6 Excellent Van for Stealth Camping (Stealth Van)

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Stealth Van or Stealth Campers provide a way by which van lifers can stay off the vision without being highlighted at any point and let them camp and stay peacefully wherever they want to.

We know that neighborhoods and businesses don’t like people camping in public parking spots or lots which is why they need to find someplace where they might not be seen as they regularly would be.

For such conditions, stealth camper vans offer a way to camouflage into the nature of the environment where you want to camp without becoming the attention of anyone else.

To maintain a low profile, you can choose the best stealth camper van from the category, or you can make one of your own.

This guide will help you to get information on Best Van for Stealth Camping, so continue reading below to learn more.

Cargo VansCargo Vans
Small Conversion VansSmall Conversion Vans
Honda OdysseyMinivans
High Top Conversion VansHigh Top Conversion Vans
Van Craft SprinterSprinter Vans
Box TrucksBox Trucks

What are the Best Type of Van for Stealth Camping?

Here is a list of the types of camper vans that can be used for stealth.

1. Cargo Vans

Cargo Vans

The basic type of van that most people use for stealth is a cargo van. These Cargo vans are the ideal choice with regards to secrecy setting up camp.

Vehicles in this classification are from Ford, Chevy, Dodge Van, and old Chevy Vans.

This is on the grounds that seeing them is troublesome and not very amusing, but they can still be one of the best choices that you can make.

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The advantage of choosing these vans for living is that they are phenomenal to live in. Their plans have scarcely changed for a really long time.

The benefit of this is that repairmen know how to fix things around them.

Their parts are normal and reasonable. The vans offer fresh starts with the chance for you to modify it in your own specific manner.

These vans are also known not to offer a lot of headroom which is a downside.

This is the reason some individuals can have issues when remaining inside these vans for a long time.

Additionally, finding a camper van with stealth modification or making one of your is a good idea as everything you do will be on your hands.

They are sturdy and durable, and they can be your best stealth camper van to go to any campgrounds and place.

2. Small Conversion Vans

Small Conversion Vans

Small vans can be a good choice to use as stealth vans.

The reason behind this is that they are easy to fit in any place and they have better mobility.

This makes them a great option to use for stealth because you would be able to enjoy your camping or night stay without disturbing anyone’s privacy and without getting noticed.

Choosing such a van is good for solo travelers or couples. These vans have good stealth if you can prepare them well enough with your custom mods.

You can invest some of your energy and use a little budget to get the best conversion possible for a small van.

Normally, these small vans frequently come furnished with capacity cupboards and a seat that shifts into a bed.

You may even find one with a TV and microwave.

There will still be an issue of headroom space, just like the cargo vans.

3. Minivans

Honda Odyssey

Minivans are a common type of van that is mostly used by people in their daily life. They can be your best stealth camper van if you are looking for a conservative, reasonable, and straightforward vehicle.

Normally these vans can be modified with a small bed inside along with seating capacity and a dinette.

There is not much living space inside these vans, and only a couple may be able to sleep inside them.

For some Minivans, there’s much more space in a minivan than you may suspect, and when you crease down or remove the front seats, there’s a sizable amount of space for sleeping and cooking.

Some models come with a small kitchen and a table so that you can cook your food and live in the wild to explore nature without depending on anything.

There are some that not only have a kitchen but surprisingly a latrine as well.

In addition to the fact that minivans are reasonable, they’re eco-friendly, flexible, and simple to deal with.

You can convert a minivan with little mods and vinyl to make it your stealth camper van.

Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the examples to choose from.

If you are interested check out this article on Best Minivan for Vanlife.

4. High Top Conversion Vans

High Top Conversion Vans

The High Top Conversion vans are the best type of vans that you can choose for stealth camping.

The reason is that you can get good headroom inside these camper vans to move freely and do anything you normally would, easily.

They have loads of conveniences and cool elements, including high tops for additional headroom and more inside space.

The vast majority of them have wide skipper seats, calfskin seats, dim lighting, and a back seat that folds into a bed.

The high top additionally accompanies heaps of capacity choices that different vans don’t offer.

They are generally much easier to modify for the inside features.

You can shift and add new things or remove existing elements easily.

These camper vans may look weird from the outside, but they have mostly fiberglass bodies, and they are also equipped with solar chargers to make your camping experience better.

Consider modifying a high-top conversion van into a stealth camper that will offer more flexibility, reasonableness, and adequate room for inside living space.

5. Sprinter Vans

Van Craft Sprinter

Sprinter vans have been on the lookout for some time now. They are famous for their luxury interior based on a long wheelbase having all the basic features fitted into a boxier shape.

