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The Eclipse is a brand that manufactures trailers and toy haulers. This brand has not been much in the spotlight, due to which most of the people don’t know about it. But still, this brand produces some useful toy haulers like Attitude with great features of the latest innovation and design. One of the great production of this brand is Attitude that comes in various series of lines up with different floorplans and sizes.

Eclipse Attitude Toy Hauler

Eclipse Attitude

The Eclipse Attitude toy haulers are made to understand the true meaning of entertainment only filled with trips and tours to far-off places. With an inventive, useful, and very much planned toy hauler, you can camp nearby or anyplace far off in the forest. There are various models, and each is worked with overlaid, aluminum outlined dark fiberglass sidewalls, and dim fiberglass covers, curbside under gleam LED lighting, and Hi-Def outside designs.

In addition to an ultra-solid fortified floor, the inside offers a sound window with two seats, a lounge slide for more inside space, a pillowtop sleeping pad, and an electric bed/dinette combo for rest to keep your toys. The company offers great development and capacity, along with configuration to live up to your desires for a thrilling experience.

Regardless of whether you play in the hills with toys, camp in the wild, or partake in the sea view, the Attitude is appropriate for you. You will find every component to be useful in these toy haulers with every one of the conveniences where you’ll have to make your setting up camp experience an impact.

The common models of Eclipse Attitude are

1. Eclipse Attitude Pro Lite

The Attitude Pro-Lite has dozing space for up to six individuals, with space for the whole family. Also, you’ll have space for a rough terrain toy or two with this movement trailer intended to assist you with partaking in your upcoming experiences. There’s space for the toys you need to bring along because of the enormous freight space. Simply hop in, and you’ll feel at ease.

The private front room can convey an incredible evening of rest, with the sovereign bed ready with a blanket. Obviously, you might have stirred up somewhat of perspiration during the day. There is an outside shower to help you get fresh. On the inside, there is a lot of lodge space and a kitchen where you can make suppers and dinners for a whole family.

2. Eclipse Attitude Limited

The Eclipse Attitude Limited is prepared for the streets with a crease-up full bed, double contradicting couches, far-reaching freight space, and dazzling fiberglass inside. You get a 7-foot back incline entryway from where you can effectively load in any stuff you’re bringing, curious to see what happens. The front overlap up bed allows you to store considerably more when you’re moving.

The discretionary drop-down overhead bed with a stepping stool is awesome, assuming you’re going with companions, or on the other hand, in case the whole family is joining the party. The total kitchen is the ideal spot to make supper, while the full shower makes cleanup a breeze following a monotonous day out climbing, trekking, or searching the wild. The Eclipse Attitude Limited additionally accompanies a 40-gallon fuel station to keep toys controlled up the entire day.

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3. Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite

The Wide Lite is another Attitude model by Eclipse that offers an excellent space as a toy hauler for travelers. It has around 20′ of cargo space inside, and it can carry your toys like an ATV or your bike, Kayak, and even a motorcycle along your trip. Prepare for an incredible setting up camp involvement in the Attitude Wide Lite. As you might anticipate from the name, this toy hauler is without a doubt more extensive than the other models.

With this, you get a huge L-formed kitchen with a microwave, fridge, and oven. Resting choices incorporate the electric bed, dinette, couch, as well as sovereign bed in the front room. With the freight region estimated in any place somewhere in the range of 15 and 18 feet, you will get a living area and kitchen space to appreciate once the toys have been removed. The slope entryway with connectors convey a 3,000-pound rating, so you’re ready to effortlessly load the toys of your choice in it.

Eclipse Attitude Toy Hauler Features

There are a few common features found in the Eclipse Attitude models that have been explained below.

1. Vast Cargo Space

Regardless of whether you are trekking, fly skiing, or ATVing, the Eclipse Attitude toy hauler will cover your back. You have enough space for whatever toys you want to bring along to your trips. The 20′ freight space includes an incline entryway with a 3,000 lbs limit. You can unload your toys and get more space inside. You also get the electric bed that drops down from the roof to give some resting point.

2. Luxurious Interior

To make your trekking and outing experience better, the Attitude toy haulers can help you crawl through the mountains. You can make the best of your living by enjoying its luxurious interior when you are taking a day off. There are brushed nickel handles and birchwood cupboards which makes things look even more attractive. There are windows with two seats is the ideal spot for your morning mug of espresso, and nights can be spent while watching the 32″ TV in the lounge.

3. Comfortable and New Experience

These toy haulers give a whole new experience to your family. The children can partake in the drop-down bed in the freight region while you get away to your private master suite. In the restroom, you can unwind in the extravagant glass-encased environment having a huge bay window and let the heated water get you fresh once again.

Eclipse Attitude Toy Hauler Floorplans

1. Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite 2814GS

Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite 2814GS

The Attitude Wide Lite 2814GS is a toy trailer camper model by Eclipse where you can undoubtedly load and dump to partake in a living and kitchen region just as dozing space for your children or family. Effectively lower the electric bed, and you will have a dozing spot for your guests or more people around you. There is also some space at the dinette. The full washroom offers a double-section and a sweeping shower to get washed up before sleep time.

Furthermore, you can access the front room and rest on a sovereign bed. You may even prefer to add the closet slide choice for more capacity and floor space. With each Eclipse Attitude toy hauler, you get aluminum outlined fiberglass sidewalls and also some fiberglass covers with the front cap having a LED light and a decked stroll on the rooftop. The 100 AMP lithium LiFePO4 battery/210-watt sunlight-powered charger, the 40-gallon fuel tank, and the 4.0K Onan generator with a movement switch will keep everything fully operational.

The inside offers a few tones to look over to modify your toy hauler, LED lights with a dimmer, flexible dozing facilities, and a lit strong surface kitchen top. The Hi-Rez LED lights, the curbside under gleam LED lighting, and the Hi-Def outside graphics are one thing to look at.

Key Features

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  • Electric Bed/Dinette
  • USB Chargers
  • Peninsula Counter
  • Two Lounge Chairs
  • Private Bedroom

2. Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite 32IBG

Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite 32IBG

This is another toy hauler by Eclipse that comes in an 18’2″ to 21′ freight region to the private front room with loads of capacity and simple admittance to the twofold section shower. With the 321BG toy hauler, you can rest on the couch in the dining room, the two seats for sitting and taking a nibble at your food at the dinette. There is a full kitchen with all amenities inside. You can easily return to your own full restroom with a range shower and closet with admittance to the front room or the corridor for easy access.

It is made up of aluminum outlined fiberglass sidewalls alongside great fiberglass covers, with the front cap having a LED light and a decked stroll on the rooftop. The users also get 100 AMP lithium LiFePO4 battery/210-watt solar chargers, the 40-gallon fuel station, and the 4.0K Onan generator are all parts of its features. There is much more you get, like LED lights and other features, once you set off with this toy hauler.

Key Features

  • Electric Bed/Dinette
  • 32″ Bedroom TV
  • L-Shaped Corner Kitchen
  • Two Lounge Chairs
  • USB Chargers
  • Queen Bed


This was discussed on Eclipse Attitude Toy Haulers. We shared their features and floorplans alongside some common models. Each of them is a unique trailer model in its own way.


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