5 Best Class B RV Motorhomes

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The excitement level that you get when you decide to pack up and hit the road cannot be explained in words. You leave the stress behind and think nothing but the adventure that you are going to experience.

However, to make your travel more fun-filled, exciting, and memorable, you will need to have a Class B RV.

Regardless of where you are heading, you have to make a final decision, and before that, it is critical to know everything you can about the Best Class B RV Motorhomes.

When buying a Class B Motorhome, you will have many options to choose from. They come in different sizes, features, floorplans, etc., which makes it easier for you to find the perfect Class B motorhome, whether you need it for full-time RV living or just weekend travels.

So, what are the best Class B RV motorhomes?

Well, that is what I’m here to answer. Below, I’ve bucked a list of Best Class B RV Motorhomes that you will definitely be going to love.

So, let’s get started to briefly discuss each of them along with their specs and features.

Name Chassis Fuel Type Price
Winnebago Revel Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Diesel $174,906
Storyteller Overland Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Diesel $157,747
Roadtrek Zion ProMaster 2500 Gas $90,509
Embassy RV Sportsman Ford Transit Gas $100,000
Hymer Aktiv Dodge Promaster ProMaster 2500 Gas $94,669

What is the Best Class C RV?

1. Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel provides a breakthrough in the RVing life world. Winnebago’s 4WD Sprinter van offers almost all the things that a potential buyer can expect.

Ranging from aesthetic cabinetry to bed on a lift, Winnebago Revel makes sure that things stay classy, as well as making sure that you can bring any gear you want to bring with you.

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This Class B motorhome begins on Mercedes Benz 4×4 chassis is one of the best and trendy Class B RVs available in the market. The main reason for its popularity is extreme durability and rugged abilities. You can easily drive it on rough surfaces or muddy off-road excursions.

With a 144 inches wheelbase Sprinter, it can easily accommodate two to four people inside it. The length and height of the Winnebago Revel are 19.7 feet and 10 feet, respectively. It means you can easily sneak it into tighter parking spots as well.

Winnebago Revel is divided into two sections. The front section of this Class B RV has a seating area, galley, and a bathroom, while the back area offers a sleeping area with a bed and a storage space underneath.

The best part about the Winnebago Revel bed is you can lift it with just a click of a switch because it has an electronic lift.

The main space of Winnebago Revel offers a height of 6.3 feet, and when you lift the bed, the standing height decreases to 5 feet only. However, it still offers a comfortable sitting room with no gear in the way.

Moreover, it boasts a fuel tank gallon with an impressive fuel storage capacity of up to 24.5 gallons, which allows you to keep moving for quite some time.

It also has 21 gallons of water tanks for both freshwater and greywater, which makes sure you keep moving without hooking up.

The basic model of Winnebago Revel offers pretty amazing amenities, but still, it offers various upgrade options, including a mobile signal booster, blackout curtains, added solar panels, additional pantry shelves, and more.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet
Exterior Length 19.7 feet
Exterior Width 5.8 feet
Fuel Type Diesel
Fresh Water Capacity 21 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 21 gallons
Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500
Price $174,906

Key Features

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  • LED ceiling lights with a dimmer switch.
  • USB charging ports.
  • Dual airbags.
  • Power windows.
  • 12V power points.
  • Vinyl flooring.
  • Wet bath.
  • Cassette toilet.
  • Powerlift bed.
  • Reading light.
  • It offers pretty surprising and impressive amenities and features that you are going to love.
  • It is compact, luxurious, and cozy.
  • You can comfortably park it even in tighter parking spots.
  • You can drive it on rough terrains, off-roads, and rocky excursions.
  • It is extremely durable.
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  • Winnebago Revel is great for couples with two little ones, but it is certainly not designed for families of 4 or more adults.
  • It’s pretty expensive and has a steep price tag.

Winnebago Revel 44E

2. Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland

To tell better stories, you have to make better memories first and make it possible; there is nothing better than having a Storyteller Overland.

With Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, Storyteller Overland is the second Best Class B RV on my list. Storyteller Overland Mode4x4 Adventure with an adaptive floorplan offers nothing but travel-friendly conveniences.

With four-season insulation, Volta M-Power Lithium-ion energy system, and hydronic heating, it is one of its kind luxury Class B motorhome that you can take to uncharted lands, highways, and byways, or anywhere else where most of the other RVs couldn’t go.

If you want it for normal driving, you should switch to its two-wheel drive, but when the circumstances require a four-wheel drive, you can easily switch to its 4WD unit to select low gear. It means Storyteller Overland is an exceptional pick for those who are looking for a van that they can use for both daily uses and for weekend trips.

The best part of Storyteller Overland that I liked the most is its flexible layout that lets you host up to three of your dear ones and do any activity you can think of. It is meant to inspire your sense of adventure, as well as to offer you the tools that you need to create everlasting and fun-filled memories at your dream destinations.

This four-season and adventure-ready van allow you to take it off the grid in any weather conditions. While you are away from your home’s comfort zone and enjoying outdoor life, the interior that it has to offer will take care of your personal needs.

Inside the van, it has impressive amenities. The rugged roof and side-mount ladder are also useful that allows you to take all of your outdoor adventure gear with you. It also has a storage space in the back where you can store your extra stuff.

All in all, it is among the most popular and best Class B motorhomes that you shouldn’t skip while buying one.

Key Specifications

Height 10.2 feet
Exterior Length 19.5 feet
Exterior Width 7.5 feet.
Fuel Type Diesel
Fresh Water Capacity 21 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 24 gallons
Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4
Price $157,747

Key Features

  • 13,500 BTU Air conditioning.
  • 3600W inverter.
  • LED lights power awning.
  • Induction cooktop.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Eight 110V power outlets.
  • USB charging ports.
  • Window shades.
  • Dual solar panels.
  • Roof rack.
  • Microwave.
  • It has a flexible layout that can easily accommodate up to three people inside.
  • It is an adventure-ready, rugged, and fun Class B motorhome that you can take anywhere you want.
  • It offers pretty surprising features that are hard to find in other RVs of such class and size.
  • It is four-season insulated, and you can take it for an adventure anytime and in any weather conditions.
  • The official website of Storyteller Overland is not as great as it should be. They are always under maintenance and doesn’t provide much information.

3. Roadtrek Zion

Roadtrek Zion

Unlike other Class B motorhomes that I have mentioned so far, Roadtrek Zion is built on the Ram ProMaster chassis. This is one more Class B RV that offers everything a traveler or road-adventurer needs.

If you are traveling or camping for an extended period of time, this could be the best solution.

The rear part of the Roadtrek Zion offers a cozy dining area, a full entertainment center, where you can watch TV or sleep. You can transform its rear lounge into a king sleeping area. This Class B motorhome offers two configurations that are; a sofa bed or a rear twin bed.

With rear twin beds, you will get a pretty impressive storage capacity. It means you’ll be able to bring your heavy outdoor equipment, such as Kayaks or bikes with you. On the other hand, with the sofa bed configuration, you will get a rear-facing sofa.

The galley is nice and has a two-burner stove, a sink, pull-out pantry, large pan drawer, 3.1 cubic feet refrigerator, etc.

If you want to experience a more adventure-filled life, you can pick its Explorer package, which offers 300W solar panels, EcoTrek 400 lithium M-Power system, Voltstart charging management, and an underhood generator.

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Since it is built on the ProMaster chassis, it offers extreme convenience and safety on the road. The Stability System offers drift compensation, wind assists, sway assist, traction control, trailer-sway control, and more.

It also features a 5-inch touch screen and AM/FM/satellite radio Uconnect 3 system.

