7 Best Diesel RV Under 30 Feet

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Diesel RVs are great for fun and adventure as they are reliable and they provide great mileage for fuel.

Having a small diesel motorhome means less weight which also improves the mileage of your vehicle.

It is ideal for a customer to choose a small diesel RV for full-time living, which saves cost and provides the same features as big RV motorhomes.

In case you want a diesel RV under 30 feet, then you can take a look at the list below that we have created in this article.

We have listed all the Best Diesel RV under 30 Feet in size, which can be your ideal pick. So let’s see which one suits you the best.

Name Length Fuel Type
Winnebago Revel 44E 19.58 ft Diesel
Jayco Melbourne Prestige 25.17 ft Diesel
Coachmen Prism 24CB 24.92 ft Diesel
Thor Motor Coach Compass RUV 23.5 ft Diesel
Winnebago Navion 24D 25.5 ft Diesel
Entegra Qwest 24A 25.17 ft Diesel
Thor Synergy 26 ft Diesel

Winnebago RevelWinnebago Revel 44E
Jayco Melbourne PrestigeJayco Melbourne Prestige
Coachmen PrismCoachmen Prism 24CB
Thor Motor Coach Compass 24LP Class B MotorhomeThor Motor Coach Compass RUV
Winnebago NavionWinnebago Navion 24D
Entegra QwestEntegra Qwest 24A
Thor SynergyThor Synergy

The Best Diesel RV Under 30 Feet are

1. Winnebago Revel 44E

Winnebago Revel

We are going to start with Winnebago Revel 44E, which is the best diesel choice that you have under 30 feet of length.

To make your off-framework van experiences simpler, the Winnebago Revel is furnished with two 125-hour lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries connect to a checking framework that you can associate with a cell phone utilizing the Bluetooth feature.

It appears as though your standard Sprinter van, yet it’s loaded with highlights and conveniences that show why it’s the best.


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This best diesel RV under 30 feet includes a three-liter super diesel engine, and it also has a four-wheel drive to assist you with going through any rough and tough paths.

The batteries permit you to store the charge so that you can use energy for electricity when you are far off-networking or boondocking someplace.

Inside, there is a bed at the rear of this camper that has a power lift that raises it to face the inside rooftop without you having to put a lot of effort.

This expands the living space inside this diesel RV under 30 feet, and it’s outfitted with a stuffed carport underneath the bed for putting away all of your climate-safe equipment.

The overhauled kitchen in this RV additionally permits you to cook your favorite food and suppers anytime.

Winnebago Revel 44E

2. Jayco Melbourne Prestige

Jayco Melbourne Prestige

Jayco Melbourne Prestige is a wonderful class C diesel motorhome that you can get under 30 feet.

There are about three floorplans in the Jayco Melbourne Prestige that appear to be indistinguishable.

Keeping in mind that you are basically getting similar highlights in all floorplans, there are some huge contrasts between their formats.

A number of features can be predominantly found in the backside of the Melbourne Prestige, where the room and restroom are found.

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The sink in the model 24AP and the model 24KP are arranged just at the outside of the washroom in this RV.

Nonetheless, the 24AP floorplan’s washroom has the biggest shower area among them all by having dimensions of 24 by 36 inches, while the others are estimated around 24 by 32 inches.

In case you wish to have a full bathroom, then, at that point, the 24LP floorplan would be awesome.

This present floorplan’s bathroom has a shower lodge, porcelain toilet, and a sink, while the other two floorplans just have a shower and toilet.

The contrasts between the rooms in this line are somewhat the same, yet they are as yet perceptible.

In the 24LP and 24KP models, you are getting a similar bed; however, the room format is unique.

In the 24AP floorplan, the room resembles a bunk region, and the actual bed is about 50 by 80 inches, a little smaller yet longer than in the other floorplans.

With all floorplans, you will get features like a 3.6KW LP generator, a 15,000BTU AC, a 1KW inverter, a 6 cubic feet cooler, a 30,000BTU heater, and numerous different things to make your trips wonderful.

This is a serious choice as a diesel RV, particularly contrasted with a portion of the other diesel RVs on our list.

Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24TP

3. Coachmen Prism 24CB

Coachmen Prism

This is another small diesel motorhome coming at an ideal size under 30 feet.

The Coachmen Prism 24CB gives ideal sleeping space for everyone.

The Prism’s 24CB floor plan incorporates a loft over the cab and overlaps down the dinette dozing region, notwithstanding the standard bed at the back of the RV.

There is a cutting-edge bathroom with a standing shower at the rear of the RV from which you can make yourself feel relaxed and fresh.


The kitchen in this best diesel RV under 30 feet is a touch of excellence with the finishing and the appliances present in it.

Inside, you will get the compartments for storage and cupboards outside and within the RV.

It also has a four-wheel-drive system which makes it a great RV that also offers the economy and notoriety of a Mercedes Benz diesel structure.

With regards to safety and securing your speculation, this RV flaunts side and rearview cameras that make it a lot more straightforward to explore restricted parking garages or adjust your RV completely in a camping area.

It’s one of the exceptional Class C RVs with a front window in the cab over the sleeping region.

This causes that over-the-cab cot to feel somewhat roomier for whoever ends up sleeping there.

Coachmen Prism 24CB

4. Thor Motor Coach Compass RUV

Thor Motor Coach Compass 24LP Class B Motorhome

The Compass RV is a great class C RV having an intriguing plan with regards to the layout.

This motorhome is consolidated for a smoother driving experience of an SUV with the permeability and solace of an RV.

