5 Amazing 2 Bedroom Travel Trailers

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Are you bored at home and planning to go on a road adventure with your family or friends? Do you want to make the most out of your camping and outdoors? You will need a travel trailer to make yourself at home even when you are away.

This post will help you to choose the best one that suits your needs.

Travel trailers are extremely popular among campers and road adventurers who want to enjoy their trip with their family or friends under one roof.

These travel trailers can easily accommodate these sites for almost the same amount that you would pay to get a tenting place. It means it will be easier for you to find 2 bedroom travel trailers that is exactly what you need.

If you are traveling with your teenage kids or another couple accompanying you, what you will need is a 2 bedroom travel trailer so that you can have privacy.

However, since they are easily available in the market, you have to look at their features to determine whether they are according to your needs before you purchase them.

To make things easier for you, below, I have arranged a list of some of the best 2 bedroom travel trailers that you must consider.

So, let’s take a look at them!

Name Number of Beds Max Sleeping Count Price
Forest River Wildwood 4 8 $36,000
Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS 5 10 $54,191
Jayco Jay Feather 29QB 7 11 $37,617
Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L 4 8 $40,251
Highland Ridge RV Open Range 3 4 $59,883

Forest River WildwoodForest River Wildwood
Grand Design Reflection 312BHTSGrand Design Reflection 312BHTS
Jayco Jay Feather 29QB
Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-LForest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L
OT328BHSHighland Ridge RV Open Range

What are the Best 2 Bedroom Travel Trailers?

1. Forest River Wildwood

Forest River Wildwood

Forest River is one of the greatest brands that has manufactured some quality travel trailers and they are quite popular among road adventurers. One of its many wonderful travel trailers is Wildwood which offers an exceptional camping experience to families.

Wildwood has multiple floorplans, as well as two additional floorplans to pick from. Some of these floorplans have 2 bedrooms while some other floorplans offer a bunk sleeping place.

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The dimensions of these two-bedroom travel trailers are 26′ 10″ to 39 ft. And between 11′ 2″ in length and height respectively.

It means you will not need to have extraordinary driving skills to move around and drive them on the road. Other incredible features of Wildwood travel trailers include modern cabinet door hardware, full-extension ball-bearing drawers, and upgraded Shaw linoleum flooring.

Moreover, they are also equipped with multiple stow areas, go storage, as well as USB ports in both bunk and bedroom areas.

Other major features include;

  • Fully-equipped bathroom
  • A built-in 30-inch electrical fireplace

What makes the Forest River a great option is the fact that they offer 3D interactive virtual tours to checkout multiple RV models before making a purchase.

For the Forest River Wildwood series, I highly recommend its two magnificent models 37BHSS2Q and 36BHDS.

For people with teenage kids or those who are traveling with another couple, 37BHSS2Q is a great option that is equipped with two bedrooms. Both of its bedrooms are also equipped with wardrobes and queen-size beds.

On the other hand, you will find its 36BHDS a bunkhouse floorplan, placing the bunkhouse at the front. The bunk room space is equipped with two sets of beds along with a spacious wardrobe and bunk storage.

Key Specifications

Height 11.2 ft
Exterior Length 39 ft
Exterior Width 96 ft
Gross Weight 5,928 lb
Fresh Water Capacity 39 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 30 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 27 Gallons
Price $36,000
  • You will get a 3D interactive tour through the Forest River official website to check them out before making a decision.
  • A great option for families with teens or those who are traveling as a couple with another couple.
  • Fully-equipped bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Easy to carry out and road-friendly.
  • I haven’t found any of its drawbacks, except the fact that you will need at least a one-ton pickup truck to tow it safely.

Why Forest River Wildwood? 

Well, people who love camping with their family and have teenage kids or want outdoors with other couples, will find it a perfect choice. With two separate bedrooms and other luxurious services, you will get complete privacy.

Forest River Wildwood 37BHSS2Q

2. Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

This beauty looks so appealing to the eyes. Developed by the most popular travel trailers brand Grand Design, this is something that every camper, road adventurer, or traveler wants to have.

Their absolutely amazing quality is one of the best selling points and has gained the trust of thousands of clients.

Families who love camping, road adventures, or want to travel, it is something that you cannot ignore. Comfortably accommodating up to ten people, it is a great choice for families or a large group of friends to kick off for an insanely amazing journey.

It is a dual bedroom travel trailer that includes a queen-size bed, bunkroom sleeping space, dinette sleeping area, and a tri-fold sofa. I appreciate its queen bedroom with a barn door that not only saves space but also offers you complete privacy. Moreover, it is equipped with overhead storage space, dual nightstands, and a spacious wardrobe.

An unusual feature of universal docking alongside the bed makes it easy to stay on track. Stylish barn doors separate the spacious bunkhouse from the rest of the RV. The bunkhouse space is equipped with a tri-fold sofa, a flip-up bunk, as well as a bunk bed with a window.

The configurations have been made in such a way that you can relax while providing sufficient space for kids to play. Other features of this beauty include a closet, multiple large windows, a spacious cabinet that you can use to store all of your items.

