7 Excellent 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

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Motorhomes have evolved over the years as the manufacturers have always been trying to improve things to be better each day.

Fortunately, the RV business has thought of two-room floorplans. Makers have planned these trailers in light of families. They permit everybody to have their very own space.

The living space is roomy to give everybody space to stroll around. Many have an open-air kitchen, and amusements are for entertainment, adding an additional room outside.

There is a lot to talk about, which is why we have selected to discuss the best 2 bedroom motorhomes that you can get with all of the other special features.

So here is detailed information on the best 2 bedroom motorhomes that are available in the market.

Name Number of Beds Max Sleeping Count
Jayco Precept 36A 6 10
Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS 6 10
Tiffin Allegro RED 38 QBA 6 10
Jayco Alante 29F 5 10
Entegra Vision XL 36A 6 10
Jayco Redhawk 31F 6 10
Winnebago Sunstar 31B 5 9

Jayco PreceptJayco Precept 36A
Thor Motor Coach ChallengerThor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS
Tiffin Allegro REDTiffin Allegro RED 38 QBA
Jayco AlanteJayco Alante 29F
Entegra Vision XLEntegra Vision XL 36A
Jayco Redhawk 26XDJayco Redhawk 31F
Winnebago SunstarWinnebago Sunstar 31B

What are the Best 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

1. Jayco Precept 36A

Jayco Precept

The top choice as the best 2 bedroom motorhome is the Precept 36A class A motorhome.

This is an amazing design by Jayco, which is also the latest in the market as well. You will get all the conveniences that you need in this RV due to its usefulness.

For minimized resting space, you will track down a bunch of cots and bunks, and also the 21-cubic foot fridge that will work effectively in giving food storage spots.

Jayco Precept 36A is an excellent 2 Bedroom Class A RV.


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This Precept Class A gas RV is remarkable due to its two full bathrooms. Nobody should hold back to get tidied up following a day of open-air fun since you have a range shower in one restroom and another shower in the other.

Besides, the subsequent bathroom is associated with the bedroom making it a great master suite. You even have a really good sleeping space once you overlay out the corner dinette and tri-crease couch.

Prior to bed, you should go to sit under the 12′ electric shade with LED lights and watch the outside LED TV.

There is a JAYCOMMAND framework controlled by Firefly, which permits you to control your RV activities from pretty much any place with your phone.

You will get two-point lap safety belts in totally assigned seating areas and one-piece fiberglass front and back covers.

The Precept additionally offers you the lightest yet most grounded development in the business with the Stronghold VBL overlay on the rooftop, floor, and sidewalls.

You will be exceptionally satisfied to get a 120″ all encased windshield, an Onan Marquis Gold Genset 5,500W gas generator with auto-gen start, programmed pressure-driven leveling jacks, and a Girard tankless LP water warmer.

  • Strong Surface Countertops
  • Bunks with TVs
  • Extra-large Bed
  • Two Full Baths
  • Private Refrigerator
  • Washer and Dryer
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Jayco Precept 36A

2. Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

Thor Motor Coach Challenger

The Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS is the next choice to make with 2 bedrooms.

This motorhome has two full bathrooms on offer and a sumptuous kitchen as well. While you don’t need to stress over bathroom lines, you most certainly don’t have to stress over where everybody will rest.

The primary room has a jumbo Tilt-A-View slanting bed, a closet with abundant extra room, a 32″ LED TV, and surprisingly a region that has been prepared to fit a washer/dryer.

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You will get 3 slide-outs in this 39ft long RV offering more space.

The two bathrooms imply that all relatives can get their early daytime going new and without the dissatisfaction of holding on to utilize one washroom.

The subsequent room has a bunch of cots that can change over into a couch and wardrobe.

In case that really resting space is required, then, at that point, the 68″ couch changes over into a bed, the drop-down overhead cab bunk offers seriously dozing room, and surprisingly the 72″ dream dinette can change into extra space for sleeping when you are not having a feast around it.

  • Lambrequin window medicines cabinet
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Leatherette furniture with the extra choice of theater seating and ottomans
  • Five LED TVs
  • Ledge expansions
  • Window shades for sunlight

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

3. Tiffin Allegro RED 38 QBA

Tiffin Allegro RED 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

The Tiffin Allegro RED is one of the diesel motorhomes providing all the comfort you need.

You get the extravagance and point-by-point highlights all through the inside space of this RV.

There are four slide-outs that offer a very sizable amount of room for the whole family to go in solace.

It becomes easy to sleep about 8 individuals inside this RV with its two particular rooms that offer security for everybody.


The main room is a slide-out that is fitted with a king bed and end tables for each of your books, keys, resources, and so on.

The subsequent room has a bunch of 30″ x 72″ lofts and USB connections that can be utilized for charging gadgets.

Assuming that the whole family doesn’t go along with you on your trip, then, at that point, you can change over the cot space into a closet for extra capacity storage.

You will see level board TVs in the family room, room, over-cab region, and surprisingly an outside TV when you are engaging outside.

  • Ultra Leather furniture
  • Craftsman Woodwork inside
  • Storage options
  • Matrix locked porcelain tile floors

Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA

4. Jayco Alante 29F

Jayco Alante 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

The Jayco Alante 29F is a motorhome that spruces up the game in case you take it with you on your long adventures and trips. With this, you can get enough space for six to eight individuals easily to sleep inside the RV.

Thanks to its inside space along with the furnishings, like drop-down overhead bunk choice that gives enough sleeping space to everyone.

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With this motorhome, there is a bunk with a TV while you rest in the back room with access to the full bathroom.

