5 Best RV for Single Woman

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Are you a solo woman traveler looking for an RV that can make your journey as a single woman with comfort and style? Then in this discussion, you will find details of all the best RV for a single woman.

If you are single and you are preparing an exciting adventure to give yourself a memorable vacation, then there are some best RVs that you can utilize.

These RVs are not only super comfortable but also provide the desired luxury conditions.

You can sleep, cook and live in these RVs as long as you want. These are equipped with all the basic instruments and features needed for living.

You can travel and live in these RVs, saving yourself a huge amount of living costs.

Take your time away from all the busy and boring routines in your van all alone or with your friends. Celebrate a girl’s night out and much more in your own RV.

So go ahead and read the list below to choose the Best RV for single woman.

Name Chassis Fuel Type Price
Leisure Travel Vans U24MB Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Diesel $138,880
Airstream Interstate 19 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Diesel $191,125
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sprinter Cab Chassis Diesel/Petrol $38,300
Airstream Atlas Mercedes-Benz Class B+ chassis Diesel $260,260
Renegade Villagio Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Diesel $148,995

Leisure Vans Wonder MBLeisure Travel Vans U24MB
Airstream Interstate 19Airstream Interstate 19
Mercedes-Benz SprinterMercedes-Benz Sprinter
Airstream AtlasAirstream Atlas
Renegade VillagioRenegade Villagio

What are the Best RV for Single Woman?

1. Leisure Travel Vans U24MB

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

The best of all traveling companion that we think is best for you is the Leisure Travel Vans U24MB Unity 24MB RV. It has wide rooms especially the bathroom is really spacious.

With such a vast space, you can enjoy your meals, relax, watch Netflix and even enjoy a great bath.

It is the best RV for a single woman to provide a Murphy bed.

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All these amazing things about this RV accentuate the homely feeling that you get from it.

Key Features

The Leisure Travel Vans U24MB has many impressive features, and some are going to be discussed here. From its wide space to its sleek design, everything adds up to its beauty just fine.

It has an exotic interior which is enhanced in its unique beauty by the curved cabinets and streamlined designs. This design makes it look delicate and attractive.

This RV has a length of twenty-five inches which is a perfect size for easy control. There are also slides within the RV that can increase its area and provide you with more room.

But these slides can only be used when the RV is parked somewhere, so make sure you only use them when you are not moving.

This RV for a single woman comes with an LCD screen measuring up to twenty-four inches.

This is a great size to play your favorite movies on a movie night or sing with your friends on a karaoke night. This RV is great for having fun as well as traveling.

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The Leisure Travel Vans U24MB has some minor flaws, which include no extra sleeping space and a simple outlook.

Those who enjoy flashy looks might not like the RV color because it has a simple look to it.

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Also, parking can be an issue for some. But as long you have a good spot arranged, you should be fine.

Although the RV has some minor cons but still if we look at the bigger picture, we can ignore the little defects and consider it the best.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB

2. Airstream Interstate 19

Airstream Interstate 19

The second-best on the list is the Airstream Interstate 19.

The reason why this RV is on our list of Best RV for a single woman is because of its unique and stylish design and glossy exterior.

This new model is the sequel to the previous Airstream and has a lot of similarity with it.

If we make a close observation, we will find that this model has far more interesting features than the previous model Airstream.

Key Features

Most of the features of this RV are going to be the same as the previous model, but since a lot of you are new here so, for your ease, we will be discussing them with you.

The Airstream Interstate 19 comes with a spacious area too where you can perform different activities.

All of the housing areas are available in it, including the lounge, kitchen bathroom, a corner bed, etc.

The bathroom is smaller as compared to the first RV.

This is a great fit for all the adventurous souls out there who like to hang out at different locations because this RV has all the important amenities.

If you are a person who enjoys parties and group gatherings, then this might not be a perfect fit for you.

It does not have enough available resources to provide for larger groups or families, but as a single woman traveler, you will love it.

There is all that a solo traveler would want in this RV.

Most of the cars are at a lower height than the ground, which makes it really hard to avoid bumps or to find a parking spot.

Hence, this RV has a great height from the ground, which is about nineteen feet.

With this height, it is easy for a single traveler to have a smooth ride even on bumpy roads and find a perfect parking spot anywhere.

It comes with a corner comfortable bed and a personal closet to place your things and lock them.

This makes it easier to keep your stuff organized and protected. The van does not feel heavy on driving because of its suitable design.

The only problem that you can have is less storage.

Airstream Interstate 19 Floorplan

3. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Get ready to go on your next adventure in one of the luxury options from Mercedes.

This company is known around the world for its reliable and exotic vehicle production. Not only the vehicle looks are exotic, but also the running is on point.

With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RV, you can enjoy your adventures and taste the wit of liberty in your comfort place.

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The Mercedes-Benz sprinter RV is charming and elegant in its style.

It is the third-best RV for the single woman because it provides reliability along with moving luxuries.