Coming to the living area, you have the option to transform the tri-fold sofa into theatre seating if you don’t need an extra bed. At the same time, you can use the U-shaped dinette for game nights, movie nights, or meals. Equipped with a TV and a fireplace, it amazingly completes a gorgeous living area.

Now coming to the kitchen, you will see everything there that you want, including a sink, oven, a full-size refrigerator, pantry, range, and other kitchenette amenities that you will love to use while cooking a meal.

The bathroom is more spacious than the majority of the travel trailers. Equipped with an extra-large shower, sink, toilet, and counter space makes it a perfect one.

On the outside, you will be amazed by the outdoor kitchen equipped with a gas connection; it offers you all the necessities that you need to grill or prepare a meal.

Key Specifications

Height 11.8 ft
Exterior Length 37.4 ft
Exterior Width
Gross Weight 9,291 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 60 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 86 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 43 Gallons
Price $54,191
  • A unique overwhelmingly feature-rich dual bedroom RV that is a great option for large families who love camping, outdoors, traveling, and road adventures.
  • It has everything that you wish for, ranging from a spacious queen-size bedroom to a bunkhouse sleeping place; a spacious living area to a fully-equipped kitchen, it will amaze you.
  • A spacious bathroom that is significantly larger than other dual bed RVs.
  • One-touch electric ELD awning.
  • Complete entertainment package, including HD LED TV, Bluetooth Stereo System, 50 Ampere electrical service, and more.
  • With a hefty price tag, you might find it out of your budget, but totally worth it. 

Why Grand Design Reflection?

 Well, if you are the one who loves uniqueness, this one is for you. Equipped with everything, it will make your camping insanely fun and an everlasting experience.

Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

3. Jayco Jay Feather 29QB

Jayco Jay Feather 29QB

For budget-conscious people, who love to go out camping with their family or other couples, here is another great 2 bedroom camper option. With a queen-size bed and a bunk sleeping area, which can accommodate up to five persons, as well as with a living room that can easily accommodate up to four persons, this is one of the best 2 bedroom travel trailers for an insanely fun trip with your family or friends.

Equipped with a living room area, it offers a delightful and relaxing place. With a U-shaped dinette and a sofa, arrange a game night or movie night with your family or friends to make your camping an everlasting and a hell out of the experience.

Moreover, it is also equipped with a kitchen that has everything you are dreaming of, such as a full-size refrigerator, oven, range, microwave, and double sink, which makes it a perfect one for cooking while on the move. You can store your most used items using its overhead and pantry areas.

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Furthermore, Feather 29QB also offers you a fully-equipped bathroom with spacious storage space. It has a medicine cabinet and linen closet that you can use to store toiletries and towels. Moreover, a shower, along with a sink makes it a perfect one.

Now let’s move to the outside of this beast 2 bedroom trailer where you will find two awnings, provide a shade where you can cook or relax.

The outdoor kitchen is a great inclusion that you will not find in the majority of travel trailers with 2 bedrooms.

Key Specifications

Height 10.3 ft
Exterior Length 34.11 ft
Exterior Width 8 ft
Gross Weight 7,950 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 42 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 30.5 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 30.5 Gallons
Price $37,617
  • A great option for families looking for a 2 bedroom travel trailer for camping with their family and friends.
  • It can comfortably accommodate large families, as it has a living area, bunk sleeping area, a queen-size bedroom.
  • Best one for people who are looking for a budget-friendly 2 bedroom RV.
  • Make your trip insanely fun by arranging a game or movie night with your family and friends since it has a living area that has everything you want.
  • Two separate awnings that can be used for outdoor cooking or you can relax under them.
  • It is a tough task to take it out since you will need some extra driving abilities to move it around.

Why Jayco Jay Feather 29QB?

Well, there are many reasons why you should consider this beauty. It might be because it is budget-friendly and has everything that you want in a travel trailer with 2 bedrooms. It will surely be going to make your camping an insanely fun experience.

Jayco Jay Feather 29QB Floorplans

4. Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L

Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L

This is the second two bedroom camper by Forest River that I am mentioning in this list, and rightly so because of the fact that they are simply the best.

People who have large families or a large group of friends, and planning to have a travel trailer with 2 bedrooms and plenty of space will be going to love what Alpha Wolf 29QD-L offers to them.

This beast has a spacious sleeping place, which can easily accommodate up to 8 persons, as well as a space for lounging. The feature that I liked the most about it is its two entrance doors. You can use one of its entrances that will bring you directly into its main area, while the other one will directly send you to the bathroom.

People who often food poison themselves can understand the importance of a direct bathroom route.

Coming to its spacious bathroom, you will find everything that you are expecting from a fully-equipped bathroom, including a sink, medicine cabinet, toiletries space, and of course a shower tub.

The main reason why I have mentioned it here is it is a great quality 2 bedroom travel trailer, offering queen-size beds that are extremely relaxing. You will find them much better than the ones that come with other standard travel trailers.