The second passage into the bathroom is close to the bunks and kitchen region for simple access for all. You can make warm dinners to appreciate at the legless dinette table or while sitting on the couch and on the seats with a cockpit table.

The 39″ TV on a hanger offers channels and broadcasting just as the outside LED TV under the 23′ electric canopy with LED lights.

These motorhomes are worked with Amish craftsmanship with strong items and progressed construction procedures.

Each incorporates some features like Jayco-select JRide, offering an auto computer-controlled and adjusted driveshaft that reduces shiver and vibrations, crash guards, and substantial front and back stabilizers bars.

There is also the addition of Sachs safeguards which autonomously settle to change with street conditions.

A portion of the standard inside gear that you will use as a power front security seal with manual side protection shades to change according to your choice.

There is a tempered steel washroom sink, metal ball cabinet guides, hardwood cupboard entryways and drawers, and a big treated steel kitchen sink.

  • Full-Wall Slide
  • Ledge Extension
  • Outside LED TV
  • Lofts
  • Legless Dinette Table
  • Twofold Entry Bath

Jayco Alante 29F

5. Entegra Vision XL 36A

Entegra Vision XL 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

The Entegra Vision is a luxury RV with a great durable chassis providing a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you go.

This 38′ 10″ RV has a great inside layout for you to rest and enjoy. It has a twofold bunk space with devoted TVs for each bunk. In the main suite, you will be able to get an extra-large bed.

There are numerous such features that make you feel so relaxed with it.


You can enjoy cooking in this kitchen with a cooktop, private microwave, and broiler. There’s a private cooler that can store ice for you during summers.

After you set up your supper, enjoy your meal with comfort on the legless dinette table.

Outside, you will get great convenience with this RV camper because of its entertainment region. You can take your games and extra activities outside.

It has special tires to keep you protected and sure while driving not too far off.

Entegra Vision XL 36A

6. Jayco Redhawk 31F

Jayco Redhawk 22J 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

The Jayco Redhawk 31F is a class C motorhome that runs on a diesel engine. You and your family can now make perfect trips with this RV.

You will get a loft or cab-over bunk with this RV for the extended outing routine so that your children can rest easily.

With this RV, you make your own back private room with a king-size bed alongside a closet for you to hang your garments.


With any Jayco Redhawk Class C diesel RV, you will get unwavering quality, and they are mostly based on a Ford E-450 chassis.

There are unique features like the Jayco selective JRide offering a definitive driving experience, the one-piece consistent fiberglass front cap, and the back camera that makes it easy to reverse or backup your ride while turning around with greater permeability.

Inside, you can stand tall with seven-foot roof tallness, cook your dinners in the private microwave or on the Furrion management cooktop with broiler, and also eat at the Jayco-selective legless dinette table.

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There is a sliding doorway that gives access into the twofold section washroom just as a 32″ range shower to give you added floor space and a spot to spruce up.

At the point when you have had enough of the day, head to the living region and unwind on the couch or the dinette.

You can enjoy watching your 32″ LED HDTV full of TV shows and channels for entertainment.

  • Lofts
  • Twofold Entry Bath
  • Couch
  • Taxi Over Bunk
  • Outside Storage

Jayco Redhawk 31F

7. Winnebago Sunstar 31B

Winnebago Sunstar 2 Bedroom Motorhomes

The Winnebago Sunstar 31B is a motorhome that comes with 2 bedrooms and a 32″ HDTV so that you can have the entertainment when you want or relax and sleep on your bed anytime you like.

There is a package that you can get, which includes a versatile barbecue with collapsing table, a tempered steel sink, a fridge, a trash container holder, and considerably more for your camping.


The Sunstar Class A gas RV incorporates auto pressure-driven jacks for leveling and simple arrangement, rearview power mirrors with thaw out and power change, and a huge windshield for extraordinary perspectives while driving down the roads.

The inside offers wonderful style choices like a OnePlace system screen, vinyl flooring all through, USB chargers, and satellite systems.

At the point when you stroll right into the vehicle, the full-divider slide makes an open living region, kitchen, and backroom.

You can rest on the couch/bed or the dinette with a Hi-Lo table, the mid bunk lofts, and you may add the single StudioLoft bed for really dozing space in case the family members like to go along with you to begin getting a little rest without breaking the momentum.

Furthermore, the seats turn, offering a good seating region and the removable table that gives you a spot to set your keys, beverages, and books.

  • Full-Wall Slide
  • PetPal Leash Tie Down
  • Back end Package
  • Lofts
  • Dinette w/Hi-Lo Table
  • Outside 32″ HDTV

Winnebago Sunstar 31B


This was a discussion on the best 2 bedroom motorhomes in which we have listed some motorhomes that have enough sleeping space for everyone to unwind.

The details for each RV have been shared and for more information and details, view our FAQs.


Are there any 2 bedroom motorhomes?

Two-room RVs are a fabulous way for families to go down with setting up camp and have sufficient good space for everybody. Camping is an incredible method for investing quality family energy. With a two-room RV, you can agreeable fit up to twelve visitors.

What sort of RV has 2 rooms?

Families searching for an RV with two bedrooms can choose to go for motorhomes. The Jayco Jay Feather 29QB is an example of both bunkhouse dozing for five; alongside a king room and extra dozing for four in the living, this camper is large enough for loved ones.

Do any Class A RVs have 2 rooms?

There are Class A RVs that offer two-room or twofold bed floorplans extending across various brands and models. RVers will quite often pick this choice for a very long time, including Increased protection for dozing. Such RVs are a deal for visitors, youngsters, and more established relatives.

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