6 Best Fifth Wheel Under 30 Feet

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Fifth wheels make excellent campers. They’re simple to haul, have plenty of space, and have greater headroom as compared to most other RVs on the marketplace.

Many fifth-wheel campers, however, are enormous and hefty. Those with smaller trucks and garages are left out as a result.

There are several benefits to having a short fifth wheel. They are simpler to tow since they are lighter, more cost-effective, and ideal for individuals who simply want to camp with a few people.

There aren’t many compact fifth-wheel campers on the road, but there is plenty to keep you guessing about which ones are the best!

Don’t worry about seeking compact fifth wheels because we have got you covered there.

In this article, the best fifth wheel under 30 feet will be discussed.

Name Length Weight Price
KZ Sportsman 231RK 24 feet 5 inches 7,500 pounds $40,971
Jayco Eagle 29.5BHDS 29 feet 6 inches 11,250 pounds $58,684
Scamp 19 19 feet 0 inches 3,500 pounds $16,695
Escape 5.0TA 21 feet 2 inches 5,500 pounds $29,600
Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF 29 feet 6 inches 7,703 pounds $48,280
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG 26 feet 9 inches 7,700 pounds $39,999

KZ Sportsman 231RKKZ Sportsman 231RK
Jayco Eagle 29.5BHDSJayco Eagle 29.5BHDS
Scamp 19' Fifth WheelScamp 19
Escape 5.0Escape 5.0TA
Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-WheelDutchmen Astoria 2513RLF
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RGWinnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG

What are the Best Fifth Wheel under 30 Feet?

1. KZ Sportsman 231RK

KZ Sportsman 231RK

The 231RK by KZ measures 24 feet and 5 inches in length. It’s just around 4 feet longer than that of the Escape as a result.

The Sportsman, on the other hand, isn’t made of fiberglass. Thus, it weighs in at 6,170 lbs. With the rooftop air conditioner, the outside height is 11 feet 11 inches. Regrettably, this only amounts to a 75 inches internal height.

While this variant does not provide any extra headroom, it does provide a considerably more roomy design.

The front of the Sportsman contains a queen mattress with lots of room to stroll around it on all sides. This also allows it to have separate closets on each side of the bed.

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A complete bathroom featuring a stand-alone shower may be found behind the bed. In addition, there is a linen cabinet in the room. Down the staircase into the living area, you’ll find a sofa that converts into a slide-out as well as a dinette with a TV.

The kitchen is attached to the back of the trailer and folds around on one side to provide more room. You’ll have a 3-burner cooktop with an oven rather than two burners.

The freshwater tank holds 45 gallons, the blackwater tank holds 53 gallons, and the grey water tank holds 85 gallons.

When you pair this with the Sportsman’s 60 gallons propane tank, you get a fifth wheel that can easily go off the grid.

Key Specifications

Height 11 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 5 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet
Gross Weight 7,500 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 45 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 85 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 53 Gallons
Price $40,971
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KZ Sportsman 231RK

2. Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS

Jayco Eagle 29.5BHDS

The Eagle HT model has a few floor layouts that are over 30 feet long and a couple that is under 30 feet long. The BHDS type has a length of 29 feet 6 inches and is the most fascinating of the Jayco Eagle fifth wheel layouts, in our opinion.

The front of the fifth wheel offers a lovely bedroom featuring a queen bed, dual side tables, and dual wardrobes. It also comes with a bigger ward and a stunning dresser that fits into a driver’s side slide-out.

This fifth wheel also includes a bedroom in the back. This room has a bunk bed that is made up of 2 double beds. In addition to these beds, you will get a tiny ward nearby.

A beautiful kitchen, a diner, a sitting room with a couch, as well as an electric fireplace are all located in the middle of the fifth wheel. This design appears to be fairly spacious and could comfortably accommodate six campers.

The main disadvantage is that there is just one bathroom available. This bathroom is fairly wonderful, but with six people using it, it may rapidly become overburdened.

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In terms of internal headroom, the main living space has 7 feet 11 inches, while the bedrooms have 6 feet 2 inches. Compared to the other fifth wheels we’ve looked at, this is a significant rise. You’re only one inch short of the typical home’s ceiling height indoors, at 7 feet 11 inches.

This camper weighs 8,870 lbs unpacked, and while Jayco promises a half-ton pickup can tow it, we’ve never seen one with that much towing capacity.

Having said that, I believe many 1-ton trucks could pull this fifth wheel.

Key Specifications

Height 12 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length 29 feet 6 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 1 inch
Gross Weight 11,250 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 81 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 84 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 43 Gallons
Price $58,684

Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS Floorplans

3. Scamp 19

Scamp 19' Fifth Wheel

The Scamp 19 is a lovely compact fiberglass fifth wheel under 30 feet with two distinct versions and layouts to choose from. The basic model and the deluxe model are two of these models.

The finishes are the key distinction between the two. You’ll also have the choice of an alternative floorplan with a bit distinct kitchen design from the deluxe model.

Despite having just 19 feet to work with, Scamp manages to fit a queen mattress inside the loft, including a wet bath, a good kitchen, and a four-person dinette. This dinette also transforms into a bed, allowing four people to sleep peacefully.

The Scamp 19’s total height is 8 feet 10 inches, allowing for a 6 feet 3 inches internal height. It’s not a lot of headroom when it comes to a fifth wheel, but it’s a lot for a camper with an internal length of only 17 feet 10 inches and a width of only 6 feet 6 inches.

