9 Best Boondocking Travel Trailers

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Boondocking becomes fun with the right travel trailer by your side during a camp in the wild without hookups to electricity, water, or any water connection.

Campers who love boondocking with their RV trailers to distant places always get great views and enjoy the real feel of the environment around them.

There are several trailers that are equipped with different features, and then there are companies that offer some of the best boondocking travel trailers.

In case you want to choose the best boondocking travel trailer for your camping needs, then we have some suggestions and a complete list of travel trailers that fit the need very well.

You can look at the trailers and decide for yourself. But, before that, you need to learn about the important features that these trailers must-have for boondocking.

Name Weight
Polydrop Trailer 760 lbs
Bowlus Terra Firma 3,200 lbs
Opus OP 4 1,577 lbs
Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 1,252 lbs
Bruder EXP-6 3,700 lbs
Jayco Jay Feather Micro 4,500 lbs
inTech RV Flyer 1,450 lbs
Airstream Basecamp 3,400 lbs
Winnebago Hike 2,700 lbs

Polydrop TrailerPolydrop Trailer
Bowlus Terra FirmaBowlus Terra Firma
Opus Camper OP-4Opus OP 4
Forest River Rockwood Geo ProForest River Rockwood Geo Pro
Bruder EXP-6Bruder EXP-6
Jayco Jay Feather MicroJayco Jay Feather Micro
inTech RV FlyerinTech RV Flyer
Airstream BasecampAirstream Basecamp
Winnebago HikeWinnebago Hike

Important Features to Check Before Buying a Travel Trailer for Boondocking

1. Large Fresh Water Tanks

Water is important for camping. Keeping fresh water for drinking and use is essential with the right water tank.

The size of your new water tank is a significant thought when setting up camp off the framework. These tanks shift significantly in size from one trailer to another, so make a note of this element when shopping.

2. Solar Prewiring or Manufacturer Solar Packages

In case you are fully prepared to get a travel trailer, you must pick a choice from a manufacturer who is providing the prewired setup for solar chargers.

Even better, observe one to be that is prewired for an inverter also, which will permit you to utilize 110-volt power even while boondocking.

3. Voltage and Propane Appliances

At the point when you can’t connect to outside power, you’ll need your cooler, cooktop, stove, and TV to work right away with 12-volt batteries or propane gas.

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Stay away from private devices as they will require a more hearty energy draw.

4. Enormous Gray/Black Water Tanks

Having bigger gray and black water tanks means you will be able to store more water for taking a shower, washing the dishes, or using the latrine.

These useful features may not be present in every travel trailer model for boondocking, but it’s best if you get a choice that offers this feature.

5. Sturdy Frames and Raised Axles

Assuming you need to go through tough paths and steep roads, then you will need a trailer with a better frame structure and raised axles to avoid hazards in dangerous paths.

A hard landscape can scrape or damage your trailer from below, which is why the quality of your trailer shouldn’t be compromised while making the right choice.

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What are the Best Boondocking Travel Trailers?

1. Polydrop Trailer

Polydrop Trailer

The Polydrop trailer is the ultimate choice for boondocking.

This travel trailer is small and very easy to tow to places you would ever want to be. A completely stacked Polydrop trailer weighs around 1,100 pounds, so it’s a commendable choice for drivers with little vehicles or bigger vehicles.

Polydrop separates itself from the load with its futurist looks and energy-saving highlights.

The Polydrop has an energy charging system that sudden spikes in demand for a 100w sun-powered charger and battery. You will incline toward the Polydrop trailer if you really want to enjoy the camping experience while boondocking all year.

Polydrop flaunts that its definitive 8.7 inches of protection can assist you with staying comfortable on the inside during any climate condition.

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Polydrops P17

2. Bowlus Terra Firma

Bowlus Terra Firma

In case you want a long trip, and you need a travel trailer that is durable and would go through any path for boondocking adventure, then Bowlus Terra Firma is a good choice.

Bowlus’ most recent contribution, the restricted release model called the Terra Firma, has a retro-roused outside however is stuffed with every one of the cutting edge conveniences you really want to feel at ease on any campsite, regardless of how far the street has taken you.

These incorporate a high-level environment control framework, a super proficient power management system, a completely adjustable inside, warmed floors, HEPA air channels, and UVC lighting.

There might be no greater choice for somebody who can’t stand being away from their pets for a really long time. You are pretty much set up with everything you need with this trailer.

3. Opus OP 4

Opus Camper OP-4

Opus is a great manufacturer, and the OP 4 model by the company is a really impressive option to look at.

This travel trailer makes an ideal camper for boondocking that mixes extravagance and reasonableness with its features.

The OP4  has resting space for up to six individuals. Also, this trailer presents a charming eating space with leatherette seats, in addition to other stylish inside components.

You will be able to have fun on your trips with this trailer because the manufacturer has provided an outside kitchen experience with complete appliances like a slide-out treated steel kitchen, outside refrigerator, and storage room.

Opus OP4 Floorplan

4. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

The Rockwood Geo Pro is the next choice that we would recommend as the best boondocking travel trailer for your camping trips.

You will get 100-watt, rooftop-mounted sun-powered chargers, and a 1,000-watt inverter.

Commonly, you will find a 12-volt TV with most of the models that have a WiFi Ranger signal receiver and a Showermiser water-storing framework.

The G15TB of the Rockwood Geo Pro is a floorplan that has back twin beds that can change over into an extra-large bed contingent upon what design you really want.

Purchasers can add on Pro Rac mounting bars, a removable stepping stool, and extra Pro Rac gear.

The discretionary rough terrain bundle incorporates 15-inch Mud Rover tires and a lift unit.

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Rockwood Geo Pro G15TB

5. Bruder EXP-6

Bruder EXP-6 Boondocking Travel Trailers

The Bruder EXP-6 is a travel trailer that you may not have heard of before.

