhawk

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