A 12 gallons fresh water tank and a 2-burner propane cooktop are included with the camper. The cooktop, as well as the heater, refrigerator, and hot water heater, are all powered by two propane tanks.

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The fact that the trailer weighs a little over 3,000 pounds will please half-ton owners. This implies that even 4-cylinder trucks should have no trouble towing it.

These campers are handcrafted in Minnesota and are manufactured to order. You’ll need to buy secondhand or contact the company for accurate pricing on a Scamp 19.

However, it’s worth noting that they may be quite tough to come by on the secondhand market. People like to keep these campers for a long time, and even used ones fetch a high price.

Key Specifications

Height 8 feet 10 inches
Exterior Length 19 feet
Exterior Width 6 feet 8 inches
Gross Weight 3,500 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 12 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 26 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 10 Gallons
Price $16,695

Scamp 19' Fifth Wheel Floorplan

4. Escape 5.0TA

Escape 5.0

Another fiberglass fifth wheel trailer under 30 feet is the Escape 5.0TA. It’s a little bigger and more stylish compared to other fifth wheels. The length of the outside is 21 feet 2 inches, and the height is 9 feet 7 inches.

While the extra height on the outside makes this camper a little more difficult to haul than the Scamp, it does provide a lot more internal space. In reality, certain models of this camper will have a headroom of 7 feet.

It also has a substantially bigger water capacity due to the added length and breadth. A freshwater tank of 28 gallons, a black water tank of 30 gallons, and a grey water tank of 28 gallons are included.

Inside, the arrangement is fairly similar to that of the Scamp. It features a queen mattress in the front with a dinette in the rear, as well as a kitchen and bathroom in the middle.

The major difference is that the bed is arranged lengthwise instead of widthwise, giving you a little extra room in the middle.

For a fifth wheel, the Escape is still rather light. It has a dry weight of 3,810 lbs and a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,500 lbs.

This implies that many half-ton pickup vehicles will be able to pull this camper.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 7 inches
Exterior Length 21 feet 2 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 4 inches
Gross Weight 5,500 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 30 Gallons
Price $29,600

Escape 5.0 Floorplan

5. Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF

Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel

The Dutchmen Astoria is a fifth wheel that arrives in a range of sizes, all of which are roughly 30 feet long. The 2513RLF layout, on the other hand, is the only one that comes in under 30 feet.

The RLF measures 29 feet 6 inches in length and weighs 7,703 lbs. It has 50 gallons of freshwater volume, 39 gallons of greywater volume, and 39 gallons of black water volume.

This fifth wheel is remarkable because it appears to be created exclusively for two people’s convenience. The front of the camper has a large bedroom with cupboards, a queen-size mattress, as well as a slide-out closet.

Direct access to a big bathroom featuring a separate shower and a compact linen closet is available.

A 3-burner cooktop, an oven, a microwave, plus double sinks are included in the kitchen. There’s also a huge fridge and a slide-out u-shaped dinette.

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A fireplace, as well as an entertainment center, are placed directly across from this, with theatrical seats for two. Seats are end tables along either side of the theatre.

This arrangement would be ideal for a couple who does not have children and does not wish to have overnight visitors.

The floorplan was able to make things pleasant and large for the two people it was built for without needing to make a place for more beds.

Key Specifications

Height 12 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length 29 feet 6 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 7,703 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 50 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 39 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 39 Gallons
Price $48,280

Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF

6. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG

There are three floorplans in the Winnebago Micro Minnie series. The 2405RG layout is the most similar to a few other fifth wheels. It contains a queen mattress, two closets, and even a wall-mounted TV in the bedroom.

You’ll be out there in the living area after passing through the bathroom that has a couch, a closet, a slide-out dinette table, as well as a small entertainment center.

The doorway and kitchen are located in the back of the camper. A dual sink, 3-burner cooktop, oven, and microwave are all included in this kitchen. Even if the refrigerator is a little smaller, it still has a fridge and a freezer compartment.

Behind the oven, they also installed a tiny tile backsplash, which is a wonderful touch!

The Micro Mini is 26 feet 9 inches long, with a 7 inches inside height as well as 11 feet 5 inches outside height. It contains a freshwater tank of 31 gallons and a black water tank of 25 gallons.

It also includes a grey water tank with a capacity of 50 gallons.

Key Specifications

Height 11 feet 3 inches
Exterior Length 26 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 0 inches
Gross Weight 7,700 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 50 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 25 Gallons
Price $39,999

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG FloorplanConclusion

Fifth wheels are available on the market in a variety of dimensions, and in case you have a pickup truck, there is likely a fifth wheel that you can equip.

Even big families can fit within 30 feet of the fifth wheel, so don’t think you’re limited simply because you don’t want to pull something bigger.

In this article, the best fifth wheels under 30 feet have been enlisted and discussed so that you may conveniently choose the most suitable fifth wheel that can accommodate the needs of your entire family.

We hope this article has been able to assist with the purpose mentioned.


What is the best fifth wheel under 30 feet?

These are the best fifth wheels under 30 feet

  • KZ Sportsman 231RK
  • Jayco Eagle 29.5BHDS
  • Scamp 19
  • Escape 5.0TA
  • Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF
  • Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG

What is the shortest length of a 5th wheel?

The Scamp 19 Deluxe has the smallest length of any fifth wheel, at 19 feet. This is the biggest Scamp model. However, it is the smallest in comparison to other fifth wheels. It offers the typical fifth-wheel spaciousness and therefore can sleep up to six people.

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