6 Amazing 5th Wheel with Front Living Room (Front Living Fifth Wheel)

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There are some 5th wheel trailers that have a front living room. Such a floorplan allows a family to get the views from their camper at the front and enjoy their time napping or relaxing in the living region.

The back of such campers has a bathroom and storage area for any family to store their goods. The fifth wheels with such floorplans are unique and mostly adored by the travelers.

In case you are fond of the front living fifth wheel, and you want to choose a camper for yourself or for your family, then this article will guide you with the very best 5th wheel with a front living room.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Front Living Fifth Wheels that are available on the market.

Name Weight
Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS 10,407 lbs
Heartland Landmark Lafayette 18,000 lbs
Coachmen Chaparral 370FL 14,500 lbs
Keystone Cougar 25RES 7,394 lbs
Jayco North Point 381FLWS 16,750 lbs
Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL 1,2070 lbs

Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLSKeystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS
Heartland Landmark LafayetteHeartland Landmark Lafayette
Coachmen ChaparralCoachmen Chaparral 370FL
Keystone CougarKeystone Cougar 25RES
Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels ReviewJayco North Point 381FLWS
Forest River Wildwood Heritage GlenForest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL

What are the Best Front Living Fifth Wheel?

1. Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS

Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS

The best 5th wheel with a front living room is the Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS. You will love everything about this camper. This is partly due to the large front lounge with plenty of seating and amenities.

Not to mention the extraordinary center of the fun. The Keystone Sprinter has the garage and water capacity needed to get off the grid in a few days of bounce.

The lounge in front of the fifth wheel of the Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FW FLS is undoubtedly luxurious. It is designed to feel comfortable and spacious.

It has a king-sized master bedroom with a real king-sized mattress inside. Adjacent to the easy-to-grip toilet, the corridor leads to a relaxing space. It gives you a touch of privacy compared to several different plans.

The central kitchen is adorned with today’s appliances and a completely glossy look. There is a traditional dining desk with comfortable seating for up to 6 people.

The nose cap of this five-wheeled trailer is used today to house a ton of garage and an entertainment center with a fire beneath it. There are three triple banks.

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Two of them are incorporated into the opposite section that slides and folds into a queen-size bed. They are fully decorated with practical vinyl synthetic leather.

It is also worth noting that the 2020 Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS has a dual air conditioning construction with cooling of 28,500 BTU.

In this way, you can adjust both the front and center room temperatures, as well as the temperature inside the rear master bedroom.

Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS Floorplan

2. Heartland Landmark Lafayette

Heartland Landmark Lafayette

The next best 5th wheel with a front living room that you must see is the Lafayette by Heartland Landmark. It gives you a spacious living area with a 55-inch or 65-inch flat-screen TV.

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The sofa has built-in heating, massage, and reclining features for a more comfortable stay.

You can charge your phone or electronic device via the USB port while charging your travel battery.

This is a stable option to safely bet on the Fifth Wheel, which has a room in the front. The fifth wheel has a full HVAC function along with a hot water tank, so it won’t get too hot or too cold.

Combining the capacity of the sofa with a large mattress, this RV can comfortably seat up to 6 people. For fun, you get a nationally fashionable DVD player, radio, and built-in Bluetooth support.

RV also supports Wi-Fi connection when connecting to a service provider. There is a walk-in closet with a cedar wood panel and a drawer that fits slowly. Even your air conditioner is designed to work quietly.

For more home installations, Heartland has equipped the RV with a cordless vacuum cleaner and a tumble dryer.

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In addition, it has a low-grade nightlight that helps you and your own family circle sleep soundly. The Fifth Wheel comes with a grip management transmission that is often overlooked in hotels.

This allows you to control vehicle lights, chips, water heaters, and tank monitors. If you like the view, you can experience the panoramic twin windows in the main slides of the RV.

The luxury lover in you may also recognize the fashionable spa bath experience. They have the advantage of fringes, including marble showers and teak seats.

Overall, Lafayette is definitely a great choice.

Heartland Landmark Lafayette Floorplan

3. Coachmen Chaparral 370FL

Coachmen Chaparral

The next model on the list of best 5th wheel with a front living room is Coachmen Chaparral 370FL. We have included this option because of its attractive features as it is spacious, with a front living room, and relatively lightweight for a five-wheeled camper approximately 42 feet long.

This is a component thanks to the durable yet smooth fiberglass and five sturdy slide sections built into the aluminum body. Inspired by all the wood accents in the front lounge of this 5th wheel model.

Not to mention soft carpets and comfortable furniture. The living area has quite a few windows that can actually absorb the scenery. It’s a special option for anyone who wants to camp in an area with inspiring views.

With a 90-liter reclaimed water tank and a 45-liter black water tank, you can live for days in connection with your campsite or campsite assets without having to rush into a landfill.

The rear master bedroom has a queen-sized mattress and a corridor leading to internal relaxation. It gives you a little more privacy. The alternative camper van also has a convenient 2D access door.

The front lounge within the Coachmen Chaparral 370FL has a slide section that can be incorporated into a comfortable triple sofa. There are also love seats with theater seats.

All sofas are decorated with beautiful leather. There is also a large window on the left side of the lounge. For example, if you need to park a lot to enjoy a great view.

