12 Best 3 Bedroom RVs (Travel Trailer, Motorhome, 5th Wheel)

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RV campers serve with a number of features to provide comfort, space, storage, and everything that a person needs to travel as well as to live. These campers come in different sizes and forms.

The most common RVs are travel trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheel, pop-up campers, and teardrop trailers. There are diverse categories and a number of brands that manufacture these amazing RVs for customers around the world.

Some big RVs come with 3 bedrooms for a big and well-suited family.

In case you want to look at some RVs that have 3 bedrooms and provide adequate space for family members or friends, then we have gathered information about various campers which are equipped with 3 bedrooms.

These are big RVs that require a good-sized SUV to tow them along.

To get into details of each of these RVs, here is a complete review of the best 3 bedroom RVs.

Name RV Type No of Bedrooms Max Sleeping Capacity
Forest River East to West Della Terra 271BH Travel Trailer 3 10
Coachmen Apex Super Light 300BHS Travel Trailer 3 10
Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L Travel Trailer 3 10
KZ Sportsmen 362BH Travel Trailer 3 9
Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL Destination Trailer 3 7
Keystone Retreat 39FLFT Destination Trailer 3 6
Forest River Impression 315MB 5th Wheel Camper 3 9
Keystone RV Avalanche 390DS 5th Wheel Camper 3 6
Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271 5th Wheel Camper 3 9
Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS Class A Motorhome 3 10
Coachmen Sportscoach RD 402TS Class A Motorhome 3 10
Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA Class A Motorhome 3 11

Forest River East to West Della TerraForest River East to West Della Terra 271BH
Coachmen Apex Super Light 300BHSCoachmen Apex Super Light 300BHS
Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RL-LForest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L
KZ Sportsmen 362BHKZ Sportsmen 362BH
Forest River Salem Grand VillaForest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL
Keystone Retreat 391FLFTKeystone Retreat 39FLFT
Forest River Impression 315MBForest River Impression 315MB
Keystone RV AvalancheKeystone RV Avalanche 390DS
Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271
Thor Motor Coach ChallengerThor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS
Thor Motor Coach ChallengerCoachmen Sportscoach RD 402TS
Forest River Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A MotorhomeForest River Berkshire XLT 45CA

What are the Best 3 Bedroom Camper (Travel Trailer)?

1. Forest River East to West Della Terra 271BH

Forest River East to West Della Terra

The Della Terra 271BH is a travel trailer by Forest River that comes with a bunkhouse as well as 3 bedrooms. It is one of the best 3 bedroom Camper.

It has a length of 34 feet 4 inches in which all of the features are set up.

The Della Land 271BH model, which signifies “of the Earth” in Italian, is intended to be the ideal entire season lightweight travel trailer for bigger families that need extra resting space yet additionally need a reasonable camper.

As this travel trailer is small and has three separate dozing regions inside the camper, it’s an ideal choice to pick because of the cost, it is being offered for.

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It has a front room with a jumbo bed, back lofts that can be shut off with a sliding drapery, and a convertible pocketknife couch in the vitally living region that can be utilized as a third room when required.

It has an encased, and restricted air warmed underside, utilizes a 5/8 inch tongue and score compressed wood for its decking, and has completely protected 2-inch sidewalls.

It gives a great resting spot with its three-bedroom floorplan and makes it an incredible travel trailer to go for.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 10
Length 34 Feet 4 Inches
Bathroom Dry Shower
Dry Weight 6,835 Pounds
Slide-Outs 1

Forest River East to West Della Terra 271BH

2. Coachmen Apex Super Light 300BHS

Coachmen Apex Super Light 300BHS

Another travel trailer with 3 bedrooms is the Coachmen Apex Super Light 300BHS.

This is a reasonable travel trailer with its lightweight chassis, and it provides a huge resting space for everyone with its unique room configuration.

It is totally stacked with dozing regions and spaces all through the trailer. Indeed, essentially every space of this camper either is a dozing space or can be transformed into one.

This camper offers a huge sovereign bed in the front room, two cots, a futon with an overhead bunk in the back bunkhouse, and two extra slots for sleeping when required in the living region, including a convertible love seat and a convertible dinette corner.

Furthermore, there is a choice for overhauls and premium highlights with unique packages.