Key Specification

Height 9.5 feet
Exterior Length 19.7 feet
Exterior Width 6.11 feet
Fuel Type Gas
Fresh Water Capacity 37 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 20 gallons
Black Water Capacity 9.6 gallons
Price $90,509

Key Features

  • 11,000 BTU Air conditioning.
  • 12 feet power awning.
  • Smoke detector.
  • 16,000 BTU furnace.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Outdoor shower.
  • Power inverter.
  • Rear power sofa.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Roadtrek Zion features all the bells and whistles that road-adventurer needs.
  • If you don’t want to drive a large motorhome and looking for something cozy and compact, this is an exceptional pick.
  • It has large windows to make sure that you never miss any sight.
  • It has a full kitchen with ample storage and impressive appliances.
  • It offers ample storage so that you can bring your outdoor adventure gear with you.
  • I have seen this Class B motorhome review of many travelers and have found nothing but praise. However, it isn’t meant for larger families.

RoadTrek Zion

4. Embassy RV Sportsman

Embassy RV Sportsman

Yet another solid Class B motorhome that offers ample storage, lithium-ion battery, and sporting marine composite materials is Embassy RV Sportsman. This Class B motorhome is not just a self-contained motorhome in efficiency and design, but also offers superior materials and technology that takes it to a whole new level.

This extremely durable and adventure-ready motorhome is truly one of its kind.

Every inch of this beast is crafted thoughtfully, and no hook or canny has been overlooked to make use of all the available vacant space. It is a Luxury Class B RV that you can have to make your travel memorable, fun-filled, and more adventurous.

To increase living space, the rear porch of this RV offers a tent enclosure. Upon entering the RV, you will see the carpet on the floor, sleek black cabinets, myriad technology, a padded ceiling, stainless steel appliances, an LED HDTV, and more. In the living space, there are two bench-style couches made with soft leather fabric.

The supportive cushions are great to invite and host guests. You transform the couches into a cozy sleeping bed when required. The galley is nice with ample countertop space and a plethora of storage. The living area also offers overhead storage and a lockable cabinet where you can store your valuables.

You will find a plethora of technology inside the Embassy. It features a 600Ah lithium power cell and a 3kW inverter system, remote control router to connect to smart devices, a chassis engine with a 220 Ampere factory alternator, auto engine start, and much more.

Most of the RV manufacturers pay more attention to the production speed, rather than producing a durable and long-term vehicle.

When you are buying a Class B motorhome, it means you are spending a serious amount of your hard-earned money, so you should expect the one that lasts long and gives you the best performance. This is what Embassy RV Sportsman is all about.

You can count and depend on this motorhome while you are out exploring nature and enjoying the views without any worries.

Key Specifications

Height 7 feet
Exterior Length 21 feet
Exterior Width 6.6 feet
Fuel Type Gas
Fresh Water Capacity 23.5 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 23.5 gallons
Chassis  Ford Transit
Price $100,000

Key Features

  • Overhead storage cabinets.
  • Powered sofa bed.
  • Rear shower.
  • Ample storage.
  • Overhead microwave.
  • Sliding pocket doors.
  • Rear porch with a tent (optional).
  • Marine composite kitchen counter.
  • Smart HDTV.
  • Dometic refrigerator.
  • It offers great and impressive amenities and myriad technology.
  • It is extremely durable and a long-term vehicle that you can have.
  • It is a mixture of both innovation and quality.
  • It has a unique floorplan and offers amazing features.
  • It doesn’t have a generator.
  • It doesn’t have a cellular booster and a Wifi hotspot.

5. Hymer Aktiv Dodge Promaster

Hymer Aktiv Dodge Promaster

If you are a couple and have decided to experience the van-life atmosphere, one of the popular options that you can have is Hymer Aktiv Dodge Promaster. Although they stopped manufacturing more vans in 2019, you can still find the second-owner Hymer Aktiv vans to purchase or rent them out.

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This Class B motorhome is an exceptional option for smaller families (two adults and two kids). It offers all the amenities and features that you want while you are on the road or camping with your family.

