What are the Best Airstream Alternatives or Competitors?

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Airstream is one of the most selling brands in the world of RVs and motorhomes.

This brand is known for its quality travel trailers and RVs.

The name shines due to the company’s efforts in producing the finest RVs with high quality and durable construction along with a unique design to impress everyone.

The market for RVs and camper trailers is diverse where there are a lot of manufacturers taking place in the business, which is why there are also some great competitors for Airstream.

In case you need to learn about the alternative brands that manufacture trailers and RVs just like Airstream, then we have come up with a complete list of competitors that are making trailers that are similar to Airstream trailers way or another.

So based on various points, every competitor may be given a tough time with Airstream based on different perspectives.

Here is all that you need to know about them.

Here are the Best Airstream Alternatives and Competitors. 

Bowlus Road Chief TrailersBowlus Road Chief Trailers
Homegrown Timerline TrailersHomegrown Trailers
Safari Condo AltoSafari Condo
TAXA Outdoors CricketTaxa Outdoors
Living Vehicle Travel TrailerLiving Vehicle Travel Trailer
Riverside White Water RetroRiverside Retro
Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite IIOliver Travel Trailer
Happier Camper TravelerHappier Camper
Dub Box TrailerDub Box Trailer

What are the Best Airstream Alternatives?

1. Bowlus Road Chief Trailers

Bowlus Road Chief Trailers

Bowlus Road Chief Trailers are incredible trailers that have a resemblance to Airstream trailers.

The greatest contrast between them and Airstream trailers is the way that they are more streamlined and are, hence, more straightforward to tow.

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There are two primary kinds of Bowlus Road Chief Trailers. Notwithstanding their various shapes, their similarity with Airstream campers is unbelievable.

One of the models has a floorplan that incorporates a genuine bathroom and elements, for example, boiling water warming, a full-length mirror, an AC system, 2 washroom vents, and a solid reinforcement power battery framework.

The other one has an exceptionally amazing floor plan. The floor plan incorporates a kitchen, a living region with a couch, a full bathroom, and an extra-large bed.

This model is additionally powered through solar chargers.

Both Bowlus Road Chief trailers are extremely great to claim, tow, camp off-framework, and keep up with.

They are fantastic Airstream competitors, and they are also pretty much as costly as Airstream trailers.

2. Homegrown Trailers

Timberline by HomeGrown

There is another alternative for the Airstream trailers called the Homegrown trailers.

These trailers are small, strong, and as advantageous as Airstreams. They are ideally suited for moderate living and helpful in setting up camp.

The inside of Homegrown Travel trailers looks splendid. This is on the grounds that the trailers are made with regular wood and look like small log lodges.

The Homegrown Trailers are the most climate cordial camper trailers in the United States.

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So assuming you are very careful about the environment and eco-friendliness, this is the best Airstream alternative that you can consider.

There are just two sorts of Homegrown travel trailers available at the present time that are the Timberline and the Woodland models.

The first one looks more lavish, and it can rest up to six individuals. It accompanies solar chargers, so you can remain off-matrix with it for quite a while.

The Woodland model is more conservative. It is ideal for solo and two-man setting up camp. It incorporates solar chargers and a big freshwater tank.

Both these models are less expensive than most Airstream options.

3. Safari Condo

Safari Condo Alto

The Safari Condo makes the absolute most alluring designs that you would love. All Safari Condo vehicles are lightweight and impeccably smoothed out for simple towing with their small size.

They are great alternatives to Airstream Trailers. One of the most mind-blowing Safari Condo campers is the Alto R Series. This camper is all around smoothed out and extremely simple to tow.

The best thing about it is its electric fiber, in addition to the aluminum rooftop.

At the point when this camper is stopped, you can press a button to raise this rooftop and make a roomy living region with wide, all-encompassing windows.

While the Alto R Series is conservative and small in size, it has many highlights that make it resemble a small space.

The highlights incorporate a shower, a 2-burner cooker, a fridge, a flush toilet, and a king-style bed. This present trailer’s toilet, storage, bed, and kitchen are usable in any event when its rooftop is brought down.

The main issue with it is that it is very expensive, like the Airstream trailers.

4. Taxa Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

Taxa Outdoors is a company that mostly makes small usable trailers that are very much creative and can be used to take on any track.

Considering the example of Taxa Outdoors Cricket, then it is a 15-ft long camper that has inventive and secret storage regions inside.

It’s a great alternative to Airstream trailers with its versatility in such a such.

The best thing about it is the way that it is more modest than most campers available.

It just weighs 1,732 pounds. This implies it is exceptionally lightweight and that it very well may be towed by pretty much any SUV and truck.

Another best thing about this model is the way that it has a huge window that ensures you can enjoy the environment from an exceptionally wide perspective outside.

The one thing that you won’t like with regards to the Taxa Outdoors Cricket is the way that it is very expensive. Other Taxa Outdoors campers are marginally less expensive.

So, in case you are searching for a quality camper for a great camping experience, this one is a great choice.

5. Living Vehicle Travel Trailer

Living Vehicle Travel Trailer

The Living Vehicle Trailer is a competitor to Airstream trailers that offer relative extravagance and comfort with the styling.

It has an outside that is suggestive of an Airstream with the obvious glimmer of aluminum.

The inside of the Living Vehicle Trailer additionally sparkles with hardened steel and dashes of extravagance.