Key Features

The Mercedes-Benz RV has many features that one would like, but some of the most important ones include the improved engine speed, good space, innovative design, etc.

The interior, as well as the exterior of this Mercedes RV, is designed very carefully. Each and every detail has been paid a lot of attention.

The superb engineering also adds to the best qualities of this RV.

There are roof-rack systems as well, which can increase the space provided by this vehicle. You can use it to stash your supplies and other things.

You can also keep your bicycles there, so no need to worry about leaving your bike behind. Boats, bicycles, sports equipment, and other such things can all be placed there without any trouble.

It also has LED lights within the RV, which increase its beauty. In better lighting, you can see everything clearly and are mesmerized by the RV’s beauty.

You can do your make-up or read your favorite books as well easily in such great lighting.

It is the luxury edition of the RVs launched by Mercedes-Benz, which has made life on the road easier and more luxurious.

4. Airstream Atlas

Airstream Atlas

Airstream is a well-known camper brand that has launched quite a few RVs that are now people’s favorite.

This brand is known for its safety provision, along with all the necessary supplies. It has all equipment for fixing machinery to having first aid boxes etc.

Traveling with the Airstream Atlas RV will help you focus and enjoy traveling alone without worrying about mechanical and tech-related problems.

Key Features

This RV is convenient and stylish.

Its technology, aerodynamics, and everything else are very keenly made, so it assures a smooth ride. It has everything to make your dream of traveling a reality.

It is so great that whenever you would think of a great RV, you would automatically imagine the Airstream RV in your head.

Talking about its key features, the Airstream RV has endless amenities to provide for all of its buyers. Although the price is a bit more than the other RVs it is worth this price.

It consists of the important features that you would be looking for in a single women RV.

You can plan group trips in with as it can hold up to eight people.

The whole RV is an impressive built-in style. From its exterior to its interior, everything has been designed carefully to give a feeling of grace and refinement at the same time.

You can switch your lifestyle easily and get adjusted to a van life with this RV effortlessly.

It requires the least amount of adjustment to new things, and most of the time, you will feel at home in it.

What would be a journey without great music, right? Don’t worry because this RV provides an easy connection and music set up to entertain you.

There is a fusion mobile app that can help you control the Fusion stereo.

It is a touch screen and can connect you with Bluetooth or Airplay. With this feature, you can enjoy your favorite high-quality music in your RV at all times.

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Airstream Atlas Floor Plan

5. Renegade Villagio

Renegade Villagio

We know what you are looking for, so we have provided you with a great list of vehicles you would love to spend your time in.

Now talking about the Renegade Villagio, which is our fifth choice when it comes to the best RV for single women.

It has been constructed precisely to meet all the demands of a consumer, so you can expect a quality experience from this RV.

Key Features

What one desires the most is a luxurious life where there are no struggles and problems.

This could all be provided with this RV”s great features. Some of them include the luxury travel experience, amazing details, impressive various floor plans, and much more.

This RV comes with a Murphy bed which is feathery and comfortable for users. This bed can easily be converted into a dining place where you can enjoy your meals.

Those of you who do not like eating in the kitchen will find this feature interesting because it provides feeding yourself in your room.

You can eat anytime in your room with a simple slide bed to convert it into a dining place.

This RV also comes with a bathing area consisting of deluxe items, a water tank, and a kitchen separately.

The kitchen is located right in front of the dinette, which is a great location for it.

The total length of this RV is 24’11”, which is quite convenient.

Just like all the other RVs, it also comes with an LED TV where you can enjoy your favorite programs.


Here we discussed the Best RV for Single Woman.

There could be some problems that you come across, but the organization, equipment, and security provided in these RVs can help you overcome them.

So go ahead, be brave and live your life to the fullest.

We are sure your travel journey in any of these RVs would be full of amusement, knowledge, growth, and much more.

Do let us know about your travel journey as a single woman in your favorite RV.

We would love to hear them!

If you are a solo traveler and looking for a unisex single-person RV, then check out this article on Best RV for Single Person, this article consists of the best one person RV irrespective of their genders. 


What is the Best RV for Single Woman?

The best RV for a single woman is the Leisure Travel Vans U24MB because of its wide rooms providing larger space.

It has an exotic interior which is enhanced in its unique beauty by the curved cabinets and streamlined designs. It also comes with an LCD screen to have great entertainment.

What are some of the Best RV for Senior Women?

Some of the Best RV for Senior Women are listed below. We assure you that you will love any of these RVs as they all come with the best features.

  • Leisure Travel Vans U24MB
  • Airstream Interstate 19
  • Mercedes-Benz camper van
  • Airstream
  • Renegade Villagio

What is the Best RV for One Person?

As a single person, you can have these RVs for traveling and living.

  • Winnebago Travato Class B.
  • Airstream Interstate 19.
  • Renegade Villagio.
  • Leisure Travel Vans U24MB.

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