You will also see the Azdel sidewalls, power tongue jack, 14,500 BTU rooftop-mounted AC, LED lighting, 100-watt solar charger alongside a 10 Amp charge regulator, huge power overhang with lighting, kitchen area with an 8 cubic foot and 12V refrigerator, and USB charging ports all through.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 10
Length 34 Feet 5 Inches
Bathroom Dry Shower
Dry Weight 5,975 Pounds
Slide-Outs 2

Coachmen Apex Super Light 300BHS

3. Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L

Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RL-L

One of the remarkable travel trailers to talk about, the Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L, is a very notable trailer that you would imagine.

You get 3 room configuration with this travel trailer which allows a great resting space inside for about 8 people.

What truly stands apart on this specific Alpha Wolf trailer is the novel bunkhouse set up at the back of the trailer that gives two larger than average twofold bunks for resting which are sufficiently huge to rest two grown-ups per bunk serenely.

It has a huge sovereign bed in the main suite, a back bunkhouse, and a pocketknife couch and convertible dinette stall in the real living region.

All of this, when combined, provides enough space to sleep your guests in the RV. Even with the wonderful bunkhouse, this trailer is pretty much affordable for its features.

For the cost, this is an ideal pick as a travel trailer with three bedrooms inside it. What more would a camping family ever need? You can make your decision and take such a camper on long trips along with your huge family to enjoy every moment of your time.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 10
Length 37 Feet 6 Inches
Bathroom Dry Shower
Dry Weight 6,918 Pounds
Slide-Outs 1

Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L

4. KZ Sportsmen 362BH

KZ Sportsmen 362BH

The Sportsmen 362BH is a well-known camper and also considered one of the best travel trailer to buy for camping, and living deserves to be on this list.

It is because this beautiful camper also provides three bedrooms for living to offer more sleeping and resting space to the travelers.

There are RVs that don’t fit well into the place of RVs or travel trailer classification, as they offer a mix of highlights from the two classes giving somewhat of a mixture between the two; the K-Z Sportsmen is one of those campers.

It’s a cool choice because of its bigger size, and the sliding glass entryway could undoubtedly squeeze into RV park model class, notwithstanding, on the grounds that the trailer additionally has installed batteries and holding tanks for new, dim, and dark water.

It is a totally independent trailer, which permits it to be called a travel trailer too. What’s more, you just have to take a look at its floorplan, which has been improved for long haul camping just as a full-time living.

However, whether or not you like this K-Z RV as a camper for yourself, there is no contention that this is one incredibly proficient RV, taking into account either long haul trips for camping or either a full-time living.

On account of its enormous open and extensive primary living region, main back room with a jumbo bed, abundant seating, and an adaptable front bunk room that has a dinette stall, upper bunk just as cots, you simply have to love it.

Key Features

Sleeping Capacity 9
Length 40 Feet 9 Inches
Bathroom 3-Piece Dry Bath
Dry Weight 8,280 Pounds
Slide-Outs 2

KZ Sportsmen 362BH floorplan

5. Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL

Forest River Salem Grand Villa 3 Bedroom RVs

The Grand Villa 42DL is a complete and perfectly finished trailer that is available in the market today.

This trailer is durable, and it was meant to be made for long trips and camping reasons. Families can buy this camper for full-time living based on its size as well as other features like numerous profound slide-outs, 3 separate bedrooms, and twofold bunk space.

The genuine work of art on this model is the stunning main living region, which offers very tall twofold stature roofs, stacked and fold over windows, and first-class wraps up.

You will not need the feel to go out when you sit inside this camper and relax in the spacious resting regions provided with this camper option.


Resting Capacity 6
Length 41 Feet 10 Inches
Washroom 3-Piece Dry Bath
Dry Weight 12,719 Pounds
Slide-Out 3

Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL

6. Keystone Retreat 39FLFT

Keystone Retreat 391FLFT 3 Bedroom RVs

The last three-bedroom travel trailer that we would like to recommend is the Keystone Retreat 39FLFT.

This amazing camper is almost like the above-mentioned grand camper RVs with its space and floorplan.

You will get enormous space inside with its three bedrooms in which the floorplan has an enormous front room with an extra-large bed just as a tremendous upper bunk space.

You will see that the upper space goes all the way to the front portion of the trailer, which is the place where two extra rooms are.

