7 Amazing Electric Camper Van

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The world is shifting towards electric vehicles, and everybody loves them for their ability to run on an electric charge instead of consuming gas.

Campers who love to travel to distant places to find their ideal spot now have the opportunity to get their hands on electric camper vans that are comfortable to travel in and also save huge on the fuel cost.

This is the reason we have shared this guide in which campers could find some of the best electric camper vans that are available in the market right now.

All of the options listed here will help you in getting the most ideal camper van with the best electric features to make your camping trips fun and more interesting.

You won’t be depending upon anything else once you get your hands on the best electric camper van.

Let us take a look at each van with electric features below.

Name Battery Capacity Range Price
Volkswagen Type 20 48 kWh – 110 kWh 300 miles $40,000
Vauxhall Vivaro-E 50 kWh 143 miles – 205 miles $37,514
Nissan e-NV200 Electric by Sussex Campervans 40 kWh 98 miles – 150 miles $78,225
Maxus Electric E Deliver 3 Van 35 kWh – 52.5 kWh 213 miles $24,914 – $27,405.54
Iridium E-Mobile Electric Motorhome 106 kWh 124 miles $219,000
Dalbury E 40 kWh 98 miles – 150 miles $32,781
Volkswagen I.D.Buzz 77 kWh 300 miles $40,000

Volkswagen Type 20Volkswagen Type 20
Vauxhall Vivaro-EVauxhall Vivaro-E
Nissan e-NV200 Electric by Sussex CampervansNissan e-NV200 Electric by Sussex Campervans
Maxus Electric E Deliver 3 VanMaxus Electric E Deliver 3 Van
Iridium E-MobileIridium E-Mobile Electric Motorhome
Dalbury EDalbury E
Volkswagen I.D.BuzzVolkswagen I.D.Buzz

What are the Best Electric Camper Van?

1. Volkswagen Type 20

Volkswagen Type 20

The best electric camper van that you will find is the Volkswagen Type 20 Electric Camper.

It is the latest addition to the family of electric vehicles that are beautiful in design as well as in looks having the same vintage touch as the old VW bus.


The Volkswagen Type 20 electric campervan has a power of 120bhp and 173lb-ft of torque. It’s a great power from such a camper that looks calm and smooth.

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It’s a brilliant choice as an electric campervan that packs every one of the mind-blowing highlights of the transport.

Talking about looks, within this camper, change has had a significant impact too. You will feel all the modern-day cushioning and sleek design on the inside of the camper van.

You’ll track down advanced and hallucinogenic apparatuses and fittings in both the cab and the living region.

This is a great example of a camper that gives you the touch of both the vintage and the present-day components altogether in one spot.

It is an ever-living Electric camper that could be the best fit for a small family.

2. Vauxhall Vivaro-E

Vauxhall Vivaro-E

The new all-electric Vivaro-e is the most recent Vauxhall van to overwhelm the market. With a lot of improvements and modifications, this Vauxhall van is better than a large number of its rivals across a few points.

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One of the major reasons to choose this electric Vauxhall is that it is surely covered by how it has been streamlined for solace, style, and size without losing the elements that were introduced in the previous versions of the Vivaro on gas.

The Vauxhall Vivaro-E utilizes a portion of a similar innovation like the modern electric camper vans while running on the battery power and also providing the power to all the electric equipment inside.

The drive is calm and unwinding because of the electric powertrain, however, it sneaks up suddenly while speeding up.

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Indeed, even at 134bhp, the Vivaro-E is faster than it looks, and it can easily take on heavy loads while still giving the performance to travel anywhere.

With 3 driving modes, regenerative slowing down, and an agreeable cab space, this is a fantastic electric choice for the driver and travelers.

The standard highlights are improved versions of the base models that were previously introduced with gas engines.

It runs on a battery size of 50 or 75 KWh giving power to the whole vehicle. You can easily get 143 – 205 miles on this electric camper van.

When you put the van on a charge with a 100kW quick charger, it only takes 45 minutes to fully recharge. Otherwise, if you use a 7.4kW battery charger for 50kW, it will take about 7.5 hours for the van to be fully charged.

Overall it has the power of 134bhp, and it can handle a payload of 1226kg.

3. Nissan e-NV200 Electric by Sussex Campervans

Nissan e-NV200 Electric by Sussex Campervans

Sussex campervans have done a great job to enhance the Nissan e-NV200 making it an ideal choice for the users to take it as a camper van.

This electric van is a big slap to the gas engine vans saving a lot of fuel costs for long trips and travels.


The manufacturers designed this electric camper to match the style, power, and mileage of fossil-fuel-based vehicles.

For small families planning long trips, the Nissan e-NV200 is a wise and well-prepared choice.

This van has the looks and feels of a camper van that you can take with you.

You will find enough measure room inside, making it a genuine forerunner in the field of camper vans.

It is accessible as a two or four-compartment option for the customers with a pop-top lifting rooftop and a selection of formats.

You will get the huge upholstery reach and custom choices that Sussex Campervans offer.

Batteries are put away low so as not to eat into the usable space. Additionally, this gives the electric campervan a low focal point of gravity for secure and smooth taking care.

The power source is a 40kWh battery that is made of 4 lithium power cells giving 109HP to the electric camper van.

4. Maxus Electric E Deliver 3 Van

Maxus Electric E Deliver 3 Van

The Maxus E Deliver 3 is another electric camper van that is more affordable than the other vans on this list when it comes to the price while offering the same amount of features and mileage as them.