Their shape makes them ideal for making a roomy and practical living.

You will mostly find Dodger, and Mercedes Sprinter vans in this category, whereas Ford Transits is also a good option.

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Not at all like the cargo vans and minivans, these vans have a great deal of headroom for tall individuals.

Their inside space is adequately huge to design any sort of format.

With their diesel engine and automatic transmission, they offer more eco-friendliness and van life for outdoor camping.

With every one of these amazing highlights, they are an ideal pick to convert into a stealth camper.

The price for these camper vans is somewhat reasonable if you put your investment at average options.

You will be able to modify them later on with your custom and unique choices.

6. Box Trucks

Box Trucks

Much like stealth camper vans, Box trucks can be a smart choice to use for transformation.

Generally, these trucks are not very notable, and they still provide a vast space inside to completely change the layout into a living motorhome.

Box trucks don’t have any windows, and they are mostly utilized as moving trucks for taking cargo and by business organizations to carry stuff.

They are barely noticed by any means, and if you can find one for a reasonable price and convert it at your own expense, it would be a great choice.

They are very simple to find. Make sure that you get your hands on a reliable box truck that provides basic features and has good mileage, so you don’t get a headache every time you move around the city or camping spot with it.

Because of a truck’s shape like a box, there’s a lot of inside headroom, and the change open doors are practically boundless.

A box truck camper could be fitted with an inflatable cushion, cooler, and camp oven. You can add extras to make an epic stealth camper with a washroom, full kitchen, and huge loads of capacity.

Making Custom Stealth Camper Van

If you want to make your own best stealth camper van in your garage, then here are some tips that can help you to get going.

1. Gather Ideas

You will have to get ideas about different stealth camper vans first. Use social media platforms to gather ideas from different van campers.

Youtube and Instagram are great spots to find some motivation.

With anything you choose to go with, recall that there is no incorrect approach to building your van. Find the easiest and most affordable approach to convert your stealth van.

2. Measure Your Van

Measure the length of your van to get going. This is to take estimations of your van so that you can manage the modifications that you need to make.

It will be more precise and recommendable that you take the estimations yourself rather than looking on the web for the dimensions.

Make sure to measure lengths, statures, and wheelbases.

Additionally, another thing to place as the main priority is that your estimations are good guesses and not accurate figures.

Vehicles are more than a little flawed square shape and may have a few breathtaking corners.

3. Plan your Format

Now you have to stick with your own custom design and finishing. You can start by making a design on paper first, from where you can design an inside layout of the floor of your conversion van. Then include everything that you need to make it a stealth camper.

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You don’t need to be accurate yet be just about as close as could be expected. Mark the spots where windows and doors are in the van. Then get going with the sides and drawers. Make exceptions of where you will be adding new mods to the van.

4. Weight Distribution

Something significant many individuals fail to remember while planning their format is the distribution of the weight.

You have to distribute weight equally for your van as conceivable through the van. This won’t just give you the best mileage yet, in addition, it will hold your tires back from breaking down.

The weight appropriation is significant for picking the materials to go with. Keep in mind your vehicle has a gross weight that you would rather not surpass.

Choose only those modifications that won’t add much to the weight of your camper van.

5. Testing your Design

After everything is set and when you feel like you’re happy with your design, the following stage is to test it out. Get a few rolls of painter tapes and imprint out the designs on the floor of your van. With this, you’ll realize how much or little space you’ll need to move around.

In case your plan isn’t as you expected, don’t be reluctant to reject everything out and start again from scratch.

There will always be problems when you are designing a stealth camper of your own. You just need time and patience to get everything going.


This was a guide on the best stealth van that you can make out of different camper van types.

We explained a variety of camper vans available to be modified for stealth camping, and we have also discussed some of the easy ways to create your own custom stealth camper van for exploring nature.


What does stealth camper van mean?

A stealth camper for keeping a low profile is a van that is changed over to a camper or living quarters yet has the vibe of a basic van. This permits campers to have the option to rest in their vehicle while not being noticed or observed by the neighborhood.

What is the ideal campervan?

The most dependable campervans are mostly from Coachmen, Airstream, or Winnebago. Assuming that you are purchasing a pre-owned van, it is smart to have the van reviewed.

Low mileage doesn’t ensure unwavering quality since vans that are not driven enough can break down precisely and rust.

How would I get to Vanlife in a city?

In case you’re living in the city, you should attempt to invest as much energy as could reasonably be expected in the city and not in your van.

Use free spaces like shopping centers, libraries, and parks. Assuming you utilize your van exactly around evening time, you will be probably not going to require power.

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