It has a nice and full galley, a comfortable sleeping area, and a wet bath.

The galley is nice, and you will see a 3.1 cubic feet refrigerator, two-burner recessed cooktop, a sink, and a microwave. You will have generous storage to bring all of your equipment with you without any hassle. The kitchen is equipped with amazing appliances.

This RAM Promaster Chassis featuring a class 5 receiver hitch and 4/7 pin coupling is intended to tow 112 lbs.

Everything on the RV is either operated by a 12V DC or a 120V DC. It also features four power sources that are used to charge house batteries. These power sources include a 30 Ampere shore power, engine as the motor unit, roof-mounted solar panels, and VoltStart battery system.

All in all, it is yet another Class B RV that you can have if you are looking for a second owner, a motorhome.

Key Specifications

Height 6.1 feet
Exterior Length 19.7 feet
Exterior Width 6.11 feet
Gross Weight 9,350 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 30 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 23 gallons
Black Water Capacity 4.6 gallons
Price $94,669

Key Features

  • 11,000 BTU Air conditioning.
  • 14,300 BTU heater.
  • Foldable queen bed.
  • 3.1 cubic feet refrigerator with a freezer compartment.
  • 24″ HD flat-screen TV.
  • 12 feet power awning.
  • Wet bath.
  • If you are looking for a used Class B motorhome at an affordable price, you should check this one out.
  • It offers generous storage that allows you to bring all your equipment with you while traveling or to camp.
  • It features soft-close drawers in the full kitchen.
  • It offers a pretty impressive interior that is designed intelligently.
  • Hymer Aktiv stopped their operations, and they no longer manufacture their vans, so you don’t have the option to buy a brand new Hymer Aktiv motorhome.

Why Should You Choose a Class B RV?

There are various reasons why you should pick a Class B Motorhome. Some of the significant reasons why should you buy a Class B RV include;

  • Unlike Class A or Class C motorhomes, Class B RVs are a lot easier to drive.
  • They offer you the best possible gas mileage.
  • They are a lot easier to park even in tighter places.
  • They are easier to pick up and go off-road and rough terrains trips.
  • They are compact, making it easier for you to set them up when camping and break them down when you are coming back home.
  • They offer all the bells and whistles at an affordable price range.
  • Regardless of their compact size, they offer a pretty impressive, luxurious, and spacious interior that will surprise potential buyers.

Of course, you won’t get all those amenities offered by the larger motorhomes, but the majority of best Class B RV motorhomes managed to offer nicely-sized sleeping space, wet baths, a nicely-equipped kitchen, and more.

Wrapping Up

Class B motorhomes are a new trend in the RVing and traveling world. These Class B RVs are compact, easy to drive and offer luxurious amenities. They are adventure-ready motorhomes, and you can take them anywhere you want without much hassle.

If you’re in search of a Class B motorhome and looking for recommendations, above I’ve bucked 5 Best Class B RV that you can take a look at.

All of these motorhomes offer their own features and have their own specs. You can compare their pros/cons to buy the one that suits you best.


What is the best used Class B motorhome that I can buy?

If you are looking to have a used Class B motorhome, you should consider Winnebago Revel, Roadtrek Zion, or Coachmen Galleria.

Is a Class B motorhome is worth your money?

Class B motorhomes are compact, easy to drive, and can be used for transportation purposes as well. They offer great gas mileage, outstanding construction, flexibility, and strong chassis. All of it means they definitely worth your money.

What Class B RV has the best gas mileage?

There are various RV brands that manufacture RVs you can count on. Some of the best B Class RV brands include Storyteller Overland, Roadtrek Zion, and Embassy RV Sportsman.

What are the most reliable Class B RV brands?

All of the Class B motorhomes are fuel-efficient and offer the best gas mileage. However, some of the best ones include Winnebago Revel, Winnebago Rialta, and Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous.

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