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Last Updated on December 5, 2021 by Ted Mosby

Alfa See Ya manufactures motorhomes for the customers who are willingly eager to get something beautiful and stylish under their feet. The motorhomes such as RV and coaches made by the Alfa See Ya brand are popular because of their proper finishing and extreme design in looks.

Alfa See Ya was a popular brand that used to make RVs for their clients. These vehicles were known for being probably the best ones around. The best thing about them was the extra room that they gave. You could take your entire family with you on your outing and still have space for baggage. People who are fond of these RVs are still searching for more information, and we are here to provide a detailed review for Alfa See Ya RV.

There are lots of things to talk about, but we shall start with its basic features and then some common and interesting highlights in this discussion.

Alfa See Ya

Basic Features of Alfa See Ya

  • Frame construction Power Platform; aluminum tube framing
  • Payload: 4,780 pounds
  • Freshwater capacity 100 gallons
  • Tires 255/70R 22.5 LRH
  • Refrigerator 22-cubic-foot residential
  • Air conditioner 27,000-Btu
  • Furnace 35,000-Btu
  • Brakes Front full air drum
  • Fuel capacity 90 gallons
  • Inverter 2,000-watt Freedom 458
  • Propane capacity 25 gallons
  • Insulation Styrofoam, 2-inch block foam
  • Fuel requirements diesel
  • Toilet plastic, Thetford

Things to Love About Alfa See Ya

By taking a look at some basic features found in the Alfa See Ya, it’s time to discuss some of the interesting highlights that can make you fall in love with this motor coach.

1. Exquisite Features

The See-Ya by Alfa is an amazing coach that comprises of a spotless, tallness (13’1″), putting the A/C unit withinside the cellar and lifting the inward top to an extended 7’6″. There is enough headroom for everyone to move inside the trailer, and you get more pantries, taller slideouts, roof fans, and enormous home windows for the outside view.

Alfa utilizes a 27,000 BTU private design A/C unit with a warmness siphon. It draws in the air off the roof on the back of the room, channels it, chills it, and rearranges it through the ground vents. Since it recycles the air in inclination to continually attract open air, the Alfa’s inside is cooler.

2. Inside Features

All home windows are double sheet coated, and the 2-3/8″ thick segments are evaluated at R-11 simultaneously as the rooftop and ground surface are all R-20. A couple of roof fans are stylish, and motor HVAC is appropriately vented from the front of the cabin. Moreover, there might be a stylish modernized Fan-Tastic fan, toilet fan, and 3 six-inch turning development fans that you will see inside Alfa See Ya.

3. Outside Body

The rooftop is a one-piece elastic shape situated over an expelled aluminum welded superstructure; this is protected with a high-thickness froth center. The sides are strong frameworks that are also vacuum-fortified. They comprise of a welded aluminum skeletal shape, 2-inch block froth protection, lauan compressed wood supported Filon outside fiberglass, and inside stylistic theme board. The inside of the rooftop shape incorporates a board with a floor covering overlay that protects and decreases rust.

4. Washroom

The washroom has a latrine, regular wash with a glass entryway door, and a major domed lookout window with a shade. The washroom also has a mirror with a medicine cabinet to store equipment and medicines.

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5. Bedroom

There is also enough room space in the bedroom for a couple to sleep peacefully. You get a cedar-shrouded bedroom material cabinet with glass doors. The closing slide conveys a dressing and make-up work area with a major tip-out clothing wardrobe. The sovereign bed also allows for sleeping peacefully inside this coach.

6. Entertainment

Alfa See Ya! comes stacked with all the entertainment features. Four TVs take all things together, which incorporates a direct satellite television along with a system for a PC controller. The satellite dish is adjustable, and TV is also movable for pc dishes. The TV radio wire with receiver allows you to listen and connect to various channels.

Concerning the music and latest tracks, it starts with a sound system, CD and Sirius satellite television for pc radio. Add to that a six-circle CD transformer, receiver, 4 salon speakers are all part of the entertainment center of this coach.

There are other great features which comprise of various elements like dimmer switches, the enormous home windows, sealable carport compartments, a stage stepping stool and a hole to shop it, a washer/dryer mix that has its flood line run outside, a turn up a dashboard for smooth help, pass-through kitchen container, and more that can make things even more interesting.

Alfa See Ya Problems

After talking about the features and benefits of owning Alfa See Ya motorhomes, it’s time to talk about the major problems that can be a headache for anyone.

1. Interior Problems

At the point when you initially enter your vehicle, you will see that it is loaded up with cupboards. While these may be useful for capacity, a few clients have whined that the wooden outlined on this motorhome is exceptionally frail. Besides, the moving in these drawers and cupboards is additionally exceptionally thin and can get damaged without any reason, in spite of the fact that you should remember that the Alfa See Ya is a cheap motorhome.

These cupboards are more than incredible for a motorhome of this budget. Clients are furnished with huge loads of elements that make up for little issues like these. Not to forget, you should utilize the capacity in your vehicle cautiously and stay away from it reaching out to the water. This will help in your cupboards, enduring you quite a while.

2. Seals Issue

Clients have announced that the seals begin to fall off when they take their vehicle in a cool environment. The inside of the Alfa See Ya looks wonderful, yet then again, the outside can get harmed without any reason. This can be hazardous in terms that the water, residue, and cold can enter your vehicle from the rooftop. This will then, at that point, wind up harming the inside of your vehicle too.

The best way to forestall this is by resealing the rooftop and side of your RV. Start by removing the old close totally and afterward clean it utilizing a scrubber. You would then be able to utilize a tape or fluid answer for connecting the seals back in their place. These will become strong after some time, and your seals should now be in wonderful condition. Albeit, something significant is to guarantee that the item you use is made by a solid organization.

This guarantees that the clients will not be running into any issues in regards to the seals later on. In case that you are befuddled with regards to which fixing item to buy, you can check online for suggestions or request some from your companions who are knowledgeable about these things. Finally, the harm on the outside can be fixed by absolutely getting your RV another paintwork.

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3. Mileage Problems

Another normal issue that individuals can get with the Alfa See Ya is the mileage problem. The vehicle is huge and consumes a great deal of fuel while cruising all over. Remembering this, in case you are somebody who appreciates going out for truly long driving excursions, then the tank on this vehicle probably won’t be sufficient for you.

A few regions don’t have fuel stations close by. This is the reason it is better that you keep spare fuel in your vehicle. You would then be able to go through it to fill your RV when it is coming up short on power. Then again, you can buy a diesel-powered Alfa See Ya, all things being equal. The RV comes in various variations, out of which some utilize CAT’s diesel motors.

Despite the fact that. This is the motorhome that you haven’t as of now got one, the diesel motor guarantees that you can go out on long excursions without weeping over the fuel. It furnishes its clients with incredible mileage, and you can remain effortless and loose while cruising all over.


This was Alfa See Ya’s review in which we discussed things about this motorhome in detail alongside its many benefits and drawbacks. There are some problems found with these motorhomes that are listed in this discussion. For more, see the FAQ section.


Are Alfa See Ya motorhomes any good?

The Alfa’s are incredible motorhomes. They are enjoyable to drive, and they provide great comfort to the drivers and passengers. They have high roofs and are exceptionally ample and sumptuous at that value point. The essential issue is the fiberglass rankles that show on practically all.

What is an Alfa RV?

The Alfa RV is perhaps the best worth coach in the RV business. Alfa RVs share a tradition of more than 50 years of planning RVs by the Crean family. The outcome is a seemingly awesome “private” style RV at any point made.

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