This huge camper from Keystone additionally includes various extravagance conveniences and highlights, including numerous roof fans, a sliding glass entryway, an underlying focal vac framework, private treated steel tools, strong surface ledges, and an enormous and unattached table with four seats.

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Key Features

Resting Capacity 7
Length 40 Feet 11 Inches
Washroom 3-Piece Dry Bath
Dry Weight 12,907 Pounds
Slide-Outs 3

Keystone Retreat 391FLFT Floorplan

What are the Best 3 Bedroom 5th Wheel Floor Plans?

1. Forest River Impression 315MB

Forest River Impression 315MB 3 Bedroom RVs

The Impression 315MB is a fifth-wheel RV camper with three bedrooms having 3 separate sovereign beds.

As the Impression 315MB highlights an enormous back engaging region with high roofs, two slide-outs, and a consolidated open idea living space, it also has a sovereign bed in the front room, and another sovereign bed in the upper space, another sovereign bed in the subsequent room.

This means you can rest almost in any place inside this fifth wheel. Not to forget, there is also a tri-overlay couch in the super living region, which truly gives four separate resting spaces inside the camper.

Furthermore, this fifth wheel really has another crease-down bunk in the subsequent room, which brings the absolute space for sleeping around 9 people inside the RV trailer.

All of the resting spots inside this fifth wheel make it so incredible, as this camper additionally offers huge loads of room for hanging out too, which offers a full-highlighted kitchen with private appliances and a big island, just as an entertainment area with a chimney and a lot of seating.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 9
Length 38 Feet
Bathroom 3-Piece Dry Shower
Dry Weight 10,338 Pounds
Slide-Outs 4

Forest River Impression 315MB

2. Keystone RV Avalanche 390DS

Keystone RV Avalanche 3 Bedroom RVs

The Avalanche 390DS by Keystone is a big and bulky fifth-wheel travel trailer that gives three-bedroom space inside.

It is a trailer that comes with 12 distinct floorplans, and all of them provide a wide range of resting spots inside the camper.

You also get great premium features and elements from this camper trailer like frameless all-encompassing windows, a four-season weather bundle, auto leveling jacks, private style appliances for the kitchen, double AC units, and more.

The 390DS is one of the most known Avalanche floorplans. It is also the biggest of all of the other fifth wheels under this title.

As this huge fifth wheel offers three separate rooms, you also get two full showers, two separate doors, a huge mid-living space with high roofs and premium completions, and heaps of extra room, including an enormous wardrobe in the front room with a washer and dryer system.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 6
Length 43 Feet
Bathroom 2 Full Showers
Dry Weight 14,300 Pounds
Slide-Outs 4

Keystone RV Avalanche 390DS

3. Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271

Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271 3 Bedroom RVs

The Voltage Triton 4271 is a wide and big fifth wheel having a large number of features packed inside it.

You can consider it one of the best three-bedroom fifth-wheel toy haulers that has an enormous back carport, permitting you to effortlessly bring your toys like bicycles, ATVs, or a golf cart with you while setting up your camp.

This is a big toy hauler guaranteeing that regardless of how huge your family or party is, there will consistently be sufficient space for everybody to have an agreeable spot to lay their head around evening time.

Even with the entirety of this extra usefulness and convenience that the carport adds, the manufacturer actually figured out how to fit 3 separate rooms inside this trailer.

It provides sleeping space for about 10 people inside. Because of its toy hauler plan, the Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271 really has three characterized rooms in the camper.

The carport space in the camper is outfitted with a lay-level Cheerful Jack power bunk with couch and tabletop that gives a totally far-off space from the remainder of the trailer.

It offers a mid-bunk with a couch bed that gives the subsequent room. Lastly, the main room with a huge bed gives comfort and sleeping space.

In any case, similar to the case with numerous different campers on this rundown, there are really extra spaces to rest in the camper that could be viewed as a fourth room, for example, the upper space region over the mid bunk and the space region over the carport because these spaces give extra spots for sleeping and are totally isolated from different rooms in the fifth wheel.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 10
Length 46 Feet 4 Inches
Bathroom 1 Full Shower + 1 Half Shower
Dry Weight 15,103 Pounds
Slide-Outs 4

Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271 3 Bedroom RVs

What are the Best 3 Bedroom Motorhomes?

1. Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 3 Bedroom RVs

The Challenger 37DS is a 3 bedroom motorhome that you must see.

It is a camper with three bedrooms inside, giving you the space that you need. The coach has clear access to all the rooms and provides another room at the back, which offers an extra-large bed and its own on-suite full shower.

Having three separate spaces for resting rather than three separate rooms is a leeway. All things considered, in case you are looking out for an RV that has three separate resting spaces, the Challenger 37DS is the best.

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You will see mid-twofold bunks that have sliding pocket entryways for security, just as three extra resting spaces in the vitally living region that can serve as a third room.

It’s not simply the huge resting limit that makes the Challenger 37DS so incredible, but also that this Class A motorhome offers a lot of room just as conveniences to serenely comfort huge families and gatherings inside.

It incorporates a convertible dream dinette stall, a 68-inch wide couch, and a drop-down overhead bunk over the cab.

There is also the addition of two full washrooms, a private style cooler, an L-molded kitchen with loads of counter space, and a lot of room to fan out because of three huge slides all through the motorhome and obvious separate spaces.

Key Features

Sleeping Limit 10
Length 39 Feet 1 Inch (without Stepping stool)
Bathroom 2 Full Showers
GVWR 24,000 Pounds
Slide-Outs 3

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS 3 Bedroom RVs

2. Coachmen Sportscoach RD 402TS

Coachmen Sportscoach 3 Bedroom RVs

The next motorhome on the list is Sportscoach RD 402TS. This RV has two rooms for sleeping, whereas the living area is also used as a third room inside the camper.

The main room is at the back of this trailer, and the floorplan has mid lofts providing extra space with the living region in the center.

It is quite an expensive RV to consider, but it does have very costly features inside it.

The Sportscoach RD by Coachmen utilizes a far prevalent ISB Cummins diesel engine at the back with a Freightliner shell.

It is a useful Class A motorhome with the proposition of heaps of inside space just as three separate dozing spaces. This Coachmen Sportcoash RD 402TS is an undeniably more premium and extravagance Class A RV, which is reflected in the cost as compared to most other RVs.

Nonetheless, it is significant that notwithstanding the generously more exorbitant cost of the Sportscoach RD 402TS over the other campers, the Sportscoach RD is as yet the least expensive diesel model camper that will make you smile every day.

Key Features

Resting Capacity 10
Length 41 Feet 1 Inch
Bathroom 2 Full Baths
GVWR 32,000 Pounds
Slide-Outs 3

Coachmen Sportscoach RD 402TS 3 Bedroom RVs

3. Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA

Forest River Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome 3 Bedroom RVs

Another one of the very high priced in our list of best three bedroom motorhomes is the Berkshire XLT 45CA.

This is an RV that truly defines what RVing is all about. It offers 3 rooms or separate resting spaces inside it for all that cash, and you get the result for your money.

You will forget the luxuries of a hotel once you see this camper with its exquisite features.

As this extravagant Class A diesel motorhome has each very good quality convenience and premium component you could envision, you would never feel like your money is wasted.

Counting such highlights as three 15,000 BTU AC units with heat siphons, frameless double sheet windows, finished porcelain tile flooring all through, four-point auto-leveling out pressure driven framework, hardwood cabinetry, and two full restrooms are some of the great features to explore.

This Class A RV additionally offers a best-in-class chassis that is very durable and stable to go on long trips in any conditions with the support of a diesel engine.

It gets the power for an unmatched ride while voyaging, and a lot of ability to ascend those mountain passes with the help of this engine.

Furthermore, similar to the outside design, the three separate rooms in this Berkshire XLT 45CA motorhome are amazing.

It offers an extensive back main suite with a jumbo bed just as its own huge on-suite full shower, a mid twofold bunk design with security entryways, just as various resting choices in the living region that can be accessed and used as a third room when required.

Key Features

Resting Capacity 12
Length 44 Feet 10 Inches
Washroom 2 Full Baths
GVWR 47,000 Pounds
Slide-Outs 3

Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA 3 Bedroom RVs


This was the best 3 bedroom RV detailed review in which we have highlighted the top RV to look at.

These RVs may feel like they are the most expensive thing you are ever going to get, but as a result, you get a complete home-like space along with traveling features and other inside features that can make your living much better and more comfortable.


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