5 Biggest, Largest and Longest Travel Trailers

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Travel trailers are huge vehicles that can work as your living home, while at the same time, they are the trailers that you can tow with your powerful vehicle to go to various places.

These trailers can have differences in their size based upon the needs and requirements of the market as well as customer demand.

Big and Long travel trailers are usually owned by those who are looking forward to some long-time adventure to distant places with their family to fit everything in one place.

Having a Large travel trailer gives the benefit of storing extra goodies and equipment so that a person can add more fun to his visit to someplace.

Travel trailers can be divided into a huge list if we start making categories, but if we discuss the biggest travel trailers ever manufactured, then there are only a few that are Bigger and Longer than any other travel trailer on earth.

We have gathered information on the Biggest, Largest, and Longest travel trailers that you will find to be more spacious and bigger than other trailers.

Name Weight Length
Jayco Eagle 334DROK 12,825 Pounds 41 Feet 2 Inches
KZ Sportsmen 362BH 10,460 Pounds 40 Feet 9 Inches
Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB 11,747 Pounds 40 Feet 8 Inches
Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS 10,950 Pounds 40 Feet 6 Inches
Forest River Cherokee 324TS 11,365 Pounds 40 Feet 5 Inches

Jayco Eagle 334DROKJayco Eagle 334DROK
KZ Sportsmen 362BHKZ Sportsmen 362BH
Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDBGulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB
2016 Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDSJayco Jay Flight 38BHDS
Forest River Cherokee Travel TrailerForest River Cherokee 324TS

What are the Biggest, Largest, and Longest Travel Trailers?

1. Jayco Eagle 334DROK

Jayco Eagle 334DROK

The Jayco Eagle 334DROK is the first option on the list because it is the biggest of all the other trailers ever built. It has a length of 41 feet 2 inches, and it fits a lot of features on the inside with its beautiful design and layout.

Jayco used the 41 feet 2 inches size of the trailer to provide extreme comfort and a spacious interior for the users to sit back and relax during their time off inside the trailer.

Also, the uplifting news is, is that the Jayco Eagle 334DROK is quite heavy, which means it doesn’t vibrate or baffle around when you take it on the highway at high speeds.

It’s quite possibly the most agreeable and extravagant travel trailer at present out and about today. Because of all the very good qualities that this trailer has, it makes you feel like you are living in your home and that you can move along with you any place you like.

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Key Specifications

Length 41 Feet 2 Inches
Vehicle Weight 12,825 Pounds
Slide-Outs 4
Sleeping Capacity 4

This top-of-the-line travel trailer’s floorplan has three separate rooms, including a huge owner suite with its own private shower and bed, a huge open sitting region with a completely prepared kitchen and theatre seating, and a second room with a tri-overlap couch and huge loads of cupboards.

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Furthermore, this Jayco Eagle camper additionally includes a huge kitchen, private tools, and an enormous entertainment area with a chimney to have a warm feeling during cold winters.

There is a washer and dry prep and a second-half shower.

One thing you most likely won’t appreciate is that it has only a sleeping limit for 4 people. A trailer of this size shouldn’t have a capacity this low. But, Jayco decided to focus on more features and comfort than increasing the sleeping space in this travel trailer which is why it is limited to 4 people.

While a six-person or more noteworthy resting limit is decent, only one out of every odd RVer needs that sort of dozing limit. As some RVers would prefer to have real living space and conveniences inside the trailer instead of a 6 or 8 sleeping limit.

Jayco Eagle 334DROK

2. KZ Sportsmen 362BH

KZ Sportsmen 362BH

KZ Sportsmen 362BH is the longest travel trailer ever manufactured. It has a length of 40 feet 9 inches which makes it look like a trailer that was meant for highway and open roads. On account of its huge sliding glass entryway, it is more of a luxurious and beautiful travel trailer.

It meets every one of the necessities that should have been an independent travel trailer as this trailer has its own installed batteries, 45-gallon new water tank, 64-gallon dim water tank, and 32-gallon dark water tank.

It’s a very exceptional travel trailer at an entirely reasonable cost. Keeping in your memory that it probably won’t have as many extra features as the Jayco Eagle, but it is a lot less in price though.

Key Specifications

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Length 40 Feet 9 Inches
Vehicle Weight 10,460 Pounds
Slide-Outs 2
Sleeping Capacity 5

The K-Z Sportsmen 362BH additionally has a resting limit for 5 people, on account of its front bunkhouse, which can rest 3, and 70-inch by 80-inch back ruler bed in the main room that can rest another 2 making this trailer extraordinary for RVers that need a huge travel trailer with good sleeping space.

It makes this long travel trailer incredible for enormous families or anybody that needs a lot of resting limits. This enormous travel trailer additionally has an exceptionally open and vaporous feel in the fundamental living region on account of its huge slide-out, open kitchen, and huge sliding glass doors inside, which gets a huge load of regular light into the camper.

This huge travel trailer has various accommodation elements and packages for modifications incorporating an entertainment system with an underlying chimney, washer, and dry prep, a three-piece dry shower, two separate eating spaces, and a huge 20-foot canopy.

KZ Sportsmen 362BH floorplan

3. Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB

Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB

The Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB is only one inch smaller than the KZ Sportsmen having a length of 40 feet 8 inches. It is the third-longest travel trailer ever manufactured, and it only gets a 1-inch small size than the second-longest trailer.