This is an Australian trailer that has a rock-solid suspension that permits it to handle pretty much any territory, regardless of how slippery.

Regardless of this, the EXP-6 opens up to uncover a rich and present-day inside the lodge with a full washroom, heaps of extra room, and a flexible rooftop that builds a dozing limit from four to six people.

Outside the trailer, you’ll observe a slide-out kitchen with all that you want to set up a delectable supper, and the rooftop mounted sunlight-powered chargers ought to give a very sizable amount of power to keep the climate control framework and screen TV active and turned on.

Bruder EXP-6 Floorplan

6. Jayco Jay Feather Micro

Jayco Jay Feather Micro Boondocking Travel Trailers

With Jay Feather Micro, you can get five diverse floor plans intended to take you outside on your trips while boondocking while providing a great degree of solace.

The 166FBS model of the Jay Feather has 16-inch Goodyear tires installed on it with supported wheel wells and is prepared for rooftop-mounted solar power and prewired for an inverter.

It additionally contains a 55-gallon new water tank to take care of you in the wild.

The Jay Feather Micro model incorporates a frying pan with a coordinated stand and heat safeguard. There is also a discretionary sunlight-based power bundle that incorporates a 190-watt solar charger and a 30-amp regulator.

You have a choice to add a Thule rooftop rack or bicycle rack, assuming that you like to go trekking.

Jayco Jay Feather Micro Floorplan

7. inTech RV Flyer

inTech RV Flyer Boondocking Travel Trailers

The Flyer is a small travel trailer from Intech that allows great durability and traction for on and off-road paths.

You can consider it as a light toy hauler with tip-out beds and an aluminum, completely welded structure frame that can bear all types of conditions.

In excess of 2,000 pounds of towing capacity, you can add a bicycle, four-wheeler, ATV, or bike easily.

Boondockers will see the value in the 12-volt outlet and USB ports alongside the 12-volt cooler.

The fiberglass outside comes in five distinct forms: Arctic White, Red Blaze, Charcoal Storm, Silver Moon, or Midnight Black. The 2-inch lift bundle gives you additional leeway in tough areas, and rooftop racks make it simpler to bring along all your toys.

8. Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp Boondocking Travel Trailers

The Airstream campers are very well known for their reliability and quality, from which the Basecamp is one of the greatest examples offering great comfort with a very moderate size.

It is the best boondocking RV travel trailer that suits rough terrain explorers as well as all needs.

You get enormous wheels, side skirts, and wheel flares that shield the camper from the rock and garbage on unpaved streets.

There are four diverse floor plans accessible, going from 16 to 20 feet long, and all forms incorporate a locally available bathroom with a latrine and shower.

Goodyear tires and 12-volt tank radiators additionally come standard. Purchasers can move up to a 180-watt solar package with two AGM (spongy glass mat) batteries.

Airstream Basecamp Floorplan

9. Winnebago Hike

Winnebago Hike Boondocking Travel Trailers

The Winnebago Hike trailer is the last suggestion as to the best boondocking travel trailer that comprises five distinctive floor designs that are about 20 to 25 feet long.

You will get lofts and an enormous U-formed dinette that changes into an additional bed. The outside of the camper trailer is equipped with a rack framework, gearbox for storage, and a 15-inch rough terrain tire and pivot lift.

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This Hike travel trailer model comes furnished with rooftop mount solar prep and the tough exoskeleton structure that can undoubtedly pull bicycles, kayaks, ATVs, and surfboards alongside it without a problem.

Winnebago Hike H210RB

What to Understand Before Boondocking?

There are a lot of things to be taken care of when you are going into the wild.

A lot of factors can affect the camping experience, such as downpours can flood or wash away access streets, unforeseen mountain blizzards can trap you, and rapidly spreading fires can close open grounds.

You ought to check for weather conditions before you travel to a place for boondocking. In such conditions, you need to keep a few things in mind no matter which trailer you own.

1. How Long Will You Be Boondocking?

Assuming that you’re just boondocking short-term, you will not have to do a lot of prep. With less water in the freshwater tanks and a solitary power source, you can undoubtedly endure the evening.

If you are staying for a number of days, you need to pick the ideal choice with suitable features to meet your long weekend needs.

2. Water Sources

You should fill your water tank to 100% because there is no confirmed count for a number of gallons of water required for boondocking, and deplete your dark and dim tanks before your trip.

For broadened boondocking, you can buy a water bladder to finish off your water tanks.

There are a couple of principle exercises that will deplete your water: ordinary washroom use, showers, and dishes.

3. Power Sources

Power without hookups is significantly more muddled than connecting your RV to a conventional camping area. You’ll require at least one power source to run your machines and outlets.

4. Internet Access

When you are out in the wild, and you want to connect to the internet, check for potential web availability utilizing locales like Campendium or Allstays, which report region cell signal strength.

You will not track down any open WiFi in scattered setting up camp regions; however, you can, in any case, remain associated with the right web service.

5. Health Concerns When Boondocking

There are a couple of significant wellbeing concerns while boondocking, including for the animals.

Most boondocking regions in the U.S. are situated in the West, which implies hunters like bears and mountain lions just as elk and moose are expected.

Such regions can be dangerous, for which you should check in with a companion or nearby park officer to tell them your plans, similar to where you’re exploring the great outdoors and for how long.


This was information about the Best Boondocking Travel Trailer article in which we shared information for these trailers alongside their features and options.


Can you Boondock in a Class C RV?

Class C RVs are extraordinary for boondocking in light of the fact that they give you all that you could need in one vehicle, eliminating the need to tow. You, for the most part, approach power, water, and different features at campgrounds; however when you dry camp, you must have all that you’ll require with you.

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