This makes it a great Recreational Utility Vehicle.

It implies that at this cost, you could expect better driving solace from Compass RVs than from other class C RVs.

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Compass class C RVs bring a lot of features with inside space to the table. This is basically on account of the flip-up king bed.

When it is in the upper position, the king bed liberates a lot of room, just as it uncovers a padded seating under it.

Indeed Compass RVs don’t have any heaters, so they aren’t reasonable for going in colder seasons or full-time living, of course.

You can, obviously, introduce an aftermarket heater all alone, yet this will set you back some more cash.

Furthermore, the Compass RVs come with a TV both in the living and the main room; you are getting two entertainment regions to invest your energy and relax for a while.

The bathroom in this RV line is remarkable, having a full bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet.

It is found in every one of the three floorplans, assuming you exceptionally esteem restroom comfort and solace.

All in all, while not the most agreeable RV on our list, the Compass RUV line flaunts a couple of intriguing highlights that give the driving experience of an SUV and the comfort of a motorhome.

Thor Motor Coach Compass RUV 23TW

5. Winnebago Navion 24D

Winnebago Navion

The next motorhome with a diesel engine and an ideal length under 30 feet is the Winnebago Navion 24D. Assuming that you weren’t exactly sold on any of the above-listed diesel RVs, then you must go for this choice available.

This is a Class C RV that is somewhat longer than the Revel model by Winnebago, and it additionally offers really good space for sleeping individuals and a bigger freshwater tank.


Remaining consistent with Winnebago’s pattern of augmenting the space inside their more modest RVs, this diesel RV is worked with a 60″x75″ Murphy Bed.

This bed helpfully creases up and folds during the day and gives a love seat to relax and seating space so that a person can relax.

You can enjoy your favorite shows while lying on the bed when it’s out.

There is a little platform table on this RV that you can set up as a footstool when the Murphy Bed is collapsed up.

There is a can bunk that has a slot for sleeping one or two people (contingent upon their size and inclination). T

his RV’s U-formed dinette in the living region can be changed over to a bed, assuming you want some more space for resting.

In any case, assuming you needn’t bother with that dozing or eating space, you can pick to have theater seating with turntables introduced around there in lieu of the dinette.

Winnebago Navion 24D

6. Entegra Qwest 24A

Entegra Qwest

The Entegra Qwest diesel RV is one comfortable and smooth RV motorhome with which you’ll have the choice of having an additional space over the cab for sleeping.

You can add more storage regions over the can.

It will permit you to build the general extra room inside this RV, assuming you’re simply going as a couple or as an independent RVer.


This Class C RV offers a couple of outside features that make it an appealing choice for full-time RVers or couples that are simply searching for an agreeable apparatus for end-of-the-week excursions.

On the traveler side, a 14-foot armless Girard power porch canopy reaches out to give you a shaded, waterproof region to lay off and relax. Inside, a six-cubic-foot fridge gives a valuable measure of extra room for your transitory food things.

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Also, on the contrary side, an open-air shower makes it more straightforward to tidy up yourself or your stuff when you have been back from a tiring day.

The storeroom straightforwardly opposite the fridge gives that extra room to dry products and the entirety of your kitchen and cooking tools.

In case you’re going on trips during the cooler months, this diesel RV is furnished with a 20,000-BTU heater.

Entegra Qwest 24A

7. Thor Synergy

Thor Synergy

The last Best Diesel RV under 30 Feet that we would like to suggest to you is by Thor Synergy.

The Synergy offers somewhat great features with regards to extravagance and inside solace. In this sense, Synergy RVs are basically the same as most of the top-quality RVs listed here; however, Synergy might offer significantly more.

The primary thing to grab the attention of the Synergy class C RV motorhome is its options for providing sleeping space.


The bathrooms of Synergy RVs are noteworthy as they include a porcelain toilet.

Besides that, all floorplans other than the 24SK have full washrooms with a shower, toilet, and sink. In the 24SK, the shower and toilet compartments are isolated, which might be a thing that certain individuals are searching for.

The 24MB model comes with a murphy bed with a 67-inch couch underneath. The 24SK floorplan has a natural standard-size flip-up bed with padded seating underneath.

The 24SS has a normal king bed, and the 24ST floorplan has twin beds which can be changed over to a king bed, in addition to a couch bed in the living region.

Also, all floorplans have a bunk region over the driver’s cab, which is a standard component for class C RVs.

So regardless of whether you need extra dozing spots or all the more free room during the day, the Synergy RV ought to bring a couple of interesting things to the table.

These were the primary contrasts between the Compass RUV and Synergy class C RV lines.

Eventually, Synergy RVs are amazing, assuming you need solace and extravagance, yet they again aren’t prepared for colder environments.

Thor Synergy SD24

If you interested in knowing which is better? Gas vs Diesel RV then check out this article. 


This was a guide on the best diesel RV under 30 feet in which we have shared useful info about their features.

Each of the RVs has its importance in the category, and it’s ideal to choose that these RVs will provide great mileage for a lifetime.


What RVs have diesel engines?

Diesel motors are utilized on all sizes of RVs, in addition to the biggest Class A diesel motorhome that might be based on a Freightliner body. The small Class B, Small Class C, and B+ models can be outfitted with diesel engines.

Is it worth purchasing a diesel RV?

Ordinarily, diesel RVs are more costly. Yet, for that extra spend, you get an RV with a significantly longer life and higher resale esteem. Since diesel motors have more power, you can anticipate that a diesel RV should keep up with its speed during an ascension better than a gas engine.

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