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Keeping in mind that this Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition trailer has numerous extraordinary provisions and features to offer to the customers, it is also a very stylish travel trailer.

Key Specifications

Length 40 Feet 8 Inches
Gross Vehicle Weight 11,747 Pounds
Slide-Outs 3
Sleeping Capacity 6

The most remarkable component of this extra-long travel trailer is its novel floorplan, which highlights two separate rooms at the front and back of the camper that both have sovereign beds on slide-outs.

Making this trailer ideal for a couple or two people traveling together. They get their own private space and living area.

One element that truly makes it stand apart from the other long trailers is the enormous front window which makes it quickly conspicuous on any RV part.

This trailer’s floorplan is so extraordinary, as this camper has two separate restrooms, with an entire three-piece dry shower just as another half shower. Users can have a good time showering inside with fresh water.

It has good storage tanks, and the quality of the interior, along with the restroom, is pretty amazing that it will be used for a lifetime without a problem.

Furthermore, as though that wasn’t sufficient, this trailer additionally has a truly roomy and open fundamental living region with an enormous slide-out, a decent size kitchen with a lot of counter space, a little storeroom, and a fun place.

Gulf Stream Trailmaster Special Edition 33DBDB Floorplan

4. Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS

2016 Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS

A little less in length than the third-longest trailer, Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS is a 40 feet and 6 inches long travel trailer that is also one of the longest travel trailers ever manufactured.

The beauty of this trailer is that it has a huge sliding glass door with its floorplan that makes it a very elegant and unique travel trailer.

As is normal, this enormous travel trailer additionally offers many resting limits because of its sovereign back bed, front bunkhouse, and convertible dinette area. This trailer is completely independent with batteries, a freshwater tank, a dim water tank, and a dark water tank. This trailer can totally qualify and be utilized as a trailer.

Key Specifications

Length 40 Feet 6 Inches
Vehicle Weight 10,950 Pounds
Slide-Outs 2
Sleeping Capacity 6

The huge sleeping limit isn’t the only thing that this camper has while having a huge size, as the trailer additionally has a huge sliding glass entryway in the primary living area that gives a lot of light to the interior of the trailer.

You can open the center region, which assists with opening up within the trailer, and the main back room that includes an 80-inch sovereign bed, a second compartment door, and huge loads of closet and wardrobe space.

This trailer from Forest River additionally is outfitted with a truly overall quite huge kitchen with a lot of counter space, hardened steel equipment, and a private fridge. This makes it easy for you and your family to cook food and enjoy delicious meals at the solace of your travel trailer.

Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS Floorplans

5. Forest River Cherokee 324TS

Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer

The Forest River Cherokee 324TS is the last and the fifth-longest travel trailer ever manufactured that we have included in this list. It is a 40 feet and 5 inches long travel trailer that is big enough to fit all the useful equipment and items that you want for your ease.

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It is also the low-cost model of them all on this list. It is ideal for the campers who need open living space while having a good place to rest for about seven people.

In the same way as other long-travel trailers, the Forest River Cherokee 324TS has two fundamental resting regions inside the camper, including a 3-person bunkhouse in the back and a 2-person main room at the front of the trailer.

This travel has a focal living region like other trailers with an open living/kitchen space, which gives the camper an extremely open and roomy feel.

Key Specifications

Length 40 Feet 5 Inches
Vehicle Weight 11,365 Pounds
Slide-Outs 3
Sleeping Capacity 7

An extraordinary component of this Forest River Cherokee is the place where the second passage of the trailer is found.

Since while it’s normal to have a second section door on a trailer of this size, what is one of a kind is the place where the subsequent entryway goes into the trailer. You can easily switch between the places and go to any section you want whenever you want.

Forest River Cherokee is one of only a handful of exceptional travel trailers that has a second passage door into the restroom.

You can easily go to the living area region for entertainment and fun or to do your work, or you can simply go to your sleeping area to rest and sleep your day off. It is easy to move into this trailer to various places without any problems.

One more unique component of this trailer is its exceptional open-air kitchen, which incorporates all that you could need to prepare your good or dinner along with your friends or family as the outside kitchen is outfitted with a little smaller than the usual freezer, a sink, and a two-burner cooktop.

Forest River Cherokee 324TS


This was a discussion about the Biggest, Largest, and Longest travel trailers ever manufactured, which had information about all the largest models of travel trailers that are ever built.

All of them give their own type of comfort and space for the users, and it’s easy to read about each one of them and see what’s the difference that they all have from one another.


What is the most spacious travel trailer?

When you are considering space, the most spacious options as travel trailers are,

  • Keystone Premier 24RKPR.
  • Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 832IKBS.
  • Prime Time RV Lacrosse 3299SE.
  • SportTrek Touring Edition STT333VFL.
  • Prime Time Tracer 238AIR.
  • Highland Ridge Open Range 275RLS.
  • Jayco Jay Flight 34RSBS.
  • Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8326BHS.

Which are the best travel trailer manufacturers on the market today?

Some of the best travel trailer manufacturers are,

  • Winnebago Industries.
  • Happier Camper.
  • Starcraft.
  • Lance.
  • Airstream.
  • Grand Design RV.
  • Oliver.
  • Shasta.

What is the lightest travel trailer on the market?
  • Jayco Hummingbird
  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro
  • TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth
  • Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro
  • Aliner Ascape

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