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It is a solid competitor against the Nissan e-NV200.

Look wise, and it has a cutting-edge style front and a square-shaped van-like back.

Inside, the living area is essentially plastic, yet it doesn’t feel modest in space for storage and cargo capacity and has every one of the mod-cons you’d expect in a modern electric camper van.


With a comparative size yet more ‘van-like’ appearance. The E Deliver 3 is the world’s first ‘ground-up’ electric van.

There is no petroleum diesel version of this van, and it has enhanced space inside to make a huge capacity for the travelers inside. The look of the inside is clean and fresh too.

There are no different trim levels, and every van is outfitted with something very similar with lively seats, cab storage, armrests, air-con, USB and Bluetooth availability, and a switching stopping camera with back sensors.

The back has double horse shelter entryways, ideal for getting things in and out.

In case you don’t know of the benefits that a double outbuilding door offers, you will understand while using this camper van.

You will also find cruise control, electric windows, an infotainment framework with sat Nav, electrically flexible door reflects, a multifunction guiding haggle eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto support.

Maxus has proclaimed that one of the most upgraded vehicles with solace and security accommodated for drivers, and they really do follow through on that.

As the van was simply at any point intended to be electric, they had the option to improve the interior plan only for electric clients.

This van can give 98 – 150 miles on the full charge easily. It runs on a battery size of 35 or 52.2 KWh which utilizes a solitary stage 7.4kW charger to reach a complete charging level in under 45 minutes with a DC quick charger.

For the 35kWh battery charge, it can be reached in 6 hours to full. It has a speed rating of 0-62mph in 11 seconds. As the company claims, the Vivaro-e is very nearly multiple times less expensive to run than the diesel same.

You get a total of 121bhp power from its engine.

5. Iridium E-Mobile Electric Motorhome

Iridium E-Mobile

The next choice that you have is the Iridium E-Mobile Electric Motorhome.

This one is a durable and reliable option that comes straight to Germany.

The design is taken from a Mooveo RV, based on a Fiat Ducato structure, and the company claims a total of 249 miles that you can get from its 108kWh battery pack.


With a 140kW powertrain from Stuttgart, this is a powerful electric camper van to use. You will get a total of 188HP, which is more than enough considering a camper van for camping and traveling.

It is more costly than the other electric camper vans, which may be a downside.

But it has a good shape and streamlined body that is developed by Maurer Fahrzeugbau, a Swiss manufacturer known for quality builds.

You will find a dry washroom and separate shower, kitchen, and double bed inside this van.

The eating region in the front can situate 5 individuals when you turn the front cab seats.

With the expense to get yourself one of these options, you will be paying a lot to get your hands on one of these.

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There won’t be any inexpensive choices accessible in this model.

6. Dalbury E 

Dalbury E

This is another electric camper van that is made on the Nissan e-NV200 chassis and highlights the remarkable quality that you can find in the most well-known electric camper vans.

The inside craftsmanship is great, and it’s brimming with a cunning, space-productive plan that has a significant effect on a camper of this size.


Inside this van, you will get a turning front seat and a back seat-to-bed arrangement that can be situated at any point.

The rooftop pops up easily which gives genuinely necessary headroom and additional capacity when opened.

Furthermore, the side kitchen is really covered, having a sink and a 39-liter freezer and fridge. These electric campervans are fit for a solitary explorer or a couple.

It would make an ideal day-by-day drive as well as a camper.

With a devoted home charging unit that is available for free of any cost, this van gloats 80% charge in a short time from which you can get 105-mile reach and running expense of 2p per mile.

7. Volkswagen I.D.Buzz

Volkswagen I.D.Buzz

The last electric camper van on this list is the I.D.Buzz.

This is a regular van with a bigger size of 22-inch wheels.

You will be happier with this choice because at full charge, you can expect a 370-mile range from these electric camper vans.


It comes with twin electric engines having four-wheel drive power that produces 369HP. It is quite good for such a camper van.

You will find it to be probably the fastest electric camper van that can reach 0 – 60 in 6 seconds.

The 10M turning radius of this camper van is another good feature that is because of back tire control, and versatile air dampers will give unparalleled degrees of comfort to these electric campervans.

The floor is level all through, with the batteries and powertrains underneath, providing this van with a monstrous measure of room and extension, prompting an imaginative inside plan.

This could mean practically endless adaptability with regard to custom retrofitting and adjustments.

The upgraded variant has full auto driving, with a pop-up controlling wheel just for when you need to take control.


This was a guide on some of the best electric camper vans to find in the market today. All of these exciting camper vans have been listed with their unique features and individual battery power.

These vehicles have good mileage options for the campers. 


What is the best electric campervan?

The best choice that you have as an electric campervan is

  • Dalbury E-Electric Electric Campervan.
  • Iridium E-Mobile Electric Motorhome.
  • Volkswagen Type 20.
  • Sussex Campervans Nissan e-NV200 Electric Campervan.

Who makes an electric campervan?

The Sussex Campervans is one of the manufacturers that produced the first electric camper van. It is close to Horsham in West Sussex, which has made the principal all-electric e-NV200 CamperCar.

Not exclusively does the vehicle’s motor sudden spike in demand for power, yet every one of the machines inside the vehicle is electric as well.

What is the most eco-friendly camper van?

The most eco-friendly camper van model is the Winnebago Travato. Evaluated at around 22 miles for each gallon for long trips, the Winnebago Travato is the most prudent new camper van model accessible.

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