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It has a retractable overhang that allows you to rest in your own kind of yard region.

It was designed to have every one of the solaces of home, to say the very least. This incorporates best-in-class media entertainment with a WiFi switch, a top-of-the-line speaker framework, and 42-inch 4K Smart TV.

In the kitchen, you’ll track down a 13.5 cubic foot refrigerator and cooler combo. It even has a microwave and a dishwasher, along with stainless steel appliances and a sink.

The resting facilities are somewhat great. The main suite is toward the front of the trailer and elements a big size adaptable padding sleeping cushion.

There’s a ton of capacity and closet space.

In the living area, the seating of the dinette transforms into what might be compared to a twin-size bed.

However, one could contend that you’re getting some amazing highlights like the 42-inch 4K Smart TV and the WiFi switch in the Living Vehicle trailer that you don’t really get in an Airstream’s standard bundle.

Obviously, the compromise for this extravagance is a sticker price that almost equals the same level of an Airstream.

6. Riverside Retro

Riverside Retro Travel Trailer

The Riverside Retro Travel Trailer is also a competitor that is simple to tow and at a cordial sticker price in its standard floor plan as compared to the Airstream Trailers.

The 166 travel trailer model makes it an extraordinary choice for couples and families who need to travel and need a spot to rest their heads without breaking the spending plan.

As the name infers, the outside has a retro look with a smooth feel.

The company has managed to update the materials and design to fulfill present-day guidelines and quality.

There’s even an outside shower that allows you to clean up without taking up a great deal of inside space.

There is a king-size bed in the back of the Riverside Retro 166 Travel Trailer, and the front dinette can be changed over into one more dozing space for one grown-up or maybe two little youngsters.

The standard kitchen accompanies simply a microwave. In any case, the Riverside Retro 166 has a ton of discretionary items accessible.

You can include your own features like an oven with a stove and a gas/electric fridge from the manufacturer.

There are additionally two cooling choices. A 10,000 BTU will take care of business on your normal warm summer day, or a 15,000 BTU housetop AC system for times when you genuinely need to handle the hotness.

7. Oliver Travel Trailer

Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite II

Oliver Travel Trailers are amazing-looking campers that are a great alternative to Airstream trailers. This brand is famous and well-known for its quality and comfort throughout the U.S.

They don’t have the outside glimmer of some Airstream elective trailers, yet they nonetheless have a comparable streamlined shape. But you will get the fiberglass outside and protection with the Oliver Legacy Elite II, which is a pretty good option.

This has the net impact of assisting with keeping the value low, which is a genuine differentiation from the sticker price of the Airstream.

You see a considerable lot of shaped fiberglass on the inside, which adds to the general strength.

Assuming that you request your custom directly from the company, you can pick the shading plan of the upholstery, deck, and overhang.

They even have a graphic bundle that you can move up to for added personalization.

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The Oliver Legacy Elite II is, to some degree, small, which makes it towable by a regular SUV or a fair size SUV with a strong tow bundle.

However, the tradeoff here is that it can just rest up to three individuals, which makes it more in line for little families.

Its strength additionally is an extraordinary Airstream alternative with its versatility.

8. Happier Camper

Happier Camper Traveler

Happier Camper trailers are small and very lightweight, which makes them a great choice for the customers to tow them along to various destinations.

Voyagers love to keep small trailers produced by this organization which can be a great alternative to expensive Airstream trailers.

They’re retro and pleased with it. The HC1 is little and powerful, while the Traveler gives you a touch more space in a flexible bundle.

Both floor plans include the Aptiv System, which is a reserved inside permitting adaptability, adaptability, and effective utilization of room.

Simply plan your Aptive inside with the highlights you really want from resting to capacity.

Each Aptiv 3D shape is compatible, so you can blend and match, switch in and out, and set up your camper how you really want it at this moment.

The Aptiv System is even accessible for van settings, in case you need to transform your present vehicle into a Happier Camper.

These campers are adequately lightweight to pull with a standard vehicle, so the prospects are really perpetual.

9. Dub Box Trailer

Dub Box Trailer

Another brand with the interpretation of the retro feel is the Dub Box trailer which can be considered an alternative to Airstream trailers.

It’s somewhat more costly than the Happier Camper, but at the same time, it’s marginally bigger.

With the two-tone vintage tones, you’ll be tickled from the outset and each look from that point.

The fiberglass body implies it’s super light and strong, as well.

Make your Dub Box to arrange for precisely what you need, or pick one of their many existing floor plans.

They have a wide scope of sizes and designs to look over. Truth be told, considerably more than whatever else on our rundown.

This trailer is an awesome choice for being unified with nature and enjoying the best moments of your life.

While you can’t pack a family in here, you and your life partner could have an exceptionally significant get-away, allowing you an opportunity to share some room and reconnect with each other.

It additionally has a convenient latrine and a compact open-air shower, so you can partake in a portion of the solaces of home.


This was a list of competitors and alternatives to Airstream trailers in which we have added all the manufacturers that produce trailers like Airstream but at a reasonable cost.


Why shouldn't you buy an Airstream trailer?

Different trailers are regularly produced using fiberglass, which is a lot simpler to fix and less expensive to fix. Airstream trailers are just too costly to even consider appearing to be legit. It will be less expensive to simply pay for the issues as they happen.

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