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Although it is arranged to reduce the glare of flat-screen TVs, the front of the 5-wheel trailer houses a huge fun area. It is made of real wood and wood accents.

Coachmen Chaparral 370FL

4. Keystone Cougar 25RES

Keystone Cougar

Keystone Cougar 25RES is a luxury fifth wheel. Despite its small size, its format is an ideal example of a personal, first-class fifth wheel with a lounge in front.

In front, it has a place of residence. On the right side are the bathroom and a large corridor ending in the bedroom.

The lounge itself has a separate food space for memorable meals.

The bedroom has a comfortable queen-size mattress and a spacious closet. It is completely isolated to provide you with greater ease and privacy. The RV also has an outdoor braai area, perfect for food lovers and campers during the summer season.

The latter can even add your fridge, microwave, and additional sinks to your home. If you want to cook dinner on the go, you’ll also love the convection oven in the kitchen.

In addition to that, the 68-inch sleeper sofa provides a decent entertainment system. You have the option of having a big screen TV and a home. In addition, there is a hidden visible garage area that is even more convenient for long-distance trips.

In general, Cougar can accommodate up to 5 people, making them ideal for small families. As an additional alternative, you can load features such as consumer status areas and theater seats.

The caravan in front of the living room benefits from panoramic windows.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the area and its surroundings, as well as the abundant sunlight. The Fifth Wheel is also equipped with a water heater and air conditioner, so you can go without sweating in the heat or during your vacation.

Your interior wood makes sense at home wherever you are.

Overall, the Keystone Cougar is perfect for the room in front of the fifth wheel. It guarantees privacy and luxury and makes you want to live in peace and happiness.

Keystone Cougar 25RES

5. Jayco North Point 381FLWS

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels Review

The next on the list is Jayco North Point 381FLWS. This is a bigger option as the fifth wheel has a front living room that has a lot of features on the inside.

With two leisure facilities and some three-seat sofas, this camper is definitely bigger than most of the others on this list.

It weighs 14,020 pounds, so you can say it’s one of the heaviest on this list as well.

Jayco’s aesthetics are very first class. It works with high-tech control and meticulous attention to detail. The simple wood inside and the abundant windows provide the cleanest and most comfortable enjoyment of any RV.

North Point is unacceptable to anyone looking for a small, smooth fifth wheel. However, if comfort, space, and convenience are paramount, then this RV is for you.

It can easily accommodate at least 6 people with enough room. It has a fresh water capacity of 75 liters. One of the biggest features of North Point is the kitchen island cuisine. That is rare in RV.

In addition to the island sink, by default, there is a residential fridge, oven, stove, microwave, and dining area for 4 people.

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The RV also has a double front, but each door opens towards the front, which occupies the living room. After a one-stop, there is a comfortable room with a queen-size mattress that can be upgraded to a king-size option.

The bedroom has many beautiful closets and a wonderful leisure center. It has a room that has 2 3-seat sofa beds and a theater sofa.

The theater bench overlooks the large entertainment center. You can choose to put your equipment in this place. The front room also works with an ottoman with a bench for a more comfortable touch.

Jayco North Point 381FLWS Floorplans

6. Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen

The last option to suggest as the best 5th wheel with a front living room is the Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL.

To be honest, the Heritage Glen Recreation Center is impressive. Comes with a standard 50-inch flat-screen TV. There is also a classy built-in fireplace, ideal for warming the room on a nice summer night.

Combining a small upper attic with wood-grained cabinets and five sliding sections, the Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL is a true definition of luxury, with a soft and spacious living area.

Having a large space in the front lounge is no longer practical. There is also a loft phase to relax, sleep, spend time in the garage, and give teens an area to go to their show look.

The kitchen is also properly equipped with stainless steel appliances and a large island with a large sink. In the back is the main corridor, which passes through a large sink on the way to the master bedroom.

Inside there are large mattresses, large windows, and plenty of garage space. Just outside, there is a corridor to the master bedroom, much like any other main staircase, in a comfortable location like an attic.

It can act as an additional sleeping area or additional garage. This is an unprecedented feature of the Fifth Wheel Trailer. There is a “Texas-sized” pass-through garage compartment that easily fits under the main staircase and a living room Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL.

Setting two sheer points will make the lounge even more open. Each sofa will be a large and comfortable mattress.

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 378FL

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This was a discussion article on the best front living fifth wheel, and we have listed the top choices that would impress any customer with the features and luxury.


Which Fifth wheels are rated for a full-time living?

The best-rated full-time living fifth wheel is.

  • Jayco North Point.
  • Heartland Bighorn.
  • Forest River Wildcat.
  • Grand Design Solitude.
  • KZ Durango Gold.
  • Northwood Arctic Fox.
  • New Horizons Majestic.

Who makes the most reliable 5th wheel?

These are the most reliable fifth-wheel campers from different brands.

  • Grand Design Solitude.
  • Heartland Bighorn.
  • Coachmen Chaparral.
  • Keystone Montana.
  • Forest River Cardinal.
  • Redwood RV Redwood.
  • Keystone Cougar.
  • Forest River Wildcat.

What is the front living room?

Front parlor floor plans place the family room at the front of the RV. This allows you to put your TV on a huge divider, with the goal that the lounge feels more customary. It additionally makes a more private room region in the back.

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