Moreover, you will have maximum privacy since both of them are located opposite of the travel trailer.

The main bedroom is equipped with a TV, two spacious closets, overhead storage, and two nightstands. I also appreciate the fact that I can walk around the bed. Moreover, you will also find a door that directly opens up in the bathroom.

Furthermore, the second bedroom is also equipped with a queen-size bed, overhead storage, a closet, and a nightstand. With a stylish and space-saving touch, barn doors separate the second bedroom from the living area.

Additionally, a fully-equipped kitchen will have everything that you wish for, including a residential-style sprayer faucet, full-size refrigerator, oven, range, and more.

Key Specifications

Height 11 ft
Exterior Length 36.8 ft
Exterior Width 9.6 ft
Gross Weight 6,543 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 49 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 70 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 35 Gallons
Price $40,251
  • A versatile 2 bedroom trailer that is amazing for outdoors.
  • A perfect option for large families or a large group of buddies who love camping and road adventures.
  • Two entrances make it unique.
  • Arrange game nights or movie nights with your friends and family to make your camping insanely fun.
  • Equipped with everything that you had wished for, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious bathroom, queen-size beds, additional sleeping area, and more.
  • A beautifully designed recreational vehicle with a cozy interior and safe construction.

Why Alpha Wolf?

Well, it offers you much more than you are expecting. It has some unique features that you will be unable to find in any other camper with 2 beds. If you are willing to spend quality time with your large family or friends, this is the perfect one that you should consider.

Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L

5. Highland Ridge RV Open Range OT328BHS

Highland Ridge RV Open Range OT328BHS

For people who are looking for a lightweight travel trailer with 2 bedrooms, Highland Ridge RV is a perfect option that you should consider. Despite being a lightweight 2 bedroom travel trailer, it is pretty spacious.

It is equipped with Corian countertops that are the best quality and easy to clean, luxury trim that give it a sleek look, and brand name appliances.

Open Range RV offers four floorplans to pick from. Half of them are offering a bunkhouse-style layout with 2 bedrooms. They are also equipped with an Accu-slide system for sliding them out with four-corner compression that makes them incredibly stable and easy to use.

Unlike some other 2 bedroom trailers, where tall road adventurers struggle to find a headroom, this is not the case here. They are 7 ft. in height, and you will be able to move freely inside them.

Moreover, you won’t find the carpet in the living parts, which makes it easier to keep it clean, especially for those who are traveling with kids and pets.

The thing I liked the most about this trailer is that you can take your pets with you as well since it has a built-in bed for your pets. Another incredible feature of these campers is they also have a washing and drying area, so you don’t have to search for a laundromat.

For campers and travelers who like something unique, I highly recommend its OT328BHS model. This is a great choice for couples traveling with teenage kids. Not only it is a 2 bedroom camper that offers you complete privacy but also equipped with two bathrooms.

These are some extraordinary features that you might not be able to find in any other trailer with 2 bedrooms available in the market.

OT328BHS is a bunkhouse-style layout that is equipped with every feature that you want and expects from any camper with 2 bedrooms like this one. One of its bathrooms is attached to the bunkhouse and has sunk, cabinet, foot-flush toilet, and vanity storage. However, it lacks a shower.

In the bunkroom area, it is equipped with two sets of bunks. One has a lower dinette, while the others have a couch. It means you can use it for entertainment and arrange game or movie nights with your fellow campers or family.

Another thing that makes it special is the master bedroom is equipped with a queen-size bed that you can transform into a king-size bed. It also has a spacious wardrobe, as well as a completely separate entrance that will directly take you to the bathroom equipped with a corner shower.

Key Specifications

Height 11.8 ft
Exterior Length 38 ft
Exterior Width 8.4 ft
Gross Weight 11,300 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 49 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 66 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 66 Gallons
Price $59,883
  • A great choice for people looking to have a lightweight but spacious camper with 2 bedrooms.
  • An overwhelmingly feature-rich travel trailers for campers, travelers, and road adventurers who love outdoors with their large family and friends.
  • Enough height that allows taller campers and travelers to roam freely inside it.
  • Two bathrooms are an unusual thing with RVs with 2 bedrooms available out there.
  • Great consideration for those with a large family or a large group of friends since it can easily accommodate up to 10 people.
  • Use its living area to arrange game or movie nights with your buddies and family to have more fun.
  • Take your four-leg guest with you since it is equipped with a pet bed as well.
  • The only downside Highland Ridge Open Range dual bedroom travel trailer is the second washroom lacks a shower.

Highland Ridge RV Open Range OT328BHS

Why Highland Ridge Open Range?

The features that it offers are overwhelming, and it is hard to ignore this beast when thinking about having a 2 bedroom travel trailer. A great choice to spend quality time with your large family, including your pets or a large number of buddies group.


I really hope that this informational content on 2 bedroom travel trailer was helpful to it. That is our ultimate goal to provide content that is helping in making your decision.

Please do share this with your friends